100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (16 Total):
1. Frank Shamrock - 95.9
2. Tito Ortiz - 94.5
3. Jens Pulver - 91.9
4. Matt Hughes - 91.4
5. Brad Kohler - 91.0
6. Alfonso Alcarez - 91.0
7. John Lewis - 88.5
8. Chuck Liddell - 88.3
9. Valeri Ignatov - 87.0
10. Lowell Anderson - 86.6
UFC 22: There Can Be Only One Champion
Location: Lake Charles, Louisiana
Elevation: 13'
-Fight of the Night-
Frank Shamrock vs. Tito Ortiz
Fighters & Matches 87.7
Top 10 Fighters 90.6
TOTAL 89.2
     This was a pretty close fight, and I'm glad I got to see it, even though it wasn't on the actual PPV. Jens Pulver kicked Alfonso's ass in the first round, landing big punches, big knees, and ultimately just kicking some serious ass. The second round was a little closer, and Alfonso secured a decent takedown, and finished the round on top, so realistically, this fight should have been declared a draw, but they gave it to Pulver (and later switched it to a Draw), but I hate Draws, so personally, I'm going to give it to Pulver, considering he went to become the champion, and Alfonso never won another fight in his career. (Not to mention, I honestly thought Pulver deserved to win this fight.
(Corner Stoppage)
      This fight was kind of strange... I guess it basically consisted of two Jiu-Jitsu guys, boxing with each other for nearly all 3 rounds... John Lewis seemed to be a lot more aggressive, and had the reach advantage, while Lowell Anderson seemed to pick his shots, and was a little bit more accurate, but less aggressive... In the end, there wasn't much grappling at all, which surprised me, and John Lewis ended the fight near the beginning of the third round, by grabbing ahold of Anderson's head, and throwing knees at his face, cutting open his forehead, which forced Anderson's corner to throw in the towel... The fight started off really slow, and ended up being pretty decent... I don't see either of these fighters doing much beyond this fight in the UFC though...
      Matt Hughes pretty much dominated this fight, taking Ignatov to the ground at will, with big slams, and once they were on the ground, Hughes destroyed him with strikes. So yeah, Matt Hughes pretty much walked right through Ignatov in this fight.
      This fight was kind of funny... Paul Jones (wrestler) tried his damnedest to take Chuck Liddell to the ground, but he was entirely unsuccessful... Chuck Liddell just threw a few strikes here, and a few strikes there, and pretty much made Paul Jones look like his bitch... At one point, while on the ground (Chuck on top, in a sort of North/South position), Chuck grabbed the head of Jones, and threw some knees to the top of his head... Eventually they stood back up, and Liddell threw a huge elbow at the forehead of Paul Jones, cutting him open (really badly), and the doctors had to stop the fight... So Chuck Liddell wins by TKO in the first round!!! Chuck Liddell is THE MAN!!!
      This fight was quite possibly the fight of the night... Not because it was a close fight, but because it was a complete ass whoopin', and it was fun to watch... Brad Kohler started the fight by running in and grabbing Judson, taking him to the ground quickly, and showing his dominance with the grappling skills... Then they both stood up, and Kohler punched Judson in the face one time, knocking him out... GREAT show by Kohler, and Judson had absolutely nothing to show for it... Brad Kohler wins by quick first round KO...
      Jason Godsey pretty much dominated the wrestling to start the fight, due to his 30 pound weight advantage over Jeremy Horn... Once Godsey took Horn to the ground, Horn attempted a really nice leg twisting pretzel like escape, only to find Godsey back in his guard again... So when that didn't work, Jeremy Horn locked on an armbar, which caused Jason Godsey to tap out BEFORE the armbar was even locked on!!! So what the hell was that? Jason Godsey, unless I missed something huge here, appears to have no heart whatsoever... Jeremy Horn wins by submission in the first round...
      Meh, this fight was boring... 3 rounds, consisting of two big guys just hugging each other, and mostly just doing the infamous "lay & pray" style of fighting... In the end, I gave the slight edge to Ron Waterman, because he seemed to be a little bit more aggressive, but neither of these guys had cardio worth a shit... In the end, the fight was declared a draw, due to the fact that Ron Waterman punched Lajcik in the balls (by accident) at the end of the first round... Boring fight...
      WOW! This was honestly one of the best fights I've ever seen... It's also the first fight featuring Frank Shamrock that I've seen so far... I've heard rumors over the years, that this guy is the best fighter EVER, to fight in MMA, and after this fight, I'm starting to understand why some people might think that... I'm looking forward to going back now, and checking out some of his previous UFC fights, because if he fights like this all the time, he's definitely one of the best fighters I've seen...
      Tito Ortiz pretty much dominated the first 3 rounds of this fight, taking Shamrock to the ground at will, and pounding away with punches & elbows, and just grinding his way through Shamrock... At first, I thought that Shamrock was going to get crushed, but then I realized that his plan was to battle Ortiz's cardio, and that is exactly what he did... After 3 rounds of getting crushed by Tito Ortiz, Frank Shamrock came back late in the fourth round, with a flurry of punches, that forced Tito to open up his neck for the guillotine choke... Shamrock locked on the choke, and took Tito down, but Tito sort of snuck out with a nice escape... After that, Tito for whatever reason, was kind of kneeling on his hands & knees, while Frank Shamrock stood up and started punching Ortiz in the back of the head, until Tito was forced to tap out due to strikes... GREAT fucking fight by both guys, and Shamrock really proved that he's one of (if not THE) most dominant fighters ever, in the UFC...