100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (20 Total):
1. Don Frye - 98.0
2. Tank Abbott - 95.5
3. Ken Shamrock - 92.8
4. Gary Goodridge - 90.6
5. Kimo Leopoldo - 90.1
6. Paul Varelans - 89.0
7. Brian Johnston - 88.9
8. Steve Nelmark - 88.1
9. Cal Worsham - 87.7
10. Marcus Bossett - 82.4
UFC Ultimate Ultimate '96
Location: Birmingham, Alabama
Elevation: 643'
-Fight of the Night-
Don Frye vs. Tank Abbott
Fighters & Matches 90.6
Top 10 Fighters 90.3
TOTAL 90.5
      This fight wasn't on the actual broadcast, but they showed highlights of it before Nelmark's fight against Tank... Basically, this fight consisted of both fighters bouncing around for a second, Nelmark shot in for the double leg takedown, secured that, mounted Bossett, and then started landing a series of headbutts, forcing Bossett to let down whatever guard he had, which allowed Nelmark to secure a basic choke for the submission victory... Nelmark moves on as a replacement for Ken Shamrock in the tournament...
      I get the feeling that the Gi of Gary Goodridge saps his energy or something... He looks like he should be in pretty good shape, but he's just not able to hang with these guys, when the fights go into the later minutes... This fight started with Don Frye boxing the shit out of Goodridge on their feet, and then Frye pinned him against the corner, and continued to punch him... After a bit of that, Gary Goodridge was able to take Frye to the ground, and it looked like Goodridge had the upperhand on the ground, for the most part... After a while, Frye got the top position again, and then Goodridge just tapped out due to exhaustion... Good fight overall, but it lasted a little longer than it really needed to... Don Frye wins by submission...
      This fight started with a huge explosion, both guys throwing random punches, etc... Then Tank ran Worsham up against the fence, and then picked him up off the ground, and literally almost threw Worsham out of the cage... Worsham defended himself from getting tossed out, but he was rewarded with a slam against the mat... Once they were on the ground, the fight got slow, but it ended with a big right hand from Tank, causing Worsham to tap out... After Worsham tapped out, Tank hit him again, since it took the referee a few seconds to stop the fight, so Worsham threw a fit, saying that Tank should get disqualified... Either way, Tank Abbott moves on to the next round of the tournament...
(Corner Stoppage)
      This fight was another long one, with a few fun spots, but also a lot of dead spots... Kimo started the fight by basically laying down on the ground, flat on his stomach, he grabbed the foot of Varelans, and then tried to transition into a takedown... Honestly dude, you were WAY too low for that takedown to happen... So he kind of tripped Varelans momentarily, but that only lead to Varelans landing on top of Kimo... So, they started again, this time, Kimo stood back up, and tried to trip Varelans, and he couldn't do anything with the takedown, and eventually Varelans landed on top of Kimo... Varelans beat the shit out of Kimo for about 7 minutes, just landing random heavy punches, but nothing that was going to end the fight... Varelans got tired, Kimo transitioned to top position, and then he landed a handful of heavy punches to the face of Varelans, and the referee stopped the fight... Good fight, and Kimo technically moves on in the tournament (but I think he's injured)...
(Forearm Choke)
      This fight was fun... Ken Shamrock started the fight, with the double leg takedown, planting Johnston on his ass... Once they were on the ground, they stayed there for about 5 minutes, while Shamrock pounded away on the face of Johnston, with big fists of fire... Eventually, Shamrock planted his forearm across the throat of Johnston, forcing the submission... Shamrock wins! Shamrock wins!!!
(Achilles Lock)
      This was a fast fight, only 20 seconds in length... The fight started with Don Frye taking Hall to the ground with ease, and then Frye locked on some sort of leg lock / ankle lock, and Hall was forced to submit... I think that Frye might have broken Hall's leg? I'm not real sure... Either way, Don Frye makes it to the finals against Tank Abbott...
      This fight was BAD ASS... The fight started with Tank throwing a single punch that sent Nelmark flying across the octagon... They then started to swing away at each other, and Tank picked up Nelmark, and slammed him down on the back of his neck, with this scoop slam thing... Nelmark stood back up, and Tank started throwing crazy punches, connecting with one in particular that looked like it literally killed Nelmark... Steve Nelmark collapsed to the ground, with his neck basically resting on the heels of his own feet... He was curled up backwards... CRAZY... Tank is hardcore...
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      This fight was BAD ASS!!! The fight started with Tank Abbott basically knocking out Don Frye, but Frye recovered quickly... Then they started scrapping... Both guys were throwing bombs, via combinations, lots of speed, lots of hard punches, lots of blood, and lots of crazy aggression... I thought both guys were going to get knocked out at some point, but in the end, Tank Abbott slipped, or tripped, or just lost his footing, and fell to the ground... Frye capitalized on that mistake, and jumped on Tank's back, locked on the rear naked choke, and about a minute later, after he secured it, Tank Abbott tapped out... Don Frye wins the tournament, in one of the most exciting fights I've seen in a while...