100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (20 Total):
1. Yuta Sasaki - 94.0
2. Tyron Woodley - 92.7
3. Michael Bisping - 92.5
4. Alberto Mina - 92.4
5. Colby Covington - 92.2
6. Shinsho Anzai - 92.0
7. Milana Dudieva - 91.0
8. Lipeng Zhang - 90.9
9. Zhikui Yao - 90.8
10. Guangyou Ning - 90.6
UFC Fight Night 48: Bisping vs. Le
Location: Macau, China
Elevation: 85'
-Fight of the Night-
Yuta Sasaki vs. Roland Delorme
Fighters & Matches 89.7
Top 10 Fighters 91.9
TOTAL 90.8
     This was a pretty decent fight, with a controversial result. The main highlights for me, were in the first two rounds, where Dudieva SLAMMED Phillips with some excellent Sambo throws, and she also showed some pretty exciting striking skills, reminding me of Wanderlei Silva, with the way she threw wild and hard punches to the head & body of Phillips. So for those reasons, I gave the first two rounds to Dudieva, even though Phillips spent most of the second round on top of Dudieva once they hit the ground. Phillips pretty clearly won the third round by staying on top, and preventing Dudieva from doing any damage. Ultimately, I can see why people think Phillips should have won the fight, since she spent way more time on top, but for the amount of time she spent up there, she really didn't do much damage, so I was happy that Dudieva got the split-decision victory.
      Well... Here we are with another somewhat controversial decision. I personally gave all 3 rounds to Zhuikui Yao, and one of the judges agreed with me. The other two judges gave the fight to Wee. Ultimately, I thought Yao did way more damage (broke Wee's nose), and he finished STRONG in the third round, beating the shit out of Wee. So yeah, in my opinion, Yao won this fight, but two of the judges disagreed, so they ended up giving the win to Wee via split-decision.
      This was a pretty impressive debut by Colby Covington, where he was able to show some really solid wrestling skills, completely controlling the fight from beginning to end, and eventually, after pinning Wang up against the cage near the end of the first round, he started raining down punches, eventually forcing Wang to tapout due to punches. Really nice win for Colby Covington.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      FUCK YEAH! It's rare that I see these smaller fighters, that I'm not already familiar with, that I actually look forward to watching fight again, but Yuta Sasaki is fucking LEGIT! He started the fight with a flying knee, he took Delorme (Judo Black Belt) to the ground without a problem, got on his back immediately, locked on a TIGHT rear-naked choke, and forced Delorme to submit in just over a minute. For a UFC debut, you can't get much better than the way Yuta Sasaki just kicked some ass. Awesome fight overall, and I can't wait to see him fight again.
      That was a pretty wild fight. Shinsho Anzai was throwing bombs, literally running at Mina, and throwing flying punches, he's fucking nuts. Eventually though, he gassed, and Mina was able to land a big uppercut, knocking Anzai on his ass, where he slammed him with hammerfists to the face, until eventually the referee stopped the fight. The stoppage was WAY late in my opinion, but yeah, great win by Mina, especially since I had Anzai winning up until the end of the fight.
      I have to be honest, I'm starting to lose interest in this card. This fight was pretty decent, both guys were fairly aggressive, in the end, I gave all 3 rounds to Sai, and for the most part, the judges agreed, giving him the unanimous decision (29-28). My problem is, I don't really know many of the fighters on this card, so it's really hard to give a shit about decision victories in fights like this. Congrats to Sai for a hard fought victory, but I really hope the main 2 fights on the card come sooner than later.
      This fight was decent I guess, but again, unless you watched the full season of The Ultimate Fighter China, you would have no real reason to give a shit about either fight. With that being said, Guangyou had a nice throw in the first round, a takedown & guillotine attempt in the second round, and Jianping show some nice leg kicks in the third round. So I gave the fight to Guangyou, 29-28, and all 3 judges agreed.
      This was the last fight on the card I didn't really care about at all. The first round was close, with Zhang winning the first half of the round by staying on top, but O'Reilly reversed positions, and ended up beating up Zhang at the end of the round. The second round went to Zhang, as O'Reilly just wasn't doing much, and the third round, Zhang beat the shit out of him, leaving O'Reilly a bloody mess. So yeah, pretty clear cut decision, in favor of Lipeng Zhang.
      YEAH! I knew I'd be able to count on these guys to make this card exciting. They clinched for a few seconds, Kim threw a spinning back fist, which Woodley countered perfectly with a huge right hand, after ducking the spin, knocking Kim flat on his face, where Woodley followed up with some hard ground & pound, forcing the referee to stop the fight. Tyron Woodley clearly brought his A-Game tonight, awesome fight for Woodley, and a HUGE win against the guy I had ranked at #3 in the division going into this fight.
(Knee and Punches)
      YEAH! I was getting a little nervous there at the end of the fight, but ultimately, Michael Bisping pretty much kicked Cung Le's ass in this fight. All 3 of the first 3 rounds, I gave to Bisping, but he looked pretty tired at the end of the third round, and I thought Cung Le was about to turn it up a notch going into the fourth. Bisping landed an insane number of strikes in this fight, showed some great combinations with his boxing, and eventually finished Le with a huge knee in the fourth round, followed by some more punches, forcing the referee to stop the fight. Really great win for Michael Bisping.