100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (16 Total):
1. Chuck Liddell - 94.4
2. Robbie Lawler - 93.7
3. Andrei Arlovski - 93.3
4. Carlos Newton - 92.7
5. Vladimir Matyushenko - 92.7
6. Phillip Miller - 92.5
7. Matt Hughes - 92.4
8. Tito Ortiz - 92.2
9. Mark Weir - 91.6
10. Tiki Ghosn - 89.7
UFC 40: Vendetta
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Elevation: 2,001'
-Fight of the Night-
Chuck Liddell vs. Renato Sobral
Fighters & Matches 90.5
Top 10 Fighters 92.5
TOTAL 91.5
(Rear-Naked Choke)
     Wow! Going into this fight, I thought Miller was disposable, and Weir was unstoppable. Well, Miller sort of kicked Weir's ass in the first round, taking him to the ground and controlling him, and in the second round, he did the same, got the full mount, got the back, locked on the rear-naked choke, and finished him via submission. The crazy part is, Weir landed some HARD kicks & knees to the head of Miller, and barely seemed to phase him. Miller was tired by the end of the fight, but he never really seemed out of it at all. Crazy win for Miller.
      Good win for Matyushenko, taking on the much larger wrestler, Matyushenko pretty much dominated him with his wrestling skills, got him to the ground, and pounded out a victory with big punches. It was actually kind of shocking how easily Matyushenko controlled Wiuff, considering the 30 pound weight difference. But yeah, good with by Matyushenko.
      BAM! Andrei Arlovski takes out the impressive Ian Freeman early in the first round with brutal strikes. This is mostly crazy because Ian Freeman looked so amazing in his last fight. But yeah, Arlovski climbs his way back into the list of contenders at 265, by tearing through Freeman without any trouble at all. Awesome win for Arlovski.
      BAM! This was a great way to start off an explosive card, with Tiki throwing some nice kicks & punches, trying to work his Muay Thai skills, but Lawler countered with a BRUTAL punch, knocking Ghosn to the ground, and he slammed him a few more times with big heavy punches on the ground, before the referee tackled him to stop the fight. It was one of the funniest ref moves I've ever seen, but beyond that, Tiki had a HORRIBLE cut on his left eye brow, so that was pretty ugly. But yeah, Robbie Lawler beat his ass.
      This was a much needed win by Carlos Newton in the UFC. He took Spratt down quickly, got the mount, sort of in the 69 position, and he locked on the Kimura, forcing Spratt to tap out pretty quickly in the first round. Great win by Carlos Newton.
      Well, that was weird. Matt Hughes took Castillo to the ground (obviously), and during the takedown, he accidentally threw a headbutt that cut Castillo's eye. After beating him up for the rest of the round, Matt Hughes won the TKO victory, because the doctor said that the cut was too bad between rounds. It was a TINY LITTLE CUT, so I have no idea what's up with the commission with these decisions. But yeah, good win by Matt Hughes, and a lackluster performance by Gil Castillo (who I have NO IDEA how he got a title shot to begin with).
(Head Kick)
      BAM! Here were are again, with another legendary Chuck Liddell fight, walking right through Sobral, with a huge left high kick, knocking Sobral to the ground, and smashing his face like a baseball bat. Chuck was already CLEARLY #1 in the division, but while waiting for Tito to fuck around with Shamrock, Chuck didn't want to wait, so he took on the dangerous Babalu, and knocked him down HARD. So yeah, Chuck Liddell, obviously the man.
(Corner Stoppage)
      That was embarrassing for The World's Most Dangerous Man. Tito Ortiz basically took Shamrock to the ground in all 3 rounds, he beat him up on the ground, he beat him up while standing, Shamrock looked like he had been hit with a sledge hammer, and Tito looked perfectly fine. So yeah, Shamrock's corner stopped the fight after the third round, and that's probably a good idea, considering the fact that Shamrock didn't stand a chance in this fight to begin with.