100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (16 Total):
1. Phil Baroni - 96.2
2. Amar Suloev - 95.0
3. Robbie Lawler - 94.2
4. Ricco Rodriguez - 92.6
5. B.J. Penn - 92.3
6. Ivan Salaverry - 92.2
7. Murilo Bustamante - 91.7
8. Aaron Riley - 91.3
9. Caol Uno - 91.2
10. Benji Radach - 90.5
UFC 37: High Impact
Location: Bossier City, Louisiana
Elevation: 174'
-Fight of the Night-
Phil Baroni vs. Amar Suloev
Fighters & Matches 90.4
Top 10 Fighters 92.7
TOTAL 91.6
     This was an epic brawl! Robbie Lawler is a fucking monster, and he was throwing some of the heaviest strikes I've ever seen at 170. Aaron Riley threw a lot of good shots of his own, but in the end, the real champion of this fight was Aaron Riley's chin, holy fuck can he take a shot or what? But yeah, after a 15 minute nonstop brawl, Robbie Lawler clearly deserved this win, and he walks away with the unanimous decision victory.
No Contest
      Meh, this could have been a good fight, but it had a weird referee stoppage. Radach threw some hard punches, looked like he nearly knocked out Berger, Berger went for a leg lock, Radach held on to the fence, and then punched Berger in the head several times, the referee stopped the fight, and gave the win to Radach. I'd probably do the same, but I guess Berger has the right to complain, considering if Radach wasn't holding the fence, maybe he would have fallen into the leg lock. Either way, I guess for now I'll give the win to Radach, even though the commission declared it a no contest.
      This was a pretty impressive debut by Ivan Salaverry, pretty much dominating the tough Semenov with his grappling skills for the entire fight, until the third round where he was able to get the full mount crucifix, where his right hand was free to punch the defenseless Semenov in the face repeatedly, forcing the referee to stop the fight. Awesome win for Ivan Salaverry.
      This was a really good grappling match, tons of back & forth action, lots of reversals, lots of submission attempts from both guys, it was pretty much a 15 minute fast paced grappling match. With that being said, I think Edwards won the first round, the second round was really close, and I would have given the third round to Uno, so it really could have gone either way, and the judges gave it to Caol Uno, via unanimous decision, so I'm fine with that.
      HOLY FUCK! THIS FIGHT WAS WILD! Amar Suloev spent the first 2 minutes, kicking the living shit out of Baroni, punching him, kicking him, just BEATING THE FUCK out of him, and he eventually landed an illegal knee, which stopped the fight for a second, while Suloev got a point taken away for the foul. The fight started back up, Baroni looked like he was barely conscious at this point, Suloev unleashed an amazing Judo throw, slamming Baroni to the ground, continued to kick his ass for a second, and then SOMEHOW, they ended up against the cage, where Baroni unleashed the heaviest punches I've ever seen, smashing Suloev's face into a pancake against the cage, forcing the referee to stop the fight. Fucking awesome fight, and Phil Baroni looked fucking INTENSE.
      Paul who? B.J. Penn is fighting some UFC newcomer for his first fight after barely losing a title fight against Jens Pulver? What's up with this matchup? Creighton clearly has good wrestling, but he looks like his natural weight class would PROBABLY be several classes below lightweight, so putting him against the much larger Penn is kind of mean. Penn pretty much controlled the entire fight, and he ended up finishing it halfway through the second round with strikes on the ground. Paul had a 3-0 record outside the UFC going into this fight, and this was officially the last fight of his career.
      Well, that was interesting. Kosaka secured a basic takedown in the first round, but lost all of those points when Rodriguez picked him up and SLAMMED THE SHIT out of him. From that point forward, Rodriguez ran a Jiu-Jitsu clinic on him, going for a series of submissions, winning that round. The second round had Rodriguez on top again, eventually getting full mount, where he was able to drop elbows, cutting Kosaka's face, and then he finished the fight with a ton of punches. Awesome win for Rodriguez, but I'm not sure why Kosaka came back out of nowhere to fight again in the UFC, almost 3 years after his last fight in the UFC. I guess he fought a lot in Rings between these 2 fights, but I haven't really paid attention to Rings at all yet.
(Guillotine Choke)
      This fight was a disaster. The first round had Lindland getting the clinch, and holding Bustamante against the cage, Bustamante secured a takedown, out-wrestled Lindland, locked on an armbar, and Lindland tapped out, Bustamante won the fight, AND THEN, Big John told them to continue fighting. Ridiculous referee interference. Lindland probably won the second round with his wrestling. The third round came, and Bustamante unloaded on Lindland's face, nearly knocking him unconscious, beating him up on the ground, and then he locked on the guillotine choke, and Lindland was forced to ACTUALLY OFFICIALLY tap this time. Cool fight though, since going into this, I thought Lindland was the #1 ranked fighter in this weight class, so he definitely deserved the title shot, but I'm glad that Bustamante is still the champ.