100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (14 Total):
1. Andrei Arlovski - 92.8
2. Jens Pulver - 91.8
3. Josh Barnett - 91.6
4. Renato Sobral - 91.1
5. Randy Couture - 90.6
6. Gan McGee - 90.1
7. Kevin Randleman - 89.9
8. Mark Hughes - 89.7
9. Ben Earwood - 88.7
10. Maurice Smith - 87.7
UFC 28: High Stakes
Location: Atlantic City, New Jersey
Elevation: 7'
-Fight of the Night-
Andrei Arlovski vs. Aaron Brink
Fighters & Matches 88.8
Top 10 Fighters 90.4
TOTAL 89.6
     Well, that sucks. I've always been a fan of Chris Lytle, so it sucked watching him get handled by some random dude I've never heard of. Still, I'm glad I got to see this fight, but it sucks since Lytle is the man, and he was taken down in both rounds, and completely controlled for this entire fight. (With no real noteworthy damage being delivered to either fighter).
      Neat! Mark Hughes, Matt's twin brother, has his one & only UFC fight here, against Alex Stiebling, and basically uses the Hughes fighting style, to win the fight. He takes Stiebling to the ground, he pins him against the cage, and he beats him up for both rounds. So yeah, good debut for Mark Hughes, and I'll always wonder why he never fought in the UFC again.
      This was a quick little fight. They both came out, Pulver through 3-4 punches, knocked Lewis on his ass, and then Lewis did the zombie jerk, as he tried to get up, but his legs & arms clearly weren't cooperating. So yeah, nice quick knockout by Jens Pulver.
      This was another pretty quick fight, and another debut of a soon to be legend. Brink shot for a takedown, Arlovski stuffed it, the fight went to the ground, with Arlovski on top, where he sort of got on Brink's back, grabbed the armbar, and Brink tapped. Awesome debut for Andrei Arlovski.
      Solid debut for Josh Barnett. Gan McGee surprised me, by taking Barnett to the ground, and completely dominating him in the first round. The second round looked like more of the same, until Barnett was able to wear out McGee, and eventually Barnett got full mount, and punched McGee in the face until the referee stopped the fight. Great comeback, and solid debut for Barnett.
      This entire fight basically consisted of Maurice Smith throwing a leg kick, Sobral would catch it, take him to the ground instantly, and then Sobral controlled the rest of the fight. Every round was basically the exact same scenario. So yeah, Babalu Sobral wins via unanimous decision, obviously.
      Well, that was fun! Randy Couture WAS the Heavyweight Champion, but then he sort of retired (notice a trend in his career?) So now Kevin Randleman is the champ. Well, Couture is back now, to get his belt back, and after getting his ass kicked for two rounds, Randy Couture was able to take Randleman down in the third round, from a tight clinch with some solid knees, and once he got the mount, he pounded Randleman's face with punches, until the referee had to stop the fight. This heavyweight title fight was WAY better than the last one the UFC tried to put on.