100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (16 Total):
1. B.J. Penn - 94.5
2. Ricco Rodriguez - 94.0
3. Matt Hughes - 93.7
4. Josh Barnett - 92.1
5. Randy Couture - 91.7
6. Frank Mir - 91.5
7. Phil Baroni - 91.5
8. Evan Tanner - 91.4
9. Matt Lindland - 91.3
10. Carlos Newton - 91.0
UFC 34: High Voltage
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Elevation: 2,001'
-Fight of the Night-
B.J. Penn vs. Caol Uno
Fighters & Matches 91.0
Top 10 Fighters 92.3
TOTAL 91.7
     This wasn't much of a fight. Frank Mir threw a couple of leg kicks, seemed to have the better striking of the two, plus he outweighed Traven by about 30 pounds. He then took him to the ground, showed better wrestling skills. They stood back up, Traven got kicked some more, Mir cornered him with punches, grabbed his arm, locked on an armbar, and Traven tapped out. Nice debut for Frank Mir, it just sucks they didn't show the fight on the PPV.
      This was a pretty crazy undercard fight. I previously said these guys should have fought for the title instead of Menne vs. Castillo, but luckily for me, they got to fight pretty soon after that event, even though this wasn't for a title. I gave the first round to Baroni for beating up Lindland, but they both fought like hell, so it was close. I gave the second round to Lindland, because he controlled the entire fight during that round. The third round, I was going to give to Lindland, until he landed an illegal knee on the ground (I didn't take a point for it, since I thought it was an accident), but once that was sorted out, Baroni came back like a bat out of hell, and in my opinion, won that third round, even without the point being taken from Lindland. So I gave this fight to Baroni, 29-28, but the judges sort of disagreed apparently, because they ended up giving the fight to Lindland via majority decision. I'm not sure how the points got sorted out that way, but whatever, it was a good fight overall.
      This fight didn't really do much for me. The first round mostly consisted of Homer Moore looking strong, and Evan Tanner looking tired. The second round had Homer Moore on top, Evan Tanner went for an armbar, Moore tapped out pretty quickly. Pretty average quality fight overall, I guess it gets more interesting when you see the long undefeated streak Homer Moore had before this fight, but since he had never fought in the UFC or anywhere "big" like that, before this fight, then I don't know how much any of that really counts.
      It's always fun watching Josh Barnett kick some ass, so this fight was fun. Bobby Hoffman is a scary dude (literally), so it was fun seeing Barnett take him to the ground, dominate him for most of the fight with his grappling, and eventually beat the shit out of him in the second round, to the point where Hoffman tapped out because the punches caused too much pain. Josh Barnett is a badass!
      HOLY SHIT! That was awesome. Caol Uno started the fight with a flying knee, which looked amazing, and then Penn punched him, knocked him to the ground, and then punched him a hundred times up against the cage, as Uno was already unconscious. FUCKING AMAZING win for Penn, especially considering I have these guys ranked as #2 and #3 in the world. So yeah, Penn definitely deserves a title shot after this one. Fucking amazing fight.
      This was a pretty insane fight. Matt Hughes won the first round, by slamming Newton, and controlling most of the fight, but Newton kept that round close, reversing positions a few times, and staying in the fight. The second round was more of the same, Hughes got on top, Newton locked on a triangle choke, Hughes picked him up in the air, Hughes got choked unconscious, and slammed Newton down, knocking him unconscious, so TECHNICALLY this probably should have been a double KO or some shit, but Hughes got the win, via SLAM KO, which is fine, especially since Newton cheated and held the cage to defend against the slam a few seconds before the end of the fight. So yeah, insane win for Matt Hughes, and this marks the beginning of his championship reign.
      Ricco Rodriguez is really making a name for himself here. In his last fight, he took out Andrei Arlovski with strikes, and now here he is, taking out Pete Williams with strikes. Ricco Rodriguez is a legit heavyweight contender. This fight basically consisted of Ricco dominating Williams, taking him to the ground, several times, he locked on several really nice submissions, including a kneebar that I'm not sure how it didn't finish the fight. So yeah, awesome fight for Ricco Rodriguez.
      This was a fairly one sided fight. Randy Couture would take Rizzo down, and then beat him up with punches & elbows. They would eventually get back up, Couture secures another takedown, and beats Rizzo up some more. Couture landed some hard left elbows in the second round, that opened up a pretty bad cut under Rizzo's right eye. In the end, near the end of the third round, Couture took Rizzo down one last time, and finished him off with some punches to the face. Another great showing by Randy Couture.