100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (14 Total):
1. Vitor Belfort - 92.5
2. Tra Telligman - 91.6
3. Frank Shamrock - 91.3
4. Kazushi Sakuraba - 90.6
5. Brad Kohler - 90.4
6. Marcus Silveira - 88.4
7. Randy Couture - 88.3
8. Maurice Smith - 87.3
9. Joe Charles - 86.7
10. Kevin Jackson - 85.5
UFC 15.5: Ultimate Japan 1
Location: Yokohama, Japan
Elevation: 140'
-Fight of the Night-
Vitor Belfort vs. Joe Charles
Fighters & Matches 86.5
Top 10 Fighters 89.3
TOTAL 87.9
     This was a decent fight, I guess. Brad Kohler really brought the fight to Tra, and kicked his ass for most of the 10 minutes, with a couple of takedowns, and some decent ground & pound. In the end though, Kohler got on his back, Tra rolled over, which put Kohler in his guard, he grabbed his arm, locked on the armbar, and Kohler tapped out. Good comeback for Tra at the last minute.
      This fight was boring... It basically went the same way that most of Tank's fights go... Tank ran up, slammed Yoshi Anjo, and then pinned him up against the cage, and tried to punch him in the face a lot, but Anjo did a decent job defending himself, and even tried a few submission attempts... The fight consisted of 15 minutes of this, with lots of laying around taking deep breaths by both fighters... Tank Abbott wins by unanimous decision...
No Contest
(Premature Stoppage)
      This fight threw a 203 pound submission fighter (Sakuraba) in against the 240 pound Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu submission fighter (Conan Silveira), and it ended with a controversial stoppage that apparently ended up being called a "No Contest"... Sakuraba shot in for the takedown, and Silveira's defense was to try to lock on a leg lock, Sakuraba countered with a leg lock of his own, they rolled around for a few seconds while Silveira was throwing punches & kicks at Sakuraba's head from the ground (Silveira was on his back), and then they got back up, Silveira unleashed a belly to back suplex, sending Sakuraba to the ground, they stood back up, and Silveira threw a bunch of punches, it kind of looked like he knocked out Sakuraba, but he was really only falling to the ground to shoot for Silveira's legs, and uh... Yeah, John McCarthy (referee) stopped the fight, giving the KO win to Silveira... Personally, I agree that it was a premature stoppage, but I think if the fight would have continued, Silveira would have ended up beating Sakuraba, so they both kind of got screwed in this one...
      This fight was pretty easy to review... Kevin Jackson took down Frank Shamrock, Frank Shamrock locked on the armbar, Jackson tapped out instantly, and Frank Shamrock wins by submission in under 20 seconds... I guess this maybe Frank Shamrock the new Middleweight Champion? I'm not sure what the weight classes were back then, but Frank Shamrock is the new champ, so kudos to him I guess...
      Joe Charles got schooled... This fight consisted of Vitor Belfort taking Charles to the ground, and running wild on him with his wrestling & submission skills, making Charles look absolutely foolish... Belfort got the mount, and then side mount, and then ran in circles, and mounted again, and jumped over here & over there, etc... He was all over Charles like a little luchadore or something... He didn't throw ANY punches, showing that he's an absolute submission machine if you try to grapple with him, and after attempting to choke out Charles with a couple of rear naked choke attempts, he eventually locked on the armbar for the quick submission victory...
      So after the controversial referee stoppage in their earlier fight, Sakuraba & Silveira came back later in the night to fight again, and this time it was sort of a boring fight compared to their first fight, but the ending was drastically different... It only took Sakuraba a little under 4 minutes to lock on an armbar for the submission victory after basically dominating Silveira on the ground (grappling)... Silveira is a big dude, but he let me down this time around... Sakuraba wins by submission...
      This was the heavyweight championship fight, and Randy Couture wins by laying on top of Maurice Smith for 21 minutes... Boring ass fight... Randy Couture's posture while standing up is ridiculous, and reminds me of a little kid trying to keep from getting kicked by the bullies... Maurice Smith landed a couple of good kicks while standing, but in all 3 rounds, Randy Couture was able to take Smith to the ground with ease, and then he just held him down... Boring ass fight... Randy Couture wins by unanimous decision...