100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (16 Total):
1. Dong Hyun Kim - 92.4
2. Matt Mitrione - 92.2
3. Yui Chul Nam - 91.9
4. Hatsu Hioki - 91.2
5. Vaughan Lee - 91.2
6. Kazuki Tokudome - 91.1
7. Lipeng Zhang - 91.0
8. Mark Eddiva - 90.1
9. Wang Sai - 89.5
10. Ivan Menjivar - 89.5
UFC The Ultimate Fighter China Finale
Location: Macau, China
Elevation: 85'
-Fight of the Night-
Dong Hyun Kim vs. John Hathaway
Fighters & Matches 89.1
Top 10 Fighters 91.0
TOTAL 90.1
     This was a decent fight I guess. Eddiva won the fight, clearly, by landing more strikes, and pinning Tuerxun against the cage for the entire fight. The third round got interesting, because Tuerxun was able to show off some decent Jiu-Jitsu skills, but nothing he did came close to putting Eddiva in any real danger. So yeah, Mark Eddiva wins this fight, 29-28 on my scorecard, and all 3 judges gave the fight to Eddiva, 30-27, which I'm fine with. I probably would have scored it the same way, if I wasn't into the triangle / elbow combo that Tuerxun had going there near the end of the fight.
(Doctor Stoppage)
      Well, that just happened. These guys basically danced around for 4 minutes, and then Wang threw a bunch of strikes near the end of the round, and was able to close Cheng's right eye with horrible swelling. I have no idea which strike caused that, but maybe he has a broken orbital? Either way, boring fight overall, and weird uneventful doctor stoppage.
      Wow, that was awkward. Nam Phan didn't even come to fight tonight. Vaughan Lee came out looking pumped, and ready to kick some ass, and that's basically what he did. He just stood with Phan for the entire fight, and beat his ass. There's not really much else to say. Nam Phan definitely did not bring the fight in China. One of the judges even gave Vaughan Lee a 10-8 round for how one-sided the fight was.
      This fight was pretty cool. Yui Chul Nam came out like Wanderlei Silva in his prime at the start of the fight, and just FUCKING OBLITERATED Tokudome's face with punches, and just absolute nonstop violence. I gave him that round 10-8. Tokudome dominated the second round, taking it to the ground quickly, and beating the hell out of Nam with "light" punches against the cage, but there were a TON of them. The third round was very back & forth, starting with Tokudome on top, then Nam got on top, both guys looked like they were about to die, Tokudome definitely took more damage overall, and in the end, I gave the fight slightly to Yui Chul Nam, but it really could have gone either way depending on how you scored it. Two of the judges agreed with me, and that's enough for Yui Chul Nam to get the win. Pretty insane fight overall.
      The first round had Hatsu Hioki taking Menjivar to the ground, and pretty much dominating him in both rounds. Menjivar landed a few really hard elbows to Hioki's head, during his first takedown attempt, but other than that, Menjivar wasn't really able to score any points until the third round, where he was able to unleash some punches that cut Hioki's head pretty badly. At the end of the round, Hioki took Menjivar to the ground, to win back some points, but that just landed him in a heel hook attempt by Menjivar, so I definitely gave the third round to Menjivar. Still, that means Hioki wins this one, 29-28.
      This fight was sort of a big slow heavyweight sweaty fight. Not a lot of action, mostly Mitrione pinning Jordan against the cage and sweating on him. Finally though, when the clicker clicked, and 10 seconds were left, Mitrione went nuts, and started launching bombs, knocking Jordan to the ground as the buzzer buzzed. So great win for Mitrione, but the fight wasn't that exciting until the very end.
      This fight was a weird co-main event or whatever. The Ultimate Fighter China tournament final? Who are these guys? I tried to watch the first couple episodes of that show, but lost interest quickly. Anyway, here they are, fighting, I gave the first two rounds to Zhang, which I'm assuming is what two of the judges did, and the final round definitely went to Sai. I couldn't care less who won this one, but Zhang wins, so... yay? The crowd thought it was a horrible decision, but I didn't care enough to want to go back and watch it again to see if I missed something.
(Spinning Back Elbow)
      HOLY FUCK! That was the most brutal spinning elbow I've ever seen. I gave the first round to Kim, the second round to Hathaway, but it was close. But the third round, it's not even worth discussing. The only thing that really matters about this fight, is the SPINNING ELBOW that KNOCKED Hathaway the FUCK OUT. It literally looked like he got smashed in the face by a sledgehammer. SO BRUTAL. Congrats to Dong Hyun Kim for the clear knock out of the night.