100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (18 Total):
1. Mark Coleman - 96.9
2. Gary Goodridge - 94.5
3. Don Frye - 93.5
4. Geza Kalman - 91.0
5. Brian Johnston - 90.3
6. John Campetella - 90.0
7. Mark Hall - 89.1
8. Dieuseul Berto - 88.4
9. Moti Horenstein - 85.0
10. Scott Fiedler - 82.2
UFC 10: The Tournament
Location: Birmingham, Alabama
Elevation: 643'
-Fight of the Night-
Mark Coleman vs. Don Frye
Fighters & Matches 90.6
Top 10 Fighters 90.1
TOTAL 90.4
     Geza Kalman is a massive man, almost 100 pounds heavier than Berto, who looks pretty big in his own right. Both guys basically ran at each other like two bulls, and tried to overpower each other for the duration of the fight, and it was a pretty event fight for the first 5 minutes or so. Geza spent a good portion of the fight trying to grab Berto's nuts, while kneeing him in questionable spots. In the end, Geza was just too strong, and while pinning Berto against the cage (while standing), Kalman dismantled him with punches to the head, forcing the referee to stop the fight. Nice win for Kalman.
      This match wasn't really very exciting... Hall started the match with a spin kick to the stomach of Frye, but immediately afterwards, Frye took him to the ground, and the fight stayed there for the remainder of the 10+ minute fight... The match was slow paced, and was mostly just Frye on top of Hall on the ground, wrestling around, and throwing punches & elbows whenever he could find an opening... It was really impressive that Hall wouldn't quit, but the referee stopped the fight anyways, because the entire fight was one sided... The camera zoomed in, and you could actually hear Frye tell him "You need to fuckin' quit..." and he said it in a sincere way, like he really didn't want to keep hurting him, but it was obvious that Hall wasn't going to win the match... GREAT show of respect by Frye, and it was nice to see how supportive both fighters were of each other... Frye moves on to the next round...
      This match started with Brian Johnston doing a couple of Judo throws to Fiedler, pretty much man handling him... But then Fiedler somehow got on top, and had control of the match for the next minute or so, trying to lock in a choke... After that, Johnston got out of the position, and ended up on Fiedler's back, punching the back of his head, and the match was stopped by the referee...
      Mark Coleman makes his debut in the UFC, and he does it by pretty much dominating the match... He missed the first attempt at a takedown, but once he finally got Horenstein onto the ground, Coleman just used his wrestling skills to get in a position where he could beat the hell out of Horenstein... This match was also stopped by the referee...
      This match started with Campetella showing off that he's the first UFC fighter that could actually match the strength of Gary Goodridge... After some strongman style wrestling around on their feet, Goodridge took him down with a really smooth takedown, and eventually pinned Campetella against the cage, and threw several firm punches at his face, until the referee again, stopped the fourth fight of the evening...
      We're finally getting to the point where there are enough great fighters, to where you hardly ever see someone that doesn't deserve to be here... The fact that Johnston was a solid enough fighter, to hold off Frye for 4+ minutes, was enough to make me consider this a good fight... Johnston had a few flurries of solid punches directed towards Frye, but the match ended with Johnston tapping out after receiving an elbow to the head...
      This was quite possibly the best match of the evening... Both fighters are very evenly matched, and there was a lot of strength displayed in the match... Coleman showed that he was the superior wrestler, and pretty much kept control throughout the entire match, which is impressive when your opponent is Gary Goodridge... This match ended, when Coleman pinned Goodridge face first against the mat, and Goodridge tapped out because he knew there was no way he'd be able to get out of that vulnerable position...
      This was quite possibly the best fight I've seen so far... It was the first match that Don Frye has lost since he came to the UFC, and it is the end to the first tournament that Mark Coleman has participated in... The entire match was extremely brutal, and for the most part, Coleman had control of the entire bout... Showing off his superior grappling skills, and some strikes that rank right up their with Don Frye's previous showings, Coleman proves that he is one of (if not THE) best fighters in the UFC...