100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (14 Total):
1. Randy Couture - 93.3
2. Vitor Belfort - 91.1
3. Mark Kerr - 90.6
4. Dave Beneteau - 88.7
5. Carlos Barreto - 87.8
6. Maurice Smith - 86.8
7. Alex Hunter - 86.7
8. Dwayne Cason - 86.1
9. Harry Moskowitz - 85.4
10. Tank Abbott - 84.3
UFC 15: Collision Course
Location: Bay St. Louis, Mississippi
Elevation: 23'
-Fight of the Night-
Randy Couture vs. Vitor Belfort
Fighters & Matches 85.0
Top 10 Fighters 88.1
TOTAL 86.6
     This fight started off ok, but by the end of 12 minutes, it felt pretty worthless... Harry Moskowitz took the early lead, by being aggressive, and trying to overpower the smaller Hunter... Moskowitz tried several times to lock on lazy guillotine chokes, but he couldn't really secure any of them, even though he was lifting Hunter off the ground with them... Moskowitz just isn't a very good submission fighter... The last half of the fight consisted of Hunter finally taking Moskowitz to the ground, and then he laid on top of him... The referee stood them back up, and Hunter took Moskowitz back down... Boring fight... In the end, Alex Hunter wins by split-decision...
      Meh, whatever... Houston Dorr claimed in his prefight interview, that he was planning on "getting a few licks in" before Cason could take him down, and then once the fight hits the ground, that's where Dorr feels at home, so he'd be comfortable regardless of where the fight went... The problem is, the fight started with Cason taking him to the ground, and then they wrestled around for a few minutes (Cason in total control the entire time), and then the fight ended just before the 4 minute mark, with Cason getting his arms free, and he started unleashing some pretty brutal ground & pound on the face of Dorr, forcing the referee to stop the fight, declaring Cason the winner via TKO...
      Was this a good fight at all? Not even in the slightest... Was this an extremely enjoyable fight to watch? FUCK YEAH!!! Before the fight, Greg Stott gave one of the worst prefight interviews I've ever seen, where he described his own technique of fight, called R.I.P. (Ranger International Performance), and the entire time, he had this ridiculous smirk across his face... I KNEW he was going to get his ass whipped... To top it all off, the fight starts, and Greg Stott hobbles out to the center of the octagon, literally like he has some sort of muscular handicap or something, just hobbling along... Mark Kerr then grabbed his head, threw ONE KNEE, and knocked Stott the fuck out... And that's why R.I.P. is the most "expeditious & effective form of hand to hand combat in the world, and that's why the R.I.P. team is at the UFC, to prove that R.I.P. rules, and all others rest in peace!!!"
      This was the best fight so far tonight, as far as competitive matchups are concerned, but it still got a bit boring there at the end... Any fight that goes 15 minutes without any real breaks, will generally get pretty boring near the end... The fight started, both guys hugged, clinched, etc... Lots of stuff happened, but not many things worth mentioning... The key points in this fight, were when Beneteau took Barreto down several times, showing better wrestling, and once they were on the ground, at one point, Beneteau exploded with some really hard strikes to the head of Barreto... So in the end, after 15 minutes, Dave Beneteau wins by unanimous decision...
      This fight was worth watching, for historical reasons... When you think of Randy Couture & Vitor Belfort, both in their prime, this fight pretty much sums it up... Vitor Belfort got a bit winded early, which shows that if he doesn't finish you quickly, then he might not finish you... Randy Couture stayed on him, and with an 8 minute brawl, Randy Couture ended up throwing some big uppercuts, a series of them in fact, and Belfort fell to the ground... Couture climbed on top of him, and started slamming big fists into the head of Belfort, forcing the referee to stop the fight... Good show by Randy Couture!!!
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      This was a quick fight... Mark Kerr basically shot for the double leg takedown, planting Cason on the ground, Kerr got the mount, Cason rolled over onto his stomach, Mark Kerr locked on the rear naked choke, and Dwayne Cason tapped out in under a minute... Fun little fight I guess... Mark Kerr wins by submission...
      This fight was kind of boring... They started out with basic strikes, Tank took Smith to the ground after almost knocking him out with a punch, and then they laid on the ground for a long time... The referee stood them back up, and by then, Tank Abbott was exhausted... So Maurice Smith followed up with a handful of hard leg kicks, and Tank just turned around and walked away, causing the referee to stop the fight... Maurice Smith wins by Tank walking away in the middle of the fight...