100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (16 Total):
1. Ricardo Almeida - 93.0
2. Tito Ortiz - 92.5
3. Matt Serra - 91.5
4. Din Thomas - 90.1
5. Vladimir Matyushenko - 90.1
6. Dave Menne - 89.9
7. Jens Pulver - 89.9
8. Chuck Liddell - 89.8
9. Fabiano Iha - 89.7
10. Yves Edwards - 89.3
UFC 33: Victory in Vegas
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Elevation: 2,001'
-Fight of the Night-
Tito Ortiz vs. Vladimir Matyushenko
Fighters & Matches 88.8
Top 10 Fighters 90.6
TOTAL 89.7
     This fight was ok. There was a lot of time spent where the referee was telling them to "get busy" because a few lengthy moments didn't have any action. BUT, when there WAS action, I thought Iha was winning the fight, by keeping top position in the first & second rounds, and Thomas won back some points in the third round. I probably would have given the fight to Iha, but the judges gave it to Thomas, and I didn't care enough to actually put up an argument. So Din Thomas wins via unanimous decision.
(Triangle Choke)
      This was a pretty good fight. Almeida came out like a ball of fire, took Jackson to the ground, completely dominated him for the entire round, and basically made Jackson look like he didn't know how to wrestle. They eventually stood back up, where Almeida showed some solid striking skills, he threw a head kick, Jackson caught it and took the fight to the ground, and fell into Almeida's triangle, which was locked on tight, and Jackson was forced to tap in the first round. Great win for Ricardo Almeida.
      This fight was pretty lame. Nakao controlled the first round by pinning DeSouza up against the cage, and nobody really did any damage, so it was a boring round, and the crowd went "BOOOOO!" The second round basically consisted of DeSouza looking sloppy, Nakao punched him in the head, DeSouza fell to the ground in a wobbly fashion, Nakao punched him a couple more times and the fight was stopped. Good win for Nakao, but boring fight overall.
      This was the first "UFC Middleweight Championship" fight, with the new weight classes. So with that being said, Dave Menne & Gil Castillo both SORT OF came in out of nowhere, fought for the championship, and Menne won all 5 rounds in my opinion, by taking Castillo to the ground, and pounding out a decision. So yeah, good win for Menne, but I'm still not sure why these 2 guys were picked for the championship fight. I probably would have been more interested in a potential matchup between Matt Lindland & Phil Baroni, but it's all good. Still a pretty solid fight, and nice win by Dave Menne.
      This was another solid showing by Matt Serra, pretty much dominating the majority of the fight, with his Jiu-Jitsu skills, and his aggressive attitude. Edwards landed some solid strikes in the fight, and showed some good submission defense, but in the end, I gave all 3 rounds to Serra, and all 3 judges gave him the fight as well. Good solid 3 round scrap.
      This was a pretty close fight, with both guys showing some decent striking, Bustamante clearly wanted to take the fight to the ground, but Chuck's wrestling defense was pretty spectacular. In the end, I gave all 3 rounds to Chuck Liddell, Bustamante MIGHT have done enough to win one round? I don't know. But yeah, the judges ended up agreeing with me apparently, and Chuck Liddell wins via unanimous decision.
      This was a long boring fight. Dennis Hallman just looked tired the entire fight, and he spent most of the fight pulling guard, and trying to keep Pulver tied up, more of a defensive strategy than anything else. Pulver was ready to kick some ass, but had trouble getting past the guard. So in the end, I gave all 5 rounds to Pulver, and the only noteworthy thing Hallman did, was in the 5th round, where he threw a drop kick (both legs up in the air, flying forward) it was ridiculous. But yeah, Pulver keeps his belt. The only reason Hallman had any business being in this fight, was because he made Matt Hughes tap out twice, in under 20 seconds. So congrats to Pulver for getting a little revenge for his team.
      This was a pretty good brawl. At first, it looked like Matyushenko might be too much for Tito, because he came out really aggressive & kicked some ass early in the first round, but from that point forward, this was PRETTY MUCH 20+ minutes of Tito taking Matyushenko to the ground, and pounding out a decision. Tito looked strong, Matyushenko looked like he was up for the challenge, and it was a good fight overall. It sucks that Vitor Belfort was injured though, and had to be replaced by Matyushenko, since I technically would have rather seen that fight.