100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (22 Total):
1. Jake Matthews - 93.7
2. Luke Rockhold - 93.2
3. Daniel Kelly - 92.6
4. Robert Whittaker - 92.5
5. Anthony Perosh - 92.4
6. Marcus Brimage - 92.1
7. Sam Alvey - 92.0
8. Clint Hester - 91.3
9. Al Iaquinta - 91.2
10. Dylan Andrews - 90.8
UFC Fight Night 55: Rockhold vs. Bisping
Location: New South Wales, Australia
Elevation: 3,215'
-Fight of the Night-
Jake Matthews vs. Vagner Rocha
Fighters & Matches 90.2
Top 10 Fighters 92.2
TOTAL 91.2
(Head Kick)
     This was a pretty slow paced fight for a couple of minutes, with both guys sort of testing range by throwing some basic kicks, with Brimage scoring more points by landing harder shots. Eventually, Brimage landed a head kick, almost out of nowhere, knocking Tuerxun out clean, leaving him floating backwards to the ground, almost in slow motion. Pretty awesome KO victory for Marcus Brimage, breaking a pretty ugly 2 fight losing streak (and bringing Tuerxun up to 0-3 in the UFC, which in my opinion means he should be cut now).
      This was a nice UFC debut by the undefeated Daniel Kelly. Zachrich looked good early on, showing solid footwork, keeping his distance, and landing some decent punches. Eventually though, Kelly just powered forward, cornered Zachrich, started landing big uppercuts, followed by a trip, ending up on top of Zachrich, where he immediately went for the Kimura and got the quick submission at the end of the first round. I didn't know Kelly before this fight, but I wouldn't mind seeing him fight again.
(Knees & Punches)
      This fight was ok I guess. Grujic had a nice throw early in the fight, so he started off looking pretty strong, but ultimately, got caught in the clinch, got hit with a knee to the face, he was rocked, wobbled backwards, Clements chased him with a series of Punches, and Grujic collapsed, forcing the referee to stop the fight. Nice much needed win by Chris Clements, but I'm still not really that excited about seeing either of these guys fight again in the future.
(Side Kick & Punches)
      Well that was a surprisingly good fight. Richie Vaculik showed some good solid technical striking in the first two rounds, picking apart Polka, and busting up his nose pretty badly. The fight for the most part was just a straight forward boxing match, which ended up being pretty fun to watch. Once the third round started, Smolka threw a nice side kick to the face, knocking Vaculik to the ground, and Smolka jumped on his back, and punched him in the head repeatedly until the referee stopped the fight. Nice comeback victory for Louis Smolka.
      OH SHIT! That was nice! Dylan Andrews looked strong in this fight, slamming Alvey a couple of times, and beating him up for most of the fight, but a little over two minutes in, Andrews tried to slam Alvey again, but Alvey hooked his leg, causing Andrews to fall backwards head first, knocking himself a bit loopy, and Alvey capitalized by getting the full mount, and landed a series of HEAVY punches on the ground, knocking Andrews unconscious. Awesome win for Sam Alvey.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Wow, this was pretty much a one-sided ass beating, delivered by the 42 year old Anthony Perosh. He grabbed Filho, pulled him to the ground, got the full mount, beat the shit out of him for a couple of minutes, got the back mount, locked on a rear-naked choke, and finished the fight via submission in the first round. Anthony Perosh looked really strong in this fight. Nice win for the hometown fighter, Perosh.
Technical Submission
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      YEAH! Jake Matthews is quickly becoming my favorite fighter at 155. He's a fucking beast. He beat the shit out of Rocha in the first round, basically chasing him around the ring, and punching him in the face. The first round ended with Rocha locking on a Kimura, which was kind of close, but at the last second, Matthews powered out of it, and punched Rocha in the face again. The second round was more of the same, until eventually Matthews threw a Superman punch, knocking Rocha to the ground, and then just attacked him like a wild animal, beating the living shit out of Rocha, eventually locking on a TIGHT rear-naked choke (from the side, sort of)... Rocha tried to roll out of it, but Matthews just locked it on tighter, and put Rocha to sleep. Another awesome win by Jake Matthews.
      This was the biggest fight on the card, in terms of the size of the fighters. A couple of great big heavyweights, clashing in the first round, throwing big fat whopping punches in the first round, trying to knock each other out. I think Harris won the first round, landing more, and showing better movement, as well as stuffing a few takedown attempts. Palelei was finally able to get the fight to the ground in the second round though, where he was able to get the full mount, where he finished off Harris with a series of big punches on the ground. So yeah, nice win by Soa Palelei, but I really don't need to hear him sing Al Green songs during a post fight press conference again.
(Knee & Punches)
      That was a pretty awesome fight. Both of these guys went crazy for two rounds, with Clint Hester winning the majority of the exchanges (I thought), but then Whittaker was able to get in dominant positions in both rounds, the first round, he nearly finished Hester with some ground & pound, but ended up getting beat up some more once Hester got back up. The second round was fun to watch, but Hester started to slow down a little bit, and Whittaker was able to capitalize on that, knocking Hester to the ground with a knee to the body, followed by a series of punches that finished the fight. Really great fight by both guys, and congrats to Whittaker for a hard fought win against a guy that was previously undefeated in the UFC.
      This was a solid boxing match, with both guys scoring quite a bit in the first round. The second round, Iaquinta really started to show his skills, eventually knocking Pearson a bit loopy, and then he attacked him like a shark, and dismantled Pearson, causing him to collapse face first on the canvas. Al Iaquinta looks better & better every time I see him fight. I'm looking forward to seeing where he goes from here, an official Top 10 Fight maybe?
(Guillotine Choke)
      Holy shit... I don't really like Luke Rockhold, and going into this fight, I really wanted Bisping to win, but Rockhold fucking DESTROYED Bisping in this fight. Bisping landed a few nice leg kicks in the first round, but ultimately, he was getting crushed by Rockhold's striking skills. The second round, Rockhold went crazy, rocked Bisping with some hard kicks to the head, followed by him flinging him to the ground, locking on a TIGHT guillotine choke, Rockhold mounted him, while tightening that choke, and gave Bisping his first submission loss of his career. Awesome win for Luke Rockhold.