100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (16 Total):
1. Chris Wade - 92.5
2. Carlos Diego Ferreira - 91.6
3. Derek Brunson - 91.5
4. Yancy Medeiros - 91.3
5. T.J. Dillashaw - 91.2
6. Bethe Correia - 91.1
7. Tony Ferguson - 90.1
8. Danny Castillo - 90.1
9. Anthony Hamilton - 89.7
10. Joe Soto - 88.8
UFC 177: Dillashaw vs. Soto
Location: Sacramento, California
Elevation: 30'
-Fight of the Night-
Chris Wade vs. Cain Carrizosa
Fighters & Matches 88.9
Top 10 Fighters 90.8
TOTAL 89.9
Technical Submission
(Guillotine Choke)
     WOW! This was a really good fight, between a couple of guys that nobody has ever heard of. Carrizosa came into this fight with an undefeated record of 6-0 outside the UFC. Chris Wade had a record of 7-1. With that being said, Wade delivered Carrizosa his first defeat, by unleashing a great headlock throw, slamming Carrizosa to the ground, he went for a rear-naked choke, dominated Carrizosa with his wrestling skills, and then put him to sleep with a tight guillotine choke. Chris Wade's UFC debut here was fucking brilliant, and I can't wait to see this dude fight again! The only reason I didn't give this fight a higher score overall is, it's hard to get REAL pumped over these really early undercard fights, between two guys that have never fought in the UFC before. Still, a great, quick fight, that everybody should check out.
(Punches to the Body)
      I think this fight pretty much perfectly sums up most people's expectations for this card. After all of the disasters that happened to this card leading up to the event, now we're left with this being one of the only 8 fights left on the card, a fight between a couple of big heavyweights, both have only fought (and lost) once in the UFC, and it was boring as shit. Hamilton took Potts to the ground early with a clunky throw, that landed Potts on his head, I'm assuming fucking up his neck, probably explaining why Potts sucked was a complete disaster for the rest of the fight. Eventually, Hamilton got the fight to the ground again in the second round, and punched Potts in the side about 100 times, before eventually the referee was forced to stop the fight due to body shots on the ground, because Potts was doing NOTHING to defend himself. Ridiculous fight, and pretty much a waste of my time.
      Well, that was a decent fight I guess. Larkin started out looking ok in the first round, landing a few decent strikes, but ultimately, the rest of this fight consisted of Brunson taking the fight to the ground, and absolutely dominating Larkin for the majority of the fight. So yeah, it was pretty easy to score, 30-27 in favor of Derek Brunson, and all 3 judges agreed.
(Reverse Bulldog Choke)
      This fight was pretty ok I guess. Yancy Medeiros pretty much beat up Jackson in the first round, just throwing better strikes, and controlling the pace of the fight. The second round looked like it'd be more of the same, until Medeiros locked on a guillotine choke, Jackson tried to sort of rotate out of it, Medeiros tightened his grip, and put Jackson to sleep a half second after Jackson tapped out to the choke. Awesome submission victory for Yancy Medeiros.
      This fight was ok. Ramsey Nijem just looked sloppy throughout most of the fight, he showed decent striking & grappling, but he just wasn't any sort of match for the much crisper Carlos Diego Ferreira. I gave the first round to Ferreira, even though Nijem sort of made a decent comeback at one point in that round. The second round finished early with Nijem practically running forward, swinging wildly, and Ferreira just leaned back to avoid the punches, landed a crisp counterpunch, and finished Nijem with some hammerfists on the ground. Carlos Diego Ferreira is looking pretty good at 2-0 so far in the UFC, and 11-0 overall in his career.
      Fuck... Shayna Baszler is one of the few female fighters outside the UFC, that I was REALLY looking forward to seeing her make her debut. She failed pretty miserably on the TUF season she was on, so that was disappointing, but I was hoping she would come into her official debut here and make a statement. She showed some solid grappling skills in the first round, so I gave her that round, but Bethe Correia fucking DESTROYED her in the second round, pushing her into the cage, and just unloading on her with punches for a full minute or so. Even though she's one of my favorite fighters overall, especially her gimmick as the Queen of Spades, her striking defense is embarrassing, and this fight sort of made me question whether she even belongs in the UFC. Maybe drop her down a weight class? But I don't know if she could drop to 115, which is the only other female division at this point, so... Fuck, I don't know... Bethe Correia looked pretty outstanding though, especially in that second round, and I think this should secure a title shot against Rousey as far as I'm concerned. She has an overall record of 9-0 in MMA, and Ronda Rousey is at 10-0. Those sounds like title fight numbers to me, eh?
      The fact that this ended up being the co-main event or whatever, is a fucking disaster. With that being said, it was a very close fight, I gave the first round to Tony Ferguson for locking on a D'Arce choke, and holding it for a while. The second round really could have gone either way, Ferguson landed better strikes, Castillo controlled the fight on the ground. The third round goes to Castillo for continuing to control the fight on the ground. So in the end, I gave the fight to Castillo, but the judges were split, and the victory went to Tony Ferguson. I'm fine with that, because it WAS a very close fight, but yeah, this was the fight right before the main event? Fuck man, this card is shitty...
(Head Kick & Punches)
      Well that was interesting. After a night of disasters (especially leading up to the event), here we are with Dillashaw fighting Barao for the rematch, oh wait... nevermind... Joe Soto stepped up with 24 hours notice, and got his ass beat for four rounds, eventually getting finished the exact same way Dillashaw finished Barao, in the fifth round with a big head kick, followed by punches, for the KO victory. They put on a pretty good show for a last minute main event. To be honest, I think I'm more excited about watching the post-fight press conference, than I was to watch this entire fight card. So yeah, glad it's over, but congrats to Dillashaw for retaining his title against UFC newcomer, Joe Soto.