100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (22 Total):
1. Jordan Mein - 94.0
2. Max Holloway - 92.7
3. Beneil Dariush - 92.0
4. Rafael dos Anjos - 92.0
5. Ben Saunders - 91.9
6. James Vick - 90.8
7. Thales Leites - 90.7
8. Wilson Reis - 90.7
9. Matt Hobar - 90.6
10. Chas Skelly - 90.5
UFC Fight Night 49: Henderson vs. Dos Anjos
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Elevation: 722'
-Fight of the Night-
Jordan Mein vs. Mike Pyle
Fighters & Matches 89.4
Top 10 Fighters 91.6
TOTAL 90.5
     This was a good showing for Wilson Reis, as he pretty much dominated Sanchez in the first and ESPECIALLY the third round, with his grappling. Sanchez won the second round by turning it up a notch, and outstriking Reis, but ultimately, this fight was Wilson's fight to lose, and he ended up winning via unanimous decision, 29-28.
      Yeah! I've always liked Ben Saunders a lot, so was disappointed when he was released from the UFC 4 years ago. He's gone 8-3 outside of the UFC since then, so it was cool seeing him nearly rip Heatherly's arm off in the first couple of minutes of the first round. Heatherly had a solid takedown early on, since Saunders had a huge reach advantage over him, so he clearly didn't want to stand with Saunders, but apparently going to the ground with him was a bad idea as well. So yeah, awesome return for Ben Saunders!
      This fight was interesting I guess. Hobar took Phillips to the ground in all 3 rounds, controlled most of the fight, and cut the eye of Phillips with a big elbow from the clinch, so it was pretty easy to score the fight in his favor, 30-27, which all 3 judges gave him the fight, 29-28, so not sure which round they gave to Phillips, but either way, Hobar looked strong. Phillips did a good job throwing upkicks, he had a nice defensive guard, especially in the first round, and he never really quit or anything, but yeah, Hobar controlled, so therefore, Hobar wins.
(Arm-Triangle Choke)
      This was a pretty solid fight, with Martin landing a lot more strikes in the first round, and even broke Dariush's nose. Martin looked tired coming into the second round, and Dariush took advantage of it, kicking the shit out of Martin, eventually taking him to the ground, he broke out of the guard, flipped over to the side, locked on the arm triangle choke, and finished the fight via submission. Beneil Dariush made a solid comeback in this fight, good fight overall.
      This fight was ok, but kind of weird for me. Alex Garcia's first 2 UFC fights were barn burning brawls, but this one was pretty toned down by comparison. Neil Magny clearly won the first round, using his reach advantage while striking on the feet, and he was able to take Garcia to the ground. I gave the second round to Garcia for throwing harder shots and securing a nice slam, even though he injured his right knee early in the second round. The third round, Garcia controlled most of the round, riding Magny's back for several minutes, but eventually Magny was able to deliver a piledriver, and probably won the final minute of the third round. In the end, I gave the fight to Garcia, 29-28, and I think a lot of people scored it that way, but for some reason the judges gave the fight to Magny, one said 29-28 (which I'm fine with, it was a close fight), and the other two judges gave him the fight 30-27, which sounds ridiculous to me. Congrats to Magny for continuing his winning streak though.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      This was a pretty decent fight. Chas Skelly tried to take the fight to the ground almost immediately, went for a rear-naked choke, Niinimaki escaped, went for a guillotine of his own, Skelly escaped, locked on a rear-naked choke from a more comfortable position (the first time he was sort of hanging off the side of Niinimaki). So yeah, that was it, Niinimaki almost went unconscious, and was forced to submit. Nice first UFC win by Chas Skelly, bringing his UFC record to 1-1.
      This was a pretty decent scrap, both guys stayed standing for the most part, throwing punches & kicks, never really backing down, but never really doing a ton of damage either. Vick rocked Lazaro at one point, and probably won all 3 rounds, so yeah, I gave him the fight, and all 3 judges agreed. Good win for James Vick after an entire year since his last appearance in the cage.
      I like Max Holloway a lot, and I'm not real sure why Clay Collard got this fight (he was a late replacement, 10 days notice, which explains the weird catch weight), but yeah, Max Holloway pretty much beat his ass for 3 rounds, and eventually finished him in the third round by mounting his back, flattening him out, and punching him in the side of the head until the referee stopped the fight. Max Holloway is a dangerous dude.
      I'm still not really a fan of Thales Leites, and I secretly kind of wanted Carmont to win this fight, and I gave Carmont the first round... but... Thales Leites knocked him the fuck out, 20 seconds into the second round, with a series of big punches against the cage. Thales Leites looks bad as fuck ever since making his return to the UFC recently. I'm not sure what happened while he was gone, but I wouldn't fuck with him. I feel like this win has to put him somewhere near the Top 5 at 185, and with that being said, I would like to see him fight Yoel Romero Palacio next. Is anybody else interested in that fight?
      Holy shit, I don't know what to say about this one. I like Mike Pyle a lot, and generally want him to win all of his fights, but he got fucking SMASHED by Jordan Mein, in just over one minute of the first round, Mein threw a hard leg kick, landed a giant punch that knocked Pyle to the ground, and then he just fucking DESTROYED his face with punches on the ground, forcing the referee to stop the fight. Jordan Mein is fucking brutal.
      I really don't like Benson Henderson, because his fights have that tendency to always last 25 minutes. With that being said, he's been winning his fights a lot faster lately, so I was almost cheering for him in this fight, but Dos Anjos knocked him out about halfway through the first round of this fight. The part that sucks is, it was SORT OF a questionable stoppage. Big John said that Henderson was out, so I'll take his word for it, because he's one of the best referees out there, but yeah, once the fight was stopped, Henderson got up "fairly" quickly, not immediately, but "pretty quickly", so... Maybe an early stoppage? But honestly, if it wouldn't have been stopped, then Dos Anjos would have just smashed Henderson's face anyway, so I'll go ahead and call it a good stoppage, and a HUGE win for Rafael dos Anjos.