100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (16 Total):
1. Matt Hughes - 92.7
2. Ian Freeman - 91.6
3. Shonie Carter - 91.2
4. Alex Andrade - 90.2
5. Pat Miletich - 90.1
6. Tyrone Roberts - 89.8
7. Amaury Bitetti - 89.8
8. Jens Pulver - 89.3
9. Kevin Randleman - 88.6
10. Adrian Serrano - 88.6
UFC 26: Ultimate Field of Dreams
Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Elevation: 810'
-Fight of the Night-
Matt Hughes vs. Marcelo Aguilar
Fighters & Matches 87.6
Top 10 Fighters 90.2
TOTAL 88.9
     This was a decent undercard fight. Shonie Carter showed some solid striking, landing a few great kicks to the body, and he also showed some solid Judo skills, throwing Serrano a couple of times. Serrano put up a tough fight, but wasn't able to really score many points in my opinion. I gave both rounds to Carter, and the judges agreed.
      Ian Freeman looked pretty good in this fight, getting Schroeder to the ground in the second round, and launching huge knees at his face, forcing the referee to stop the fight. Ian is a scary looking dude.
      This fight kind of sucked. Jens Pulver clearly wanted to stay standing, so he did a decent job boxing, but didn't really do any damage. Roque had no interest in doing anything at all, other than shooting for weak takedowns, and pulling guard, and he was unsuccessful at everything he tried to do. So yeah, I don't want to see Roque fight again, and even though Pulver is one of the best fighters around, this fight was pretty lame.
(Doctor Stoppage)
      Matt Hughes makes his televised debut in the UFC. This fight basically consisted of Aguilar pulling guard, Hughes picked him up and slammed him into the corner, he then spent 4 minutes or so, beating the shit out of Aguilar with punches & elbows, until eventually the referee stopped the fight, the doctor checked a cut on Aguilar's forehead, and said that's enough. It's pretty cool seeing Hughes destroy people, before he became a legend.
(Kicking with Shoes)
      Well, this fight could have been good, but Andrade threw way too many kicks (and was wearing shoes), so he ended up getting disqualified for that reason. He pretty much kicked Bitetti's ass for most of the fight, but yeah, you can't just blatantly kick people, if you're wearing shoes, especially since one of those kicks was to Bitetti's head while Bitetti was on the ground, and another one was a kick to the head while standing. So yeah, lame ending, to what could have been a really good fight.
      This was a championship fight, and it started off kind of slow. Miletich took Alessio to the ground with a body lock, Alessio went for a guillotine, but didn't do a very good job securing it. The rest of the first round, Miletich spent on top, not really doing much beyond holding Alessio down. The second round pretty much started the same way, with a body lock takedown by Miletich, falling into Alessio's weak guillotine. Miletich was able to get the full mount, where he was able to transition to an armbar from the mount, and Alessio looked like he got hurt. Good win for Miletich, even though the fight wasn't very exciting up until the ending.
      This fight was sort of boring, especially for being so close to the main event. So yeah, Tyrone Roberts won this fight, I'd probably give him all 3 rounds, MAYBE not the third round? It doesn't really matter though, neither guy really did anything very impressive. Roberts had one nice "slam", if you want to call it that, and he controlled most of the fight, but Dodd just didn't even really come to fight at all.
      This fight sucked. 25 minutes of "Golberg vs. Lesnar at Wrestlemania" style action. Butting heads like two bulls, and just fucking hugging, and walk around in circles. This was a lame ass bullshit title fight, that was a complete waste of time and money. Randleman clearly won, I guess, because he secured a couple of takedowns, and landed a nice illegal headbutt at one point that caused a gash over Rizzo's nose. Other than that, this fight was a snooze fest.