100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (18 Total):
1. Vitor Belfort - 95.2
2. Randy Couture - 92.9
3. Jack Nilson - 91.8
4. Tank Abbott - 89.5
5. Enson Inoue - 88.2
6. Tito Ortiz - 88.1
7. Steven Graham - 87.1
8. Royce Alger - 86.0
9. Tony Halme - 85.5
10. Guy Mezger - 85.1
UFC 13: The Ultimate Force
Location: Augusta, Georgia
Elevation: 136'
-Fight of the Night-
Vitor Belfort vs. Tank Abbott
Fighters & Matches 87.1
Top 10 Fighters 88.9
TOTAL 88.0
     This fight was kind of funny (but I had to find it online, to be able to watch it)... Basically, Tito Ortiz got Albritton in the clinch, and took him down with this nice little security guard style takedown... Once they were on the ground, Tito punched Albritton in the head for about 20 seconds, until eventually, Albritton's corner threw in the towel... Tito moves on to the finals to fight Guy Mezger (replacing Enson Inoue due to an injury I'm assuming?)...
      This was interesting. Nilson went towards Hosseini, and got his head caught under the arm of Nilson, in a guillotine position. Nilson was able to take him to the ground from there, where he got on his back, grabbed his hair, and then started smashing the back of his head with BRUTAL elbows. I thought Nilson was going to kill Hosseini, so I'm glad the fight was stopped. Hosseini disputed the stoppage, but give me a fucking break man, you got DESTROYED. I'm really glad I was able to watch this fight. Awesome win for Jack Nilson.
      What's more boring than a 3 month long game of Monopoly? A 15 minute Guy Mezger fight... AH HA HA HA HA!!! I'm good at coming up with really super funny jokes... This fight kind of sucked... Mezger basically dominated the fight, but he never came close to ending the fight at all... When the Judo Black Belt Christophe Leninger tried to take Mezger to the ground, Mezger was always able to reverse it, ending up on top... The fight went to decision, nothing really happened, but Mezger had control over the majority of the fight, so he wins by unanimous decision...
      This fight was kind of ugly... Royce Alger (wrestler) ran in and tried to take down Inoue, but Inoue reversed the takedown, and ended up on Alger's back for a few seconds, in a Gary Goodridge style crucifix position, so I thought at that point, Inoue was going to kill Alger... Alger then escaped that, and got top position, but it was only a matter of another minute or so, before Inoue locked on an armbar from the guard, for the submission victory... Decent fight I guess... Enson Inoue moves on to the next round of the tournament, to take on Guy Mezger...
      Ha, this fun was a blast... Stephan Graham ran in, and launched some crazy front kick from halfway across the ring, but that didn't really do much... Stepanov tried to counter that with a kick of his own, but Graham caught Stepanov's leg, and then picked him up into the air, and dropped him down onto his head... From there, Graham locked on a keylock/armlock, for the submission victory... I enjoyed this fight, even though Stepanov never put up any fight at all...
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Wow, I can't believe that I had never seen this fight, until now... Randy Couture's debut in the UFC, was pretty much amazing... Tony Halme (300 pounds) came charging into Couture (225 pounds) at the start of the fight, and Randy Couture just ducked down, got the single leg takedown, which was REALLY nice by the way... Once they were on the ground, Randy punched Halme in the face once, and then got on Halme's back, and locked on the rear naked choke for the submission victory in under a minute... Good debut for The Natural!!!
(Guillotine Choke)
      Wow... I've seen the second fight between Tito & Mezger several times, along with the whole Tito vs. Shamrock feud... I've always had negative feelings towards Ortiz, because he's just a complete dick... "The Bad Boy" or whatever... Well, after watching him get screwed by Mezger in this fight, I think I almost have to take back everything bad I've ever said about Tito... Tito destroyed Albritton during his undercard fight, which was never aired... Then he beat the living shit out of Guy Mezger for a couple of minutes, he got Mezger on the ground, and started throwing knees at his head, which cut open Mezger's head in multiple spots... So technically, Ortiz was the better fighter here... The referee then stopped the fight, to check the cuts on Mezger's head (while Ortiz was definitely in the dominant position)... The cuts were ok, so they restarded the fight with both fighters standing (taking away Tito's advantage) and Mezger ended up locking on the guillotine choke for the submission victory... That was some bullshit... Mezger should have lost this fight, and he knows it!!!
      Damn son! Randy Couture was the man back in 1997... He came out again, and took down Graham with ease (which is impressive, if you read our review of Graham's earlier match)... Once Couture was on top, he just kept up the high paced wrestling, schooling Graham... At one point, while Couture was on Graham's back, Graham did a forward roll, which caused Couture to land on his head, but that didn't shake him at all, Couture continued to look for the choke... Eventually, Couture mounted the back of Graham, while Graham was laying flat on the ground, and Couture started to punch him in the head, until the referee stopped the fight... Good show, and GREAT two fights for Randy Couture's debut!!!
      Vitor Belfort is one of my new favorite fighters (assuming we're talking about fights in the 90's)... He came out against the street brawler, Tank Abbott, and literally beat the shit out of him... Belfort's hands are like a machine gun, and he just let loose all over Tank Abbott, forcing him to pretty much just collapse to the ground, covering his head in an attempt to avoid the fire... Tank didn't stand a chance against Belfort... Great way to end, what otherwise, was an "meh, ok" quality event...