100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (16 Total):
1. Chuck Liddell - 93.6
2. B.J. Penn - 93.1
3. Shonie Carter - 91.8
4. Randy Couture - 91.6
5. Matt Lindland - 91.5
6. Matt Serra - 91.4
7. Carlos Newton - 91.3
8. Semmy Schilt - 91.3
9. Pedro Rizzo - 90.9
10. Tony DeSouza - 89.3
UFC 31: Locked & Loaded
Location: Atlantic City, New Jersey
Elevation: 7'
-Fight of the Night-
Shonie Carter vs. Matt Serra
Fighters & Matches 90.0
Top 10 Fighters 91.6
TOTAL 90.8
     This fight was fine, I guess. Tony took down Steve in all 3 rounds, pretty much beat him up on the ground, and controlled the fight down there. I wasn't really into this fight at all, and couldn't have cared less who won. So yeah, in the end, Tony DeSouza clearly won all 3 rounds.
      Well that was a little embarrassing! B.J. Penn just dominated Gilbert in the clinch with knees, he dominated him on the ground with Jiu-Jitsu, and he finished the fight by getting on Gilbert's back, and punishing him with punches to the back/side of the head, until the referee was eventually forced to stop the fight. B.J. Penn is a monster, and it sucks that they didn't show this fight live on the PPV.
(Repeated Fouls)
      Well, that was interesting. All 3 rounds consisted of Matt Lindland taking Almeida to the ground, and completely dominating him with his wrestling, including the best highlight, which was probably a nice belly to back suplex, that dropped Almeida on his head. In the end though, once in every single round, Almeida kicked Lindland in the face while they were on the ground, which is illegal, so the fight was stopped a little early, and Almeida was disqualified. Lindland was dominating the fight anyway though.
(Kick to the Body & Punches)
      Ha, this fight was like that Rocky movie, with the big Russian. Semmy Schilt came out, got taken down in the first round, and controlled on the ground for the entire round. The second round, consisted of Schilt's gigantic foot, kicking Williams in the stomach, several times, Williams eventually collapsed against the cage, and Schilt finished him off with punches. Schilt is fucking massive.
(Spinning Back Fist)
      Well, this was one of the best UFC fights I've seen, with Matt Serra showing off his insane Jiu-Jitsu skills, pretty much outgrappling Carter for the entire 14+ minute fight, and with about 10 seconds to go, Carter landed a HUGE spinning back fist, knocking Serra on his ass, and the fight was stopped due to Serra pretty much getting knocked the fuck out. Amazing comeback at the last second, by Shonie Carter, but it sucks for Serra, since he was doing SO WELL up until that point.
      I have mixed feelings about this fight. Being a fan of The Iceman, I clearly wanted Liddell to win, and he SORT OF knocked Randleman the fuck out, in under 2 minutes of the first round. So, pretty badass, right? Randleman questioned the stoppage, and after watching the replay, I thought MAYBE the fight should have continued a little longer, but realistically, Chuck was going in for the kill, and if the fight would have continued, then Randleman's face would have gotten smashed in on the floor. So, awesome win for Liddell, and it's sort of a launching pad for his career really.
(Bulldog Choke)
      Well, that was interesting. After a pretty decent fight for 12 minutes or so, where I was giving the slight advantage to Newton for all rounds, but I wasn't paying THAT much attention, because I was a little bored, Newton locked on a school yard style headlock, and forced Miletich to tapout. This might be the only time I've ever seen someone tap to this specific move. That was, interesting... So Newton is the new UFC Champion at 170!
      This was a pretty good fight. People called it legendary, but I just thought it was "pretty darned good", not exactly legendary. But yeah, the first two rounds were amazing, Randy destroyed Rizzo in the first round, Rizzo destroyed Randy in the second round, the following 3 rounds were close, but I gave 3 & 4 to Randy, and 5 to Rizzo. So yeah, I agree with the judges, Randy Couture retains his championship via unanimous decision.