100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (16 Total):
1. David Loiseau - 92.5
2. Hermes Franca - 92.5
3. Rich Franklin - 91.6
4. Duane Ludwig - 91.6
5. Pete Spratt - 91.5
6. Cabbage Correira - 91.1
7. Dave Strasser - 91.1
8. Genki Sudo - 90.9
9. Matt Hughes - 90.3
10. Romie Aram - 89.9
UFC 42: Sudden Impact
Location: Miami, Florida
Elevation: 6'
-Fight of the Night-
Duane Ludwig vs. Genki Sudo
Fighters & Matches 89.7
Top 10 Fighters 91.3
TOTAL 90.5
     This was a pretty awesome debut for David Loiseau, especially considering how great Weir has looked so far in his UFC career. David Loiseau took him down kind of early in the first round, controlled him with some solid wrestling skills, Weir threw a few decent punches from his guard, but Loiseau was eventually able to finish him off with a few hard elbows, followed by some HEAVY right hands, punching Weir in the face until he was unconscious. David Loiseau looks to have tons of potential.
      Damn! This fight was kind of crazy. Crunkilton's only REAL offense, was a HUGE throw/slam in the first round, but I still think he lost that round, when Franca locked on a TIGHT kneebar, and almost ripped his leg off. From that point forward, Crunkilton just looked tired, and Franca went after him with countless submission attempts, LOCKING ON all kinds of shit, and somehow Crunkilton was able to escape everything. Near the end of the third round, I really thought Franca broke Crunkilton's arm, but Crunkilton still refused to tap, and the fight continued. In the end, Franca clearly won this fight, but awesome debut for both fighters.
      Holy shit! That fight was pretty awesome. It started with the typical Genki Sudo antics, where he dances around the ring, and does ridiculous poses, which is actually really entertaining, and he even kicked Ludwig's ass in the first round (in my opinion). The second round evened things out, with Ludwig landing some good shots, and taking the fight to Sudo. The third round, I was GOING to give to Genki Sudo, because he shredded Ludwig's face, like it had been bitch slapped with a cheese grater, but Genki kind of got fucked over, because he was in Ludwig's guard, in total control, and the fight was stopped to check on Ludwig's cuts, and then they restarted it standing, which was a huge advantage to Ludwig. So at that point, Ludwig probably knew he was going to lose the fight, so he went fucking crazy, and beat the living shit out of Sudo for the final couple of minutes of the fight, eventually ending it with the Karate Kid pose at the end of the third round. Overall an amazing fight, and I was GOING to give it to Genki Sudo, but I think Ludwig pulled off the win at the very end. Awesome show by both guys.
      This was a nice clean debut for Rich Franklin. He came in, danced with Tanner for a bit, threw some punches, showed some solid boxing skills, knocked Tanner a bit loopy against the cage, and finally forced him to crumble, which caused the referee to stop the fight. You might be able to debate that it was an early stoppage, but either way, Tanner didn't look like he was bringing much to this fight, and Rich Franklin looked ready to go. So yeah, great debut for Rich Franklin.
(Knees & Punches)
      This was an interesting fight. Cabbage got pushed up against the cage in the first round, and it was basically a waste of 5 minutes, with Alvarez trying his best to not get hurt by Cabbage. The second round though, Cabbage was able to unload on Alvarez, and he threw some crazy ass punches, which basically pounced Alveraz's head off the cage for 20 seconds or so, until the referee finally stopped the fight. Good showing by Cabbage. I'd rather not see Sean Alvarez fight again though.
      This was one hell of a fight. Aram almost knocked out Strasser at the start of the fight, but that round ended with Strasser on top, pounding away at Aram. The second round was close too, but I think Strasser probably won that one, because Aram looked too tired to put up much of a fight. Aram won back some points in the third round, showing a little more fire under his belly, but in the end, Strasser wins via unanimous decision. Really good fight overall.
      This was sort of a weird fight. Robbie Lawler has looked unstoppable so far in the UFC, and this time, he did a decent job at the start of the first round, but looked like he lost all of his energy by the end of the first round, and I think he ended up losing that round. The second round started, Spratt's eye got cut, and they stopped the fight to check it, he said he was ok, so they continued. About 30 seconds later, Lawler just waved to the referee and said he couldn't continue. I guess he hurt his leg or something? It was weird, nothing really looked like it did that much damage, so I'm not sure what happened. (Update: I just looked it up... Apparently Lawler dislocated his hip... That's weird...)
      This was a pretty good fight, between the Champion and the #2 Contender. (I had Robbie Lawler ranked above Sherk going into this fight, but obviously Lawler won't fight Hughes, since they're training partners). But with that being said, the entire fight was one of those "take the guy down, and pin him against the cage" fights, where the entire fight took place against the cage, with little mini-punches & elbows from both fighters. Hughes clearly won rounds 1, 2 & 4... Sherk won round 3, and PROBABLY won the 5th round. So with that being said, Matt Hughes wins the fight, 48-47 in my opinion, and all 3 judges agreed.