100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (16 Total):
1. Tito Ortiz - 93.6
2. Elvis Sinosic - 93.0
3. Fabiano Iha - 92.5
4. Pedro Rizzo - 92.2
5. Sean Sherk - 91.9
6. Phil Baroni - 91.2
7. Bobby Hoffman - 91.2
8. Jens Pulver - 91.0
9. Josh Barnett - 90.5
10. Jeremy Horn - 89.8
UFC 30: Battle on the Boardwalk
Location: Atlantic City, New Jersey
Elevation: 7'
-Fight of the Night-
Tito Ortiz vs. Evan Tanner
Fighters & Matches 90.3
Top 10 Fighters 91.7
TOTAL 91.0
(Dislocated Shoulder)
     Yeah! I'm a huge Sherk fan, so I was excited to see his UFC debut here, even though it was an undercard fight. He pretty much destroyed Tiki in this fight, taking him to the ground in both rounds, pounding the shit out of him in both rounds, and the fight was ended shortly after he SLAMMED Tiki in the second round, where he knocked Tiki's shoulder out of place. He continued to punch him for a few, and then eventually Tiki verbally quit. Awesome debut by Sean Sherk.
      Phil Baroni makes his UFC debut with a bang! (even though it wasn't televised) Phil Baroni basically came out, took Stout to the ground, pinned him against the cage, and beat the shit out of him. Second round, exact same thing. So yeah, Phil Baroni clearly won this fight. Phil Baroni in his prime was a pretty bad man!
No Contest
(Drug Test)
      White Rhino pushed Hoffman up against the cage, and he kept him there for the entire fight. Hoffman tried to throw a few punches, but White Rhino was too big for him. Eventually, Hoffman threw a big right elbow, and knocked Robinson to the ground, finishing the fight with a big KO!!! Unfortunately, he also failed his drug test, so this fight was declared a no contest.
      Man, that sucks. Pretty great fight, both guys stood toe to toe with each other, and it was pretty much just a giant boxing / brawl. And both of these guys (in my opinion) were top rated Heavyweights, so the winner deserves a title shot. With that being said, I gave the first round to Barnett, which was interesting, since it was 100% striking, but since he continued that tactic for the second round, Rizzo was able to throw two specific punches, that knocked Barnett on his ass. Pretty great knockout, even though I hate seeing my favorite fight get knocked out like that.
(Triangle Armbar)
      Whoa! Elvis makes his UFC debut, and submits probably the most experienced fighter in the world. Going into this fight, I personally had Horn ranked as #2 at 205, just under Frank Shamrock, so having some new guy come in, and tap him out in the first round with an armbar, that was sort of shocking. So yeah, awesome debut for Elvis Sinosic, he outgrappled the grappling Gumby.
      Fabiano Iha is a badass, and in my opinion, this fight should probably earn him a title shot, in a division that isn't exactly stacked right now. Johns shot for a takedown, failed, ended up on the bottom, and after showing a lot of slick grappling skills, Iha locked on an armbar for the submission victory.
      This was the first "bantamweight" title fight in the UFC (basically lightweight as far as I'm concerned). It was a 5 round brawl, for the most part, with Uno having way better grappling skills, and Pulver having way better striking. I gave the first round to Uno, but I gave the last 4 rounds to Pulver, it was a close fight from beginning to end though. Pretty good fight. Congratulations Jens Pulver.
      Wow! Tito threw a hard leg kick. Tanner threw a kick, Tito grabbed him, threw some inside punches from the clinch, and then picked up Tanner & slammed him, knocking him unconscious, and then he threw a couple of punches for good measure. Tito Ortiz looked pretty amazing in this fight, and Tanner didn't stand a chance. The best part is, this was a fight between two guys that I considered to be right up there at the top of their division. So yeah, awesome main event.