100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (20 Total):
1. Ovince St. Preux - 93.2
2. Thomas Almeida - 92.4
3. Caio Magalhaes - 92.3
4. Warlley Alves - 92.3
5. Colby Covington - 91.9
6. Leandro Silva - 91.5
7. Alan Jouban - 91.2
8. Claudio Henrique da Silva - 91.0
9. Dhiego Lima - 90.8
10. Tim Gorman - 90.5
UFC Fight Night 56: Shogun vs. St. Preux
Location: Minas Gerais, Brazil
Elevation: 2,707'
-Fight of the Night-
Ovince St. Preux vs. Mauricio Rua
Fighters & Matches 88.7
Top 10 Fighters 91.7
TOTAL 90.2
(Rear-Naked Choke)
     This was a pretty good fight. Covington looked really impressive, showing aggressive striking, and of course his wrestling skills paved the way to victory for him in this fight. Wagner Silva had Covington in a little bit of trouble in the second round, but ultimately, this was Covington's fight. The third round was complete domination, with Covington taking the fight to the ground, beating the shit out of Silva, and finishing him with a rear-naked choke after completely flattening him out. Colby Covington looks to be a really promising up & coming fighter at 170.
      This was a pretty fun fight to watch, even though I barely know who Tim Gorman is, and Thomas Almeida is apparently the "best unsigned talent in MMA", even though I've never heard of him either. With that being said, Tim Gorman came out like a ball of fire, and tried desperately to kill Almeida in the first round, but ultimately, Almeida was able to win all 3 rounds, with his technical striking ability, and his takedown defense. Almeida is probably one of the best strikers I've seen at 135, and I'll definitely look forward to watching him fight again, but I hope next time he's able to finish his opponent.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      This was another one of those fights between a couple of guys that aren't even in the Top 100 of their weight class in my opinion, which leaves me questioning why they're even in the UFC. WITH THAT BEING SAID, I actually like Charlie Brenneman a lot, and feel pretty bad about his horrible record in the UFC. With that being said, congrats to Leandro Silva for his first UFC victory. He's interesting because he's undefeated outside of the UFC, but he lost both of his UFC fights before this one. This entire fight basically consisted of both guys, wrestling like animals, and trying as hard as possible to overpower each other, with Silva eventually ending up on Brenneman's back with a tight rear-naked choke. I REALLY don't think Brenneman should be coming back to the UFC after this one though.
(Knee & Punches)
      Well, that was interesting, and controversial. Trevor Smith kept trying to run at Magalhaes before the fight even started, so the referee had to keep pushing him back to his corner, which was annoying. So it was kind of nice seeing him get knocked the fuck out by Magalhaes in 30 seconds of the first round. The problem is, Magalhaes landed a HUGE knee, which knocked Smith loopy, and as he started to fall forward, Magalhaes started to throw 7-8 rabid hammerfists to the back of Smith's head, which knocked him completely unconscious. So... technically, illegal, right? Either way, nice win... but... What's up with the shots to the back of the head not being questioned at all? Where is Joe Rogan when you need him?
      This fight can very easily be filed under the "I couldn't give less of a shit" pile. These guys apparently came from The Ultimate Fighter Mexico, but I have a hard time believing that anybody gives a shit about either fighter. Rivas won all 3 rounds, by securing a takedown in every round. Rubio went for a few submission attempts, but Rivas controlled most of the fight, so congrats to him for the win. This fight was more or less a waste of time though.
      This was a pretty decent fight, between a couple of scrappy chicks at 115. Juliana de Lima seemed to be the stronger, more aggressive fighter, taking the fight to the ground a couple of times in the first two rounds, and doing more damage with her strikes. Ansaroff had a pretty decent guard though, and was able to avoid receiving too much damage, and she even landed an (illegal) upkick, that almost knocked out Lima. To be honest, I think Lima was over-reacting to it, because it wasn't THAT hard of a shot, but whatever. In the end, I gave the first two rounds to Lima, and the last round to Ansaroff, and I think most people agreed with that, giving Lima the unanimous decision victory, 29-28.
      This was an extremely one-sided fight, which is always kind of amusing, because it means that one guy is 100% offense the entire time, beating the living shit out of the other guy. The problem is, Lima dominated this entire fight, and he wasn't able to finish it. He showed some glaring weaknesses in his ability to finish a rear-naked choke, on multiple occasions, he wasn't able to do much damage with his striking, even though he had a full minute at least, of full mount ground & pound. So yeah, Lima clearly won this fight, but it was kind of lame that he wasn't able to finish his opponent, who really had nothing to show for his UFC debut, other than a ton of heart, and an ability to receive an ass beating.
      This was a pretty close fight, that probably could have gone either way. The first round was pretty much a draw, so I have no idea who won that round. The second round, Edwards controlled the first 4 minutes or so, but Silva almost finished him for the final minute, going for a choke, and beating the shit out of him on the ground, so most people probably gave the second round to Edwards, but I ended up giving it to Silva. Silva CLEARLY won the third round, dominating the entire round, so I gave the fight to Silva, and two of the judges agreed.
      This was a really exciting fight, between a couple of guys I don't really care that much about yet. Alves came out like a ball of fire for the first 30 seconds, doing a ton of damage, punching the fuck out of Jouban's face, throwing him to the ground, and dominating him. I also gave the second round to Alves, because he just looks really dangerous and stuff. Jouban clearly won the third round, because Alves mostly just ran away and refused to engage. Alves also spent a good portion of the fight, over-reacting to groin shots, and eye pokes. So I really wanted Jouban to win, because Alves started to get on my nerves, but technically, I'm one of the few people in the world that gave the fight to Alves, so... glad he won... I guess?
      Oh wow... that was ugly... The hometown hero, Shogun, Pride & UFC Legend, etc... He threw a wild punch, and missed by a mile, flinging his own body forward towards the cage, where St. Preux clipped him with a punch, and then smashed his face in for several seconds, before the referee had no other option, than to stop the fight. So yeah, the crowd went silent, and Shogun got fucking destroyed. That was awfully embarrassing, but way to step up to the plate, for the late replacement, Ovince St. Preux!