100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (14 Total):
1. Don Frye - 95.0
2. Gary Goodridge - 91.7
3. Mark Schultz - 91.1
4. Steve Nelmark - 89.1
5. Ken Shamrock - 88.4
6. Dan Severn - 88.0
7. Amaury Bitetti - 86.6
8. Cal Worsham - 85.1
9. Tai Bowden - 83.5
10. Zane Frazier - 80.9
UFC 9: Motor City Madness
Location: Detroit, Michigan
Elevation: 600'
-Fight of the Night-
Don Frye vs. Amaury Bitetti
Fighters & Matches 81.1
Top 10 Fighters 87.9
TOTAL 84.5
(Doctor Stoppage)
     Nelmark took the fight to the ground immediately, and then he smothered Bowden for a couple of minutes. From the full mount, he went for an arm lock, but Bowden did a decent job defending against it. The fight was stopped for a minute, because Bowden had a cut on his eye, so the doctor checked it out, but approved the fight to continue. Nelmark took Bowden down again & smothered him some more over by the cage. Nelmark spent the rest of the fight beating up Bowden, with punches and hard elbows, leaving him a bloody mess. The fight was stopped again, and the doctor checked out Bowden, and decided the fight should be stopped. Nice win for Nelmark, it just sucks that hardly anyone was able to see it.
      This was a pretty boring start... The match mostly just consisted of both fighters on the ground, Worsham had control the whole time, and Frazier eventually tapped out, NOT because of a submission hold, but I guess he just didn't think he'd be able to win the match... So he quit?
      This was the second boring fight of the evening (out of 2)... Carino basically took down Anderson near the beginning of the fight, and he had control of the fight from that point on... Nothing real exciting happened, other than a couple of flurries from Carino... Eventually, the referee stopped the match, because it was obvious that Matt Anderson wasn't going to win...
      This was a really long match, with not much action... It took the entire 12 minutes for it to finally end, and the only reason it ended, was because the doctors said that a cut over Goodridge's eye, was too bad... Schultz slammed Goodridge a few times throughout the match, but about 95% of the match was spent on the ground, without much movement at all... It was a boring match, but since it had 2 really great fighters in it, it was still the best fight so far... Schultz, surprisingly, wins by decision... He definitely deserved to win, since he dominated the entire match, but I must say that I was extremely disappointed that Goodridge didn't put up a better fight...
(Doctor Stoppage - Broken Nose)
      The match was kicked off with a little game of ring-a-round the rosey... Eventually after a kick & a punch from Mark Hall, Koji Kitao took him down, like a whale would take down a worm on land... He just fell down onto him... The match was then immediately stopped, due to Kitao's broken nose... He apparently got hit before he fell down on top of Hall, but nobody saw it until later replays... Decent match sort of, but it was mostly just slightly humorous... Not much of a fight really...
      This match was insane... Don Frye looked like he was going to kill Bitetti everytime he hit him, he was throwing combination punches, and knees, and he was connecting with almost everything he dished out... Bitetti didn't do anything offensive at all, but he actually hung in the match for over 9 minutes, while Frye beat the living shit out of him at a constant pace... I've never seen anyone get their ass kicked for THAT long, non-stop, and not die... Bitetti is the man, if for no other reason, he can take a beating, and he NEVER gave up... But on the other hand, Don Frye dominated the entire 9+ minute match... Great fight, but Bitetti didn't stand a chance...
      This was a boring ass fight... Both fighters literally circled around the ring, for almost the entire 30 minutes... 24 minutes, plus two 3 minute overtimes, and it was almost entirely spent circling each other... The crowd was chanting BOOOORING, and people actually threw stuff in the ring... Horrible fight, and if it weren't for the fact that both fighters are considered some of the best fighters in the UFC, this match would probably have been rated the worst match in UFC history...