100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (22 Total):
1. Travis Browne - 93.0
2. Todd Duffee - 92.1
3. Raquel Pennington - 91.6
4. Tony Ferguson - 91.6
5. Robbie Lawler - 91.0
6. Clay Collard - 90.8
7. Johny Hendricks - 90.7
8. Abel Trujillo - 90.7
9. Anthony Pettis - 90.6
10. Corey Anderson - 90.5
UFC 181: Hendricks vs. Lawler 2
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Elevation: 2,001'
-Fight of the Night-
Robbie Lawler vs. Johny Hendricks
Fighters & Matches 89.2
Top 10 Fighters 91.3
TOTAL 90.3
     This was a pretty decent fight, between a couple of guys that don't really matter yet. Clay Collard won all 3 rounds in my opinion, showing decent striking skills, and he locked on a triangle choke in the second round that almost finished the fight. White kept coming forward, and put up a good fight, but clearly didn't win this one.
      This fight was another "ok" fight. Both guys looked competitive, with Hobar winning the first round with his grappling, and Pettis winning the last two rounds with his striking, so in the end, I gave the fight to Pettis, 29-28, and the judges agreed for the most part.
Technical Submission
(Bulldog Choke)
      Now THAT is how you finish a fight! This was a pretty good fight, with lots of clinch work, and Raquel's forehead getting cut open pretty badly with a big knee, and for the most part, it looked like Ashlee Evans-Smith was well on her way to winning her UFC debut, but with 10 seconds left, Pennington locked on a schoolyard headlock from the side, pulled Smith to the ground, and choked her unconscious with only one second left on the clock. Raquel Pennington is awesome, and I'm glad she got this win against a tough opponent.
      I was shocked by Corey Anderson's UFC debut, because he completely smashed the guy he was fighting, winning his season of The Ultimate Fighter. Well here he is for his second fight in the octagon, against a guy who showed up on short notice, and comes from a weight class below Anderson, and then fight went to a 15 minute decision. It was still a decent fight, with Jones landing some really hard shots, and showing a nice guillotine, but ultimately, Anderson's wrestling got the better of Jones, awarding Anderson the unanimous decision victory.
(Head Kick)
      This fight consisted of an awful lot of Gordon overpowering Samman, taking him to the ground, and controlling him, but not really doing much of anything at all. Eventually, the referee stood the fight back up, and Samman landed a HUGE kick to the head, knocking Gordon unconscious immediately. Really nice win for Samman, but it was an otherwise somewhat "meh" fight.
(Bulldog Choke)
      Well, that's a shame... The first round was a decent little fight, with Rivera probably winning that round on most scorecards. The second round started, Faber poked Rivera in the eye, with a really deep index finger poke, and then he locked on a clunky bulldog choke, while Rivera was curling up on the ground due to the eye poke, so Faber wins via submission... but... I mean... That sucks, because it was a clear foul. So, will this fight be declared a no contest? I really have no idea. Congrats to Faber regardless for the win.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      This was a pretty exciting fight, with Abel Trujillo coming out in the first round, looking like a killer, throwing Mike Tyson style punches, trying to take out Ferguson quickly. By the end of the first round though, Trujillo got a little gassed, and from that point forward, the second round was all Ferguson, taking the fight to the ground, and pretty much dominating Trujillo, until he eventually finished him off with a tight rear-naked choke. Solid fight by both fighters, but Trujillo really needs to work on his cardio. He's one of my favorite fighters to watch fight, but like Tyson, he tends to gas too early.
      Seeing these big heavyweight fights end quickly is usually pretty fun, because more often than not, it means someone got knocked the fuck out. Both of these guys came out swinging, and eventually, Duffee clipped Hamilton, and knocked him unconscious. Really nice comeback for Todd Duffee, after a couple of years away from the sport due to some sort of sickness.
      Yeah! Brendan Schaub looked decent at the start of this fight, trying to take Browne to the ground, but eventually, Browne clipped him in the chin with a big uppercut, threw him to the ground, got the full mount, Schaub rolled over onto his stomach, and Browne beat the shit out of him until the referee stopped the fight. Really nice win for Travis Browne.
(Guillotine Choke)
      I'm sure a lot of people will argue with me here, but going into this fight, I had Pettis ranked #20 at Lightweight, and Melendez ranked #71. So with this being a title shot, it didn't really FEEL like a title shot to me. Melendez has barely had any fights in the UFC (even though I know he was kind of unstoppable outside of the UFC). And Pettis, I think I just don't like him for some reason. Anyway, Melendez dominated him in the first round, with lots of pressure, pressing him against the cage, and landing some nice punches to the face. The second round, Melendez had the same strategy, but got clipped by a nice kick to the chin, and some punches to the face, rocking Melendez, Melendez then went in for a sloppy takedown, Pettis locked on a guillotine choke, rolled over into full mount, and Melendez tapped out immediately. Nice win by Pettis, but... The lightweight division was a lot more interesting back before Benson.
      Oh man, that was a close fight. The first round could have gone either way, with both guys landing some really good shots. I gave the next 2 rounds to Hendricks, for landing better punches, and securing a couple of takedowns. By the fourth round, Hendricks started to look a little worn out, and Lawler started to pick him apart, so I gave the fourth round to Lawler. And the fifth round was kind of boring, with Hendricks stalling a lot, but in the last 20 seconds, Lawler went fucking wild, and landed punches & kicks & knees and all kinds of shit, doing his best to finish the fight. So technically, I probably would have given the fight to Hendricks, 48-47, but I'm glad that the judges gave it to Lawler, because at the end of the fight, Lawler clearly LOOKED like the winner, so I think he deserved the title. I'm not REALLY convinced that I want to see a tie-breaker rematch between these guys though, I'm sort of more interested in seeing someone else get a title shot at this point.