100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (18 Total):
1. Mark Kerr - 92.3
2. Tony Fryklund - 91.5
3. Maurice Smith - 90.4
4. Alex Hunter - 89.6
5. Dan Bobish - 88.8
6. Kevin Jackson - 88.8
7. Mark Coleman - 88.7
8. Donnie Chappell - 87.5
9. Sam Fulton - 87.1
10. Moti Horenstein - 86.9
UFC 14: Showdown
Location: Birmingham, Alabama
Elevation: 643'
-Fight of the Night-
Tony Fryklund vs. Donnie Chappell
Fighters & Matches 85.9
Top 10 Fighters 89.2
TOTAL 87.6
     Wow, that was interesting. Tony Fryklund took Chappell down QUICKLY, got on top, kicked his ass for a minute or so, choked him out (somehow? the camera angle didn't show what happened very well). Once the fight was stopped, Fryklund punched Chappell in the face for good measure, and Big John McCarthy (not even the referee of this fight) jumped into the octagon, pinned Fryklund up against the cage, and scared the shit out of him. Sort of an awkward / funny / fucked up ending to an otherwise great showing by Tony Fryklund.
      Eh, Hunter took Fulton to the ground, he got a really tight mount, and then threw little short punches, but he didn't really have any leverage, until Fulton turned onto his stomach, Hunter got on his back, and threw a single punch, and Fulton tapped out. So yeah, sort of a lame fight, but at least it was quick.
      This fight was boring as shit... Yuri Vaulin was supposed to be the "Best Boxer to Ever Enter the UFC"... Well, he sucks... Joe Moreira (Jiu-Jitsu Fighter) took down Vaulin at the start of the fight, and they laid on the ground, motionless for about 5 minutes... The referee stood them back up, and then Moreira took him down again, and laid on him... The referee stood them back up, and Moreira took Yuri down a third time... After 15 minutes of no action whatsoever, Joe Moreira wins by unanimous decision...
      This fight was kind of boring... Todd Butler punched Kevin once, and then Kevin Jackson pinned him up against the fence, and then took him to the ground... The way that Butler fell, he just kind of curled up in a little ball, so Jackson tried to secure a choke, he couldn't get it, so he hit Butler in the back of the head 3-4 times, and the referee stopped the fight... Butler tapped out, so I'll call this one a submission... Kevin Jackson might be fun to watch, but Butler didn't put up enough of a fight to really make it interesting at all...
      This was the first really good fight of the night... It wasn't competitive at all, it was just fun to watch... Basically, Mark Kerr in his UFC debut ran into Horenstein, with a double leg takedown, taking Horenstein to the ground with ease... Once he was there, Kerr threw some knees to the face of Horenstein, and then Kerr postured up, and then started throwing hammerfists to the side of Horenstein's head, until the referee stopped the fight... Fun fight to watch I guess, and Mark Kerr is referred to as "Mark Coleman Plus"... Let's see what he can do in his next fight!
      This fight was alright... They both came out, and started swinging heavy punches at each other, but Dan Bobish (310 pounds) was too big & too strong for the smaller Brian Johnston (232 pounds)... So eventually, Bobish pinned Johnston up against the cage, and took him to the ground, and once they were on the ground, Bobish pressed his forearm against the throat of Johnston, forcing him to tapout to the choke... Bobish is a big aggressive guy, but I don't see him beating Mark Kerr...
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      This fight was kind of dumb... Kevin Jackson made Tony Fryklund look like a little kid... Jackson took him to the ground with ease, then got on Fryklund's back, locked on the rear naked choke for the submission victory in 44 seconds... That was a fast fight, and Fryklund didn't stand a chance... I still don't feel like I've really seen Jackson get tested yet, so hopefully I'll get to see that in one of the upcoming UFC events...
(Chin to the Eye)
      This fight was kind of neat... Mark Kerr started the fight by throwing some heavy leg kicks at the leg of Bobish, trying to chop down the big man... That wasn't doing much though, so Kerr shot in for the double leg takedown, planted Bobish on the ground, worked his way up towards the head of Bobish, and then pressed his chin into the eye of Bobish, securing the submission victory in under 2 minutes... Mark Kerr is a beast, and he's also this UFC's Heavyweight Tournament winner...
      This was a long, somewhat boring fight, but it was historical, so it's an important fight to watch... Basically, Mark Coleman started the fight by taking down Maurice Smith, and he pretty much controlled him on the ground, and Coleman spent most of the time on the ground, throwing headbutts... After about 12 minutes of this, Coleman got winded, and couldn't fight anymore, so Maurice Smith pretty much dominated the fight from that point on... The last half of the fight consisted of both guys standing, Coleman looking like he was falling asleep, and Maurice Smith just danced around him, throwing random punches & kicks... In the end, after 21 minutes, Maurice Smith wins by unanimous decision... Good show, even though it was a bit slow paced... Maurice Smith is the new UFC Heavyweight Champion!!!