100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (22 Total):
1. Ricardo Lamas - 94.1
2. Kelvin Gastelum - 93.1
3. Augusto Montano - 92.8
4. Jessica Eye - 92.7
5. Enrique Briones - 92.7
6. Hector Urbina - 92.4
7. Alejandro Perez - 91.9
8. Gabriel Benitez - 91.8
9. Fabricio Werdum - 91.6
10. Yair Rodriguez - 91.5
UFC 180: Werdum vs. Hunt
Location: Federal District, Mexico
Elevation: 7,382'
-Fight of the Night-
Ricardo Lamas vs. Dennis Bermudez
Fighters & Matches 90.4
Top 10 Fighters 92.5
TOTAL 91.5
     This fight was a pretty decent start to the card, between a couple of guys I've never heard of. Beltran showed slightly better striking skills, and was able to defend well on the ground. Vera spent a good portion of the fight looking for submissions, and I thought he held his own with the striking as well. The first round I scored as a draw, and the last two rounds I gave to Vera, so I'm not really clear on how the judges gave this fight to Beltran, 29-28, but whatever, I'm not going to argue against the decision, since I don't really care about either of these fighters yet.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      This fight was awesome. Both guys were fighting their asses off in the first round, but I gave the round to Cannetti for landing some HARD kicks & knees to the body, which had Briones crumpled against the cage during a good portion of the round. The second round had Briones launching a huge uppercut to counter a punch from Cannetti, the uppercut knocked Cannetti to the ground, where Briones smashed his face with hammerfists, eventually finishing the fight with a rear-naked choke. This was a really good UFC debut by both fighters.
Technical Submission
(Guillotine Choke)
      Oh my... So... Brown spent most of this fight trying to secure a takedown, and even slammed Benitez a few times, showing some solid wrestling skills. The problem is, every time they went to the ground, Benitez almost finished him with TIGHT guillotine chokes, so it was probably a bad gameplan on Brown's part. Not to mention, when they were standing, Brown had a bad habit of hitting Benitez in the balls. Not to mention, Brown also pooped his pants while trying to secure a takedown. Not to mention, Benitez eventually finished him, early in the third round, with a tight guillotine choke, putting him to sleep. Solid showing for Benitez, I guess? HORRIBLE showing for Brown, literally...
(Doctor Stoppage)
      OH MY GOD, what am I watching? Jessica Eye pretty much beat the shit out of Leslie Smith for 6 minutes or so, but Smith is tough as nails... Eye punched her in the ear in the first round, her ear exploded, it was hanging off the side of her face, she continued to fight through it in the second round, but eventually the doctor stopped it before she completely lost her ear. The crazy part for me is, Leslie Smith kept screaming that she still wants to fight... so... yeah... tough as hell, but that was gross, not to mention, Jessica Eye was CLEARLY winning this fight anyway.
      OH MAN, that was a good fight. Perez showed some tremendous boxing skills, countering a lot of the attacks delivered by Quinonez with pin point accuracy. I gave the first round to Perez, for showing better striking. The second round was closer, but I gave it to Quinonez. I thought the third round was pretty close, except, Quinonez got the full mount at one point, and threw a headbutt, cutting the nose of Perez, and he was penalized 2 points for that round. So in the end, the fight went to a decision, and it was impossible for Quinonez to win, since he got a TWO POINT deduction for the illegal headbutt. Really good fight overall though, and Perez definitely deserved to win this one, so congrats to Perez for winning this season of The Ultimate Fighter.
      This was another pretty great fight, for the Ultimate Fighter Latin America, 145 championship or whatever. Rodriguez is a madman, he was throwing all kinds of wild shit, including a nice cartwheel kick to the body when Morales was on the ground, and as soon as the kick landed, he followed it up with a flying heel hook or some shit. He wasn't able to secure it, but he went for it, and that's half the battle, am I right!?! But yeah, really good fight, with Rodriguez winning the first two rounds, and Morales probably won the third round. Congrats to Rodriguez for the 29-28 decision.
(Guillotine Choke)
      That was a pretty decent grappling match, and I'm happy to see Urbina finally fighting in the UFC. Garcia had the upperhand at the start of the fight, getting Urbina to the ground, and it LOOKED like Garcia was going to dominate him, but eventually Urbina was able to get on top, where he went for an Anaconda choke, slipped backwards a bit, locked on a tight guillotine, cranked it with Garcia's head crushed against his chest, and finished the fight via submission in the first round. Nice competitive grappling match overall, and really solid UFC debut by Hector Urbina.
      OH SHIT! That was a nice finish. Heatherly started out looking pretty strong, showing some decent wrestling skills, but ultimately, Montano's striking was way too much for him. After picking apart Heatherly throughout a good portion of the fight, he eventually beat the shit out of him with some ground and pound, stood back up, pinned him against the cage, and launched a hundred knees to the body & the head, forcing the referee to stop the fight. Really great UFC debut by Augusto Montano.
(Guillotine Choke)
      Oh man, that was a disappointing loss for Bermudez, ending one of the longest active winning streaks in the UFC (7-Fights going into this one). Bermudez looked decent in this fight, but Lamas showed sharper striking skills, knocking Bermudez down with a big kick at one point which was an embarrassingly dramatic way to fall for Bermudez, and then a few seconds later, Lamas clipped him with a crisp jab, knocking Bermudez to the ground, Bermudez tried to get up immediately, and dove headfirst into a TIGHT guillotine choke, forcing the submission victory for Ricardo Lamas. This was a HUGE win for Lamas in my opinion, and it really shows that he deserved that title shot against Jose Aldo back in February. That sucks though, because I've been pushing for Bermudez to get a title shot for over a year now, and it sucks to see him get stopped in his tracks like this.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      At one point, Ellenberger was an actual contender, but this makes 3 losses in a row for Ellenberger, which makes me question why he's still in the UFC. Gastelum on the other hand, is now on a 5-Fight winning streak inside the UFC. So this was a pretty poor matchup to begin with, but yeah, Gastelum pretty much kicked Ellenberger's ass for this entire fight. At one point, near the end, Ellenberger launched Gastelum into the air with a nice suplex, which was the one good move by Ellenberger in the entire fight. The problem is, as soon as they hit the ground, Gastelum reversed it, got on Ellenberger's back, and choked him out with a rear-naked choke. Ellenberger's suplex REALLY failed in this case.
(Knee & Punches)
      Oh man... that's disappointing for Mark Hunt, I really kind of wanted him to win this fight. But yeah, Hunt clearly won the first round, hitting Werdum with some HARD shots, and even taking him to the ground, avoiding any damage from the guard, and controlling Werdum. The second round looked like more of the same, with Hunt landing some HARD shots, but Werdum landed a HUGE knee, knocking Hunt to the ground, and finished him with punches to the face. That was a legit stoppage, but MAN that sucks for Hunt. Congrats to Werdum for securing the Interim Heavyweight Championship. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing him fight Cain now.