100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (16 Total):
1. Randy Couture - 96.1
2. Chuck Liddell - 92.3
3. Yves Edwards - 91.9
4. Vitor Belfort - 91.5
5. Frank Mir - 90.7
6. Kimo Leopoldo - 89.2
7. Pedro Rizzo - 89.0
8. Ian Freeman - 89.0
9. Vernon White - 89.0
10. Eddie Ruiz - 87.4
UFC 43: Meltdown
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Elevation: 2,001'
-Fight of the Night-
Randy Couture vs. Chuck Liddell
Fighters & Matches 89.0
Top 10 Fighters 90.6
TOTAL 89.8
(Doctor Stoppage)
     Looking back on this fight, I can't help but feel bad for Pedro Rizzo... I know that he was at one point in time, a legendary fighter, but the last few fights I've seen of his, have been less than stellar... (Keep in mind I'm writing this review in 2006)... With that being said, both fighters came out striking to start the fight, and I felt that Tra Telligman had the advantage during the first round, since he nearly knocked out Rizzo, and he just seemed to be a lot more aggressive... The second round was the exact opposite, and Pedro Rizzo pretty much walked right through Telligman in round two, even taking him to the ground to beat on him there for a while... The fight was eventually stopped by the referee near the end of the second round, due to a cut above Telligman's right eye... Pedro Rizzo wins by doctor stoppage in round two...
      Matt Lindland is of course, known for his wrestling... Falaniko Vitale was the submission guy in this fight... The fight started with Lindland throwing wild punches (but not connecting with anything)... Then Lindland tried everything he could think of, to takedown Vitale, but he was unable to get Falaniko Vitale to go to the ground... After some clinch grappling by the fence, Lindland fell backwards to try to take down Vitale, and ended up hitting his head on the ground, with Vitale on top of him... As soon as they fell to the ground, Lindland was knocked out due to the impact (very bizarre) and Falaniko Vitale wins by KO within the first 2 minutes of the first round... Odd fight... The most interesting aspect of this fight in my opinion, was Falaniko Vitale's insane takedown defense... Anyone that can prevent multiple takedown attempts from Matt Lindland, deserves a standing ovation...
(Face Stomp)
      Wes Sims is a fucking loon, man... Wes Sims started the fight by sprinting towards Frank Mir, jumping into the air, and locking on a guillotine choke out of nowhere... Frank Mir kept cool, went to the ground with Sims, escaped the submission attempt, and then started working for a few submissions of his own... Frank Mir spent most of the first round, pounding away at Wes Sims on the ground, and he almost finished the fight with an armbar, but Wes Sims picked him up off the ground & slammed him... As soon as Frank Mir got slammed, Wes Sims grabbed ahold of the fence to support himself (illegal move), and then started stomping down at Mir's face, 4 or 5 times (also illegal)... The referee pulled Sims off of Mir, and then disqualified, leaving Frank Mir the winner by DQ... Crazy fight...
      Both guys had some pretty solid striking offense, both guys had some solid submission & wrestling offense... Both guys showed that they're capable of defending themselves from the submissions, and they could also both take some pretty solid shots... I had absolutely NO IDEA who should win this fight after it was over, because it was soooo close... I wanted Ian Freeman to win, I thought maybe Vernon White would win, I had no idea... And the judges agreed, and declared the fight a DRAW...
(Knees & Punches)
      Man, I'll tell you what... Marvin Eastman has got to be one of the baddest LOOKING fighters I've ever seen, but everytime I see him get in there to fight, his opponents make him look like a bitch... This fight started with Vitor Belfort just standing there, calm, cool, collected, etc... Marvin Eastman was bouncing around like crazy, shaking nervously, like he was ready to pounce on Vitor... After throwing a couple of decent leg kicks (by Eastman), Vitor Belfort capitalized with a counter, by throwing a couple of Muay Thai knees to the face of Eastman, knocking him to the ground, and then he pounced on him, and disposed of him quickly with a barrage of punches similar to the ones he threw at Wanderlei Silva to knock him out back in Ultimate Brazil, only this time, the punches were landed while Eastman was already on the ground... The referee had to stop the fight due to the fact that Vitor was chopping away at Eastman's face with a giant axe (at least that's what it looked like after the fight)... Eastman left the fight, with a 14 inch (or so) gash above his right eye, where you could pretty much see his skull from 20 feet away... SICK CUT... Vitor Belfort absolutely destroyed Eastman by KO in the first round...
      This was one hell of a fight... Well, more like one hell of a beating... Yves Edwards completely dominated this fight, winning by unanimous decision after 3 rounds... Edwards almost knocked out Ruiz a few times, with big knees to the face, and a HUGE kick in the second round... Edwards also almost forced Ruiz to submit, by pretty much grabbing the back of Ruiz whenever he felt like it... Eddie Ruiz had absolutely no offense whatsoever, to counter the attacks of Yves Edwards... BUT, I still have to give some credit to Ruiz, because most people would have given up in the first round after taking a beating like this... But yeah, Yves Edwards wins by unanimous decision, and proves that YVES IS THE MAN!!!
(Arm-Triangle Choke)
      Well, this fight was pretty quick & simple... They both came out towards each other, Kimo pulled Tank to the ground, locked on a side choke, and that was pretty much it... To give Tank a little bit of credit, he didn't tap out until about 3 minutes into the choke or something, but there was no way he was going to escape, so he eventually was forced to tap out... So Kimo wins by submission in the first round... Kimo was impressive, but I don't know how impressive he would be against another heavyweight that understands submissions... Good fight though... Well, not really GOOD, but it was fun enough...
      This fight was depressing for me (since I'm a huge Chuck Liddell fan)... Basically, it consisted of Randy Couture out-boxing Liddell, out wrestling Liddell, out fighting him in general... Just, overall, Randy Couture pretty much dominated Liddell from start to finish... Liddell got a lot of excitement built up throughout the fight, by being able to stand back up, as soon as Couture took him to the ground... BEST TAKEDOWN DEFENSE IN THE WORLD = Chuck Liddell... But a little over halfway through Round 3, Couture took Liddell to the ground again, got the full mount, and started pounding away... At that point, Liddell had no real chance of escaping, and the referee had to stop the fight... Couture crushed Liddell... I'll admit that... Congratulations to Randy Couture, the NEW, Light Heavyweight Champion!!!