100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (20 Total):
1. Joseph Benavidez - 95.3
2. Anthony Johnson - 94.4
3. Chris Beal - 94.1
4. Jim Miller - 93.5
5. Tim Elliott - 93.4
6. Danny Castillo - 93.2
7. Jon Jones - 93.2
8. Luke Rockhold - 93.1
9. Max Holloway - 92.3
10. Takanori Gomi - 92.0
UFC 172: Jones vs. Teixeira
Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Elevation: 480'
-Fight of the Night-
Jon Jones vs. Glover Teixeira
Fighters & Matches 91.6
Top 10 Fighters 93.5
TOTAL 92.6
(Flying Knee)
     YEAH! That's how you start off a show! Both of these guys came out like a couple of balls of fire, burning the shit out of everything, with Beal showing great boxing technique, and Williams looking like he had lost his damned mind, and throwing wild shit in all directions. The first round was extremely close, but I gave it to Beal, just barely. The second round was short though, and took any question out of the scoring, when Beal landed the most beautiful flying knee I've ever seen, jumping 15 feet off the ground, and knocking Williams the fuck out. AWESOME fight, and great way to start the show!
      BOOM! Second fight in a row, second round knockout from a single strike. This fight was pretty great. Brenneman won the first round, by taking Castillo to the ground, and sort of controlling him for most of the round. Both guys had decent striking, but it just looked like Brenneman was more active. He was no longer active in the second round though, once Castillo landed a huge right hand, that knocked Brenneman the fuck out. OH MAN, that looked deadly. One punch, BOOM, Brenneman collapsed. Hardcore knockout. Tonight kicks ass so far!
      Damn, I was really hoping Duke would win this fight, and with her almost 12" reach advantage, it seemed like it should be easy for her to use her Muay Thai skills to pick apart Correia, but that didn't happen at all. Instead, Duke LAUNCHED Correia with a couple of brilliant Rousey style Judo throws, but other than that, this fight was all about Correia beating her ass with punches & forward momentum on the feet. So yeah, great fight for Correia, a couple of great throws by Duke, and pretty decent fight overall. I gave the fight to Correia 29-28, and almost everyone gave her the fight 30-27. So there you have it, our first decision of the night.
      This was a pretty solid fight, even though I didn't have either of these guys ranked anywhere even near the Top 50 at 155 at this point. With that being said, I thought most rounds started with Vallie-Flagg looking like the better fighter, but then Gomi kept coming back, and surprising me with SOMETHING, and eventually, by the end of the fight, Vallie-Flagg's face looked like it had been hit by a truck, and Gomi looked a little tired, but that's about it. So I gave the fight to Gomi, 29-28, and so did all 3 judges. Good fight overall.
(Guillotine Choke)
      YEAH! I knew this fight would be crazy. Tim Elliott always comes out crazy, throwing wild punches, and shooting for insane takedowns, and scrambling like a maniac, so starting out, I thought he was actually dominating Benavidez. Elliott looked REALLY GOOD at the start of this fight, and even had Benavidez trapped in a crucifix at one point. But then, seemingly out of nowhere, Benavidez got the full mount, locked on a TIGHT guillotine choke, and had both of Elliott's arms trapped inside his legs. That was one of the sickest looking guillotine chokes I've ever seen. Benavidez is the man! Elliott was actually forced to tapout by stomping his feet, in panic mode. That was fucking brutal!
(Guillotine Choke)
      This was a solid fight. Fili came out looking pretty crazy in the first round, throwing wild strikes, and he looked like he was ready to kick some ass. I gave the second round to Holloway, because I thought he started to make a comeback. The third round was solid, until Holloway grabbed Fili's neck, tightened the grip, and forced him to tap to the guillotine choke. Pretty solid fight overall.
(Guillotine Choke)
      This was a solid fight. Yancy stepped up on VERY short notice, so that Jim Miller could still fight on this card, and that was kind of crazy, since Miller is a Top 10 guy, and Yancy is nowhere near Top 10. BUT, he showed a lot of heart, because after putting up a decent fight for a few minutes, Miller locked on a guillotine choke, Yancy refused to tap, so he eventually went unconscious. Another great win for Jim Miller.
(Inverted Triangle Kimura)
      Awesome! I wanted Boetsch to win this fight, but it's hard to complain about the way Rockhold handled him. Boetsch shot for a single leg takedown, Rockhold ended up on Boetsch's back, with a triangle choke locked on from the back, he then transitioned to lock on a kimura, Boetsch was completely screwed at that point, and eventually had to submit before getting his arm ripped of. Luke Rockhold looked like a badass in this fight.
      HOLY SHIT. So, uh... apparently Anthony Johnson is back in the UFC. Phil Davis was on a 3 fight winning streak, he was one of the Top 5 at 205, and he got destroyed for 15 minutes by Anthony Johnson (who was 170 pounds a couple of years ago). But yeah, I was actually surprised that none of the judges gave him any of these rounds as 10-8 rounds. Anthony Johnson beat up Davis for 15 minutes, NONSTOP, his cardio was sick, his striking was great, his takedown defense was some of the best I've ever seen. This guy might be the scariest guy I've seen at 205. I honestly don't see how anyone currently at 205, can stop this dude.
      Man... I haven't been THIS far on the edge of my seat in a long time, for a fight. Going into this one, I honestly didn't know who I wanted to win, these are a couple of my favorite fighters, so I probably would have been fine either way, but the further into the fight we went, the more I wanted Jones to keep his belt, and the more nervous I got that Glover would hit him with a hard shot and knock him the fuck out. But yeah, Jones cut Glover's face all to hell, beat him up with huge elbows from the clinch, and used his range to throw some great kicks & punches. Glover was one hell of a test for Jones, but ultimately, Jones won all 5 rounds, and all 3 judges agreed, giving him the fight 50-45 on all 3 scorecards. Great championship fight.