100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (12 Total):
1. Steve Jennum - 90.0
2. Royce Gracie - 88.5
3. Ken Shamrock - 87.5
4. Harold Howard - 87.3
5. Kimo Leopoldo - 86.8
6. Christophe Leninger - 85.6
7. Roland Payne - 83.3
8. Felix Mitchell - 82.2
9. Keith Hackney - 76.1
10. Emmanuel Yarbrough - 72.1
UFC 3: The American Dream
Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
Elevation: 748'
-Fight of the Night-
Steve Jennum vs. Harold Howard
Fighters & Matches 84.6
Top 10 Fighters 83.9
TOTAL 84.3
     This was one hell of a fight... Little man Keith Hackney took the fight to Sumo Wrestler Emmanuel Yarbrough (the World's Largest Professional Athlete)... The fight was off to a good start, when Hackney punched Yarbrough in the head & knocked him down to the ground... But once Hackney chased him to the ground, Yarbrough grabbed a hold of him & basically took control of the match for the next minute or so, swinging Hackney around like a rag doll, and eventually ramming him THROUGH the wall of the octagon... This apparently pissed off Hackney, because the rest of the match was filled with Hackney beating the living shit out of Yarbrough on the ground, until he finally tapped out, declaring Keith Hackney the winner...
      This was a great fight... Shamrock started it off as usual, by shooting in & slamming Leninger down against the mat... After wrestling around for a while, Shamrock pinned Leninger up against the cage, and started raining punches down upon his head... Shamrock was obviously the clear cut winner of this match, as Leninger tapped out due to the punishment he was receiving by Shamrock's strikes... As a souvenir, I've taken the liberty of taking a picture of Big John McCarthy (referee) pulling Shamrock off of Leninger...
      This was another amazing fight... They both came out swinging, and Harold Howard seemed to gain the upper hand fairly quickly... After a few seconds of grappling around on the ground, Howard got pissed, and Payne got fist fucked... Several times in the face actually, until he eventually fell to the mat & curled up into a little ball... Howard knocked Roland Payne the fuck out... The sad thing is, it was Roland Payne's hometown...
      This was one of the most exciting matches of the night, seeing as how Kimo was the first person to really "take it to" Royce Gracie... As far as I'm concerned, Kimo probably could have won this match, if it weren't for the fact that Gracie relied on pulling his hair to keep him under control... I even took a pic of a moment where Gracie was literally swinging from Kimo's head, hanging onto a handful of hair... I'm all about some No Holds Barred fighting, but there are certain rules that really take away from the whole point of the UFC... When pitting various SKILLED fighting styles against each other, pulling hair & kicking balls shouldn't be allowed to effect the outcome of a match... Luckily, in later UFC's they changed those rules... For now, Gracie won yet another match, by making Kimo tap out to the arm bar...
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      There wasn't really much excitement in this match... For the most part it looked like two tired bulls fighting each other... They sort of locked horns at the start of the fight, and after a bit of wrestling around, Ken Shamrock locked on the chokehold from behind, and Felix Mitchell tapped out... Shamrock won the match, but injured his ankle during the fight, so he was taken out of the tournament...
      Steve Jennum took Ken Shamrock's place in the final match, since Shamrock apparently injured his ankle somehow in his last match... And at first, I thought that Steve Jennum was just going to be some goof-ball, since he listed police officer as his background... But he surprised me with his crazy ass Ninjitsu skills, and he fucked Harold Howard's world up in this match... Howard started the match off, by doing a forward flip (for no reason?) and landing on his ass... I took a picture of that so you can see what I mean... After that, he somehow locked on a chokehold, and I thought that Jennum was definitely going to tap, but he somehow worked his way out of that, slammed Howard onto the ground with some sort of Judo throw, and then he pinned him down and started throwing strikes at the head of Howard until his corner eventually threw in the towel... Jennum looks like a joke, but he's really a bad ass...