100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (22 Total):
1. Cat Zingano - 95.0
2. Dominick Cruz - 94.8
3. Demetrious Johnson - 93.8
4. Conor McGregor - 93.4
5. Yoel Romero - 93.1
6. Manny Gamburyan - 92.4
7. Donald Cerrone - 92.1
8. Cody Gibson - 91.5
9. Jorge Masvidal - 91.3
10. Tim Kennedy - 91.3
UFC 178: Johnson vs. Cariaso
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Elevation: 2,001'
-Fight of the Night-
Cat Zingano vs. Amanda Nunes
Fighters & Matches 91.2
Top 10 Fighters 92.9
TOTAL 92.1
(Guillotine Choke)
     This was a really good fight. Cody Gibson looked awesome in the first round, pretty much beating Gamburyan's ass, throwing him around like a ragdoll, and punching the shit out of him with his superior striking skills. The second round looked like it would be more of the same, with Gibson landing a BRUTAL kick to the nuts, that almost stopped the fight. Once Gamburyan came back in to fight, he continued to get his ass beat, until the end of the fight, where he was somehow able to take Gibson to the ground, he locked on a guillotine choke, it looked like it was a LITTLE bit too high to finish, but Gibson eventually tapped with just a few seconds left in the second round. Awesome win for Manny Gamburyan.
      It's also worth noting, during his post fight interview, he called out Brian Caraway (because of Ronda Rousey), and even though I think Caraway is ranked WAAAAAY above Gamburyan at this point, it's still a fight that I think a lot of people would like to see, and since there aren't a ton of interesting "stories" going on at 135 right now, I would love to see that match happen next for these guys. So yeah, good luck to Gamburyan for getting that fight.
      This was a pretty decent fight, except for the fact that they repeatedly kicked each other in the nuts. Tuck got the worst of it, because when he got kicked in the nuts, he was down for almost a full 5 minutes. When Lee was kicked in the nuts though (repeatedly), Tuck lost a point. In the end though, Kevin Lee PRETTY MUCH beat Tuck's ass for all 3 rounds, plus the point Tuck lost, all 3 judges gave the fight to Lee, 30-26, and I agree 100% with that score. But yeah, these guys on this card need to stop throwing groin shots. The novelty has already worn off, and we're only two fights deep into the card so far.
      This fight was kind of boring. Both of these guys have potential to be exciting fighters, but this fight felt too slow paced, and too cautious. I thought Ebersole won the first round with his grappling, Howard won the second round with his grappling, Howard landed slightly harder strikes throughout the fight, and the third round was close, but I gave that one to Howard as well. So yeah, I gave the fight to John Howard, 29-28, but two of the judges disagreed with me, so Ebersole wins via split-decision.
      This was a pretty decent fight overall. I sort of wanted to give it to Cote in the first two rounds, mostly because whenever he would get punched, he was like "COME ON! LET'S FIGHT! HIT ME!" So I was like "Ooooh, he's badass!" But by the end of the fight, Cote was barely able to walk, as Thompson beat the shit out of him, and nearly knocked him out. So yeah, by the end of the fight, I gave Stephen Thompson the fight, and so did all 3 judges. Congrats to Thompson for a pretty decent sized win.
      This was a pretty fun fight, but it wasn't a fight I was that excited about to begin with. Jorge Masvidal basically picked apart Krause for all 3 rounds, beating him up with his boxing, showing excellent technical striking skills, and he even dominated the grappling, throwing Krause around a little bit, and never really letting Krause find his footing. So yeah, I gave the fight, all 3 rounds, to Masvidal, and for the most part, the judges agreed.
      HOLY HORSESHIT. Mizugaki was a pretty big underdog in this fight, and after being injured for the past THREE YEARS, Dominick Cruz came back in and fucking DESTROYED Mizugaki, slamming him to the ground, and punching him in the face a thousand times, knocking him out in one minute of the first round. Dominick Cruz looked fucking awesome in this fight. I actually considered putting some money on Mizugaki in this fight, based on the long odds (4-1 or so), but yeah, glad I didn't, because Cruz fucking smashed him. Awesome return for Dominick Cruz.
(Elbows & Punches)
      This fight was fucking insane! Hands down the best fight of the night. Amanda Nunes looked good in the first round, taking Zingano to the ground, and beating her up for a couple of minutes, but Zingano went for an armbar and nearly snapped that shit, and then started to beat up Nunes. The rest of the fight consisted of Zingano throwing Nunes like a ragdoll, unleashing two DDT's on Nunes, and punching the shit out of her face, throwing brutal knees, going for more submissions, almost breaking her leg a few times. Cat Zingano is fucking DANGEROUS! I love watching her fight, and she's probably my new favorite female fighter at this point. I can't wait to see her fight Rousey! WOOHOO!!!
      WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED!?! The first round, I gave to Romero. The second round, Kennedy ALMOST FINISHED Romero at the end of the round, Kennedy beat him so brutally, that Romero wasn't able to get off the stool when the third round started, so the referee was trying to throw his corner out of the ring, and Romero was just sitting there like "Give me another minute, I'm just chillin'..." And EVENTUALLY, they got the round started, so he should get SOME sort of penalty for that, right? I've never seen anything so weird. SO ANYWAY, Kennedy was pissed that Romero wasn't coming out to fight, so once the fight started back up, Romero finally caught his second wind, and fucking DESTROYED Kennedy, finishing him brutally in the first minute of the third round. So yeah, congrats to Romero for the win, but what's up with that "sitting on the stool" bullshit? I'm looking forward to the post fight press conference so we can hear if he got any sort of fine or anything for that. That was ridiculous. I'm GLAD Romero won, because I WANTED him to win, but that ending was fucking bizarre.
      WOW! I had Poirier ranked quite a bit higher than McGregor going into this fight, mostly because of his experience, and I thought he was winning for the first minute or so, because he landed some harder shots and stuff, BUT MAN!!! McGregor landed a weird punch, that didn't LOOK that hard, but Poirier face planted, and then McGregor finished him off with a few more unanswered punches on the ground, so the referee was forced to stop the fight. Pretty big win for Conor McGregor! YEAH!!!
      Yikes! I got nervous there for a second. I really wanted Cerrone to smash Alvarez in his UFC debut, but Alvarez pretty clearly won the first round, beating up Cerrone and rocking him a bit. The second right went to Cerrone, as he earned back any points he might have lost in the first round. The third round, Cerrone nearly killed Alvarez, beating the living shit out of him, and tossing him around the octagon with big punches & knees, nearly finishing him by the time the round was over. So yeah, great fight for Donald Cerrone, and I'm REALLY glad he won this fight.
      Welp... I was kind of keeping my fingers crossed for the 9-1 underdog, Chris Cariaso, but I don't think anybody REALLY thought he had a chance of winning this fight. Johnson pretty much dominated Cariaso in the first round, almost finishing him with a big knee & a nice punch combination near the end of the first round. The second round had Johnson 100% dominating Cariaso with his wrestling skills, eventually locking on a Kimura for the submission victory. So yeah, great win for Demetrious Johnson. I think I was the only person in the world that actually had Cariaso ranked as #2 going into this fight, so now that he's out of the picture, who the hell is left to fight Johnson at this point?