100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (18 Total):
1. Randy Couture - 94.9
2. Andrei Arlovski - 91.0
3. Rich Franklin - 90.5
4. Tito Ortiz - 89.9
5. Josh Thomson - 89.5
6. Hermes Franca - 89.2
7. Jorge Rivera - 89.2
8. Nick Diaz - 89.0
9. Karo Parisyan - 88.9
10. David Loiseau - 88.3
UFC 44: Undisputed
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Elevation: 2,001'
-Fight of the Night-
Randy Couture vs. Tito Ortiz
Fighters & Matches 88.7
Top 10 Fighters 90.0
TOTAL 89.4
     This fight started off with both fighters standing with each other, but Hermes Franca soon decided he wanted to take the fight to the ground.. Upon doing so, Hermes Franca almost locked on some sort of leg lock, but Caol Uno was too quick, and slipped right out of it... The rest of the round consisted of Caol Uno basically taking long distance shots at Hermes Franca, while Franca was on the ground... Leg kicks, diving punches, etc... Caol Uno won the first round easily... Then the second round started, and Hermes Franca came out more aggressive... After wrestling around for a little while, Franca was showing his dominance with his wrestling skills... Then they both stood back up, Franca unleashed a Judo throw, dropping Uno on his head, almost knocking him out... Uno was dazed, so Franca started pounding on him while on the ground, and then they stood back up, and Franca unloaded some bombs, eventually knocking out Uno in the second round... Hermes Franca was impressive, especially after losing the first round...
      This was a pretty solid fight, just like the first one of the night... Nick Diaz & Jeremy Jackson were 1-1 with each other, in their 2 previous fights, so this was kind of a grudge match (but their first time fighting each other in the UFC)... Jeremy Jackson in theory, is the better standup striker... Nick Diaz is hands down, better on the ground... With that being said, they both held their own while standing, and both fighters had their moments where they'd ground & pound each other... The one thing that really separated Nick Diaz, from Jackson, was his ability to apply submissions from all sorts of weird positions... Diaz attempted a ton of different submissions during this fight, almost securing a rearnaked choke, as well as a shoulder lock... In the end (in the third round), Jeremy Jackson got on top of Diaz (in the guard position), and tried to throw some punches, but Diaz grabbed one of Jackson's arms, locked on the armbar from underneath, and secured it for the submission victory in the third round...
      This fight was pretty awesome... Josh Thompson came out swinging like a madman, taking Strebendt to the ground aggressively, and following that with some ground & pound... Gerald Strebendt on the other hand, is like fighting a bear trap... When you throw an arm at him, he snaps it up to apply a submission... Throw a leg, and he'll grab it, to apply a submission... Gerald Strebendt is one of my new favorite fighters, based on his submission skills... Josh Thompson was just too damned aggressive though, and he threw a hard punch to Strebendt's face, and Strebendt ran to the other side of the octagon, dazed... At that point, Thompson knew he had the fight won, so he attacked him, throwing bombs, pinning him against anything he could pin him against, etc, unil eventually Strebendt hid underneath the referee's legs, forcing the referee to stop the fight due to strikes... Josh Thompson is a tough bastard, but Gerald Strebendt is a submission machine!!! Josh Thompson wins by TKO in the first round...
      Honestly, the only weakness Karo Parisyan might have, would be his cardio... And I'm not saying he's out of shape, I'm just saying he goes 110% at the start of the fight, and I don't see him being able to keep up that pace all the way through a 3 round fight... Luckily for him, this fight was over within the first round... Karo Parisyan unleashed Judo throw, after Judo throw, and was trying to lock on submissions left & right... This guy is a bad bad man... Dave Strasser seemed to have no business being in this fight with Karo... In the end, Karo Parisyan took Strasser to the ground (again), and then seemlessly locked on a kimura for the submission victory...
(Punches & Knees)
      This fight was awesome... Rich Franklin had a torn groin muscle (says the rumor), so he really didn't want to have to go to the ground during this fight, because with a torn groin muscle, it would be hard to defend from your guard... Edwin Dewees on the other hand, is a great submission fighter, so that's exactly where he wanted to take the fight... The fight started with Dewees taking Franklin to the ground almost instantly, and then Franklin scrambled around for a minute, and eventually got back up... At that point, Rich Franklin started raising the level of violence, from 1-10 in the course of about a minute... He started out slow, throwing a few punches, then got Dewees in the clinch, and started throwing some knees... Then Franklin started throwing some punch combinations, knees, kicks to the body, knees to the body, and then total destruction of Edwin Dewees was soon to follow... Rich Franklin isn't quite cut out for the 205 pound division, because I think it takes too much out of his cardio... BUT, against a guy like Edwin Dewees, Rich Franklin will pretty much dominate in any weight class... Rich Franklin wins by TKO in the first round...
      This fight was pretty much an all out war, with some breaks in between to get some rest... Very early on, David Loiseau cut open Rivera's head in several places, with his vicious elbows... Throughout the first 2 rounds, it was a pretty solid battle, and I was leaning towards Loiseau for the win, due to the damage his elbows had caused... BUT, then I started to realize that Loiseau's elbows are pretty much all he brings into the octagon with him... Very one dimensional (based on this fight)... Jorge Rivera started to lay on the heat in the third round, and almost knocked out Loiseau on several occasions... In the end, Jorge Rivera won by unanimous decision... It was a close fight for the most part, but Rivera pretty much knocked out Loiseau at the very end of the fight, but Loiseau was saved by the bell... So yeah, Rivera wins... Good fight...
      These guys are both around 265 pounds, and between 6'8" - 6'10" (Sylvia & McGee respectively)... So this was one of those fights where you throw 500+ pounds of bulk into the octagon, and then watch it all flop around until one of the guys falls over... This fight was kind of boring for the most part, just some slow paced sloppy punching by both guys, until Tim Sylvia threw a nice little combo, knocking out Gan McGee in the first round... After the fight, Tim Sylvia called out Fedor Emelianenko (Pride's Heavyweight Champion)... And just for the record, Fedor will kill Sylvia... That's all I have to say about this fight... UFC needs a new Heavyweight Champion...
      This fight was kind of mean... Basically, Vladimir Matyushenko went into the fight about 20 pounds lighter than Arlovski, and he kind of looked like a piece of meat, and his only purpose was to be thrown into a bowl, for the Pitbull, Andrei Arlovski, to eat... Matyushenko put up a decent fight for about a minute, but after that, the fight basically consisted of Andrei Arlovski destroying Matyushenko, knocking him out with an uppercut, and then he did some kind of crazy Karate Chop to the face of Matyushenko while he was on the ground, already unconscious... Andrei Arlovski definitely deserves to be the heavyweight champion over Tim Sylvia...
      Tito Ortiz was the Light-Heavyweight Champion... But then he decided to run away from the #1 contender (Chuck Liddell) and he left the UFC for a while... So Randy Couture stepped up, and beat Chuck Liddell, becoming the new Light-Heavyweight Champion... Well Tito Ortiz wasn't down with this concept, so he decided to make his return, to challenge Couture in an attempt to be the undisputed champion... The first round consisted of the two fighters hugging each other... The last 4 rounds consisted of Randy Couture taking Tito to the ground, pressing him up against the cage, and ground & pounding him into a little puddle of bitchedness... Randy Couture made Tito his bitch... Literally... HE LITERALLY SPANKED HIS ASS WHILE ON TOP OF HIM, and Tito couldn't defend himself... It was honestly somewhat disturbing how easily Couture controlled Tito the entire fight... Randy Couture ended up winning by unanimous decision after 5 rounds...