100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (16 Total):
1. Scott Ferrozzo - 92.9
2. Brian Johnston - 90.4
3. Tank Abbott - 90.4
4. Mark Coleman - 89.9
5. Roberto Traven - 81.8
6. Jerry Bohlander - 81.8
7. Reza Nasri - 77.5
8. Fabio Gurgel - 72.7
9. Sam Adkins - 70.1
10. Dave Berry - 68.4
UFC 11: The Proving Ground
Location: Augusta, Georgia
Elevation: 136'
-Fight of the Night-
Scott Ferrozzo vs. Tank Abbott
Fighters & Matches 83.5
Top 10 Fighters 81.6
TOTAL 82.6
      Roberto Traven pinned Berry up against the fence, and then tripped him, and then mounted the back of Berry... Once they were on the ground, it looked like Traven was going to lock on the rear naked choke, but instead, he turned it into a lot of punches to the side of the head of Berry... Berry tapped out due to the punches...
      This was a fun fight to watch, but it was pretty lame for the most part... It started with Coleman bringing Sanchez to the ground with an almost spear/tackle type maneuver, and then he choked him out within 44 seconds... Fun match, but not much to look at really... Coleman is still the man...
      This fight was fookin' amazing... Brian Johnston did some insane whip/slam thing, where he flung Nasri around in a circle then slammed him on the ground, then landed about 40 headbutts in 5 seconds or so, and then finished the match with some of the hardest right hand punches I've ever seen, landing straight on the face of Nasri... The referee stopped this match, and rightfully so, seeing as how Nasri almost died...
(Neck Crank)
      This was a pretty boring fight for the most part... Tank basically took down Adkins, and pinned him up against the cage, and eventually made Adkins tap out due to the combination choke & face/cage/smashing... There weren't really any real good punches thrown in this match though, and the ending submission wasn't really even a "good form" submission hold... Tank wins, and proves that he's a tough fighter...
      This was a good ground match, with lots of movement on the ground, but nobody really threw any punches, or tried to lock on any submissions... Bohlander threw some punches, but none of them really had much meaningful impact at all... It was a relatively boring fight to watch, but I guess it was good in the sense that both fighters had some great defensive strategies... Just not much offense... Bohlander won by unanimous decision...
      This match featured two of the best fighters of the night, and it was still a relatively boring match... It was aggressive, and only lasted a little over 2 minutes, but the match was stopped for some reason, which I'm still not sure why... I guess Johnston was on his back, and then decided to roll over onto his stomach, and the referee stopped it... The first time I saw this fight, I didn't think that Johnston tapped out... After watching it again, I realize that Johnston did in fact tap out... Either way, Coleman moves onto the finals...
      This match started out with both guys running at each other like 2 trucks, swinging non-stop... It was really quite brilliant... After the first few minutes though, the remainder of the match was spent with Tank pushing Ferrozzo up against the fence, both men standing, and nobody really doing anything, other than Ferrozzo throwing some knee strikes every once in a while... What started out with a bang, ended with a fizzle... Ferrozzo wins by decision...