100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (16 Total):
1. Phil Baroni - 94.6
2. Robbie Lawler - 94.4
3. Evan Tanner - 93.5
4. Chris Lytle - 93.4
5. Matt Hughes - 92.4
6. Cabbage Correira - 90.5
7. Frank Trigg - 90.5
8. Tank Abbott - 89.7
9. Yves Edwards - 89.3
10. Keith Rockel - 88.2
UFC 45: Revolution
Location: Uncasville, Connecticut
Elevation: 259'
-Fight of the Night-
Phil Baroni vs. Evan Tanner
Fighters & Matches 88.4
Top 10 Fighters 91.7
TOTAL 90.1
     The first round was pretty slow, so I wasn't really expecting much from this fight after that... The second round was also really slow, lots of dancing, not much on the offensive from either fighter... Then Edwards punched Agallar in the face, knocking him to the ground, then he pounced on him to thrown on a pile of ground & pound, but Agallar started to defend himself, at first... Then, after Edwards continued to throw wild punches & elbows, Agallar eventually turned over, so he was laying flat on his stomach, Edwards kept punching him, and the referee stopped the fight... Boring fight, but great ending...
(Guillotine Choke)
      Keith Rockel took Liguori to the ground early in the fight, and pretty much just laid on top of him, pushing him towards the fence... Then Liguori managed to stand up, only to be taken back down by Rockel... Liguori tried to lock on the guillotine choke, but Rockel escaped... Then after some more wrestling around, nothing real entertaining, Rockel locked on a guillotine choke of his own, leading to the submission victory in the first round... Keith Rockel is a great wrestler, and Liguori seems to be pretty good at submissions, but neither fighter was really all that entertaining...
      This entire 3 round fight consisted of Ricco Rodriguez laying on his back, saying "Come on man, lay on top of my so I can submit you..." And Pedro Rizzo standing at a distance saying "You're stupid, stand up jack ass..." Then every once in a great while, Ricco would stand with him, and act like he was going to box with him, but then Pedro just responded by looking at Ricco like he was stupid for trying to stand with him... This fight would have been a lot more enjoyable if it would have taken place at a bar, in public, where they could have just had a stare down and been done with it... Pedro Rizzo is a bad ass... He COULD be a bad ass... But damn it, he just has no fire in his belly... He has great strikes, but doesn't have the heart to want to kill someone... Ricco on the other hand, didn't really show that he had anything to offer in this fight... Boring 3 rounds... Pedro Rizzo wins by unanimous decision...
      This fight honestly had too many highlights to even be able to give a play by play... In the first round, it looked like Lytle might be able to choke out Lawler, but it didn't happen, because Robbie Lawler was rolling all over the place to escape the guillotine choke... Then Lawler unleashed a brilliant slam on Chris Lytle, picking him up off the ground, and then crushing him against the ground... From that point on, they both spend the entire 3 rounds throwing bombs... It was an absolutely amazing fight, and I can't recommend this one enough... It's honestly one of those fights that you would have to see to believe... Watch this fight... FUCKING AWESOME... Robbie Lawler wins by unanimous decision...
      Wow... This was one of the best fights ever, and it was full of a bunch of bullshit & drama as well... GREAT last couple of fights... During this fight, Phil Baroni started it out by swinging like a mad man, trying to knock Evan's head off... And he literally did... Evan Tanner's head was removed from his body, and it ended up in the upper rafters... Well, the referee stopped the fight, to have the doctor's check a cut on Evan's eye... They said it was ok, so the fight started up again... PHIL BARONI SHOULD HAVE ONE RIGHT HERE... But, he didn't... Instead, this gave Tanner enough time to bounce back from what basically was a KO, then Tanner started to become the aggressor since Baroni pretty much gassed out due to those punch combos... Tanner took Baroni to the ground, started to rain down elbows, the referee said "Do you want to stop?" Baroni said "NO NO NO!" The referee said it again, "Do you want me to stop this fight?" Phil Baroni said "NOOO!!!" So the referee stopped the fight, Tanner wins by TKO, and as soon as Tanner stood up off Baroni, Baroni decided he was going to beat the referee's ass for stopping the fight... GREAT fight for Baroni, he should have won, he got screwed, the referee made two bad calls during this fight (stopping the fight for Tanner's cut, then letting it go on... AND stopping the fight when Baroni specifically told him not to, because he was still ready to fight... So, yeah... This was one fuckin' hell of a fight, and it definitely needs to be viewed by everyone in the world... CRAZY SHIT... Tanner wins by bullshit...
      Wow... During the first round, they both came out swinging, it ended up being a brawl... Then, the fight was stopped due to a cut above Tank's eye... Then everybody in the world jumped in the Octagon, and World War 3 happened... Was the fight good? Yeah, it was pretty enjoyable, but it sucks that it was stopped due to a cut... But the most entertaining aspect was probably the drama that ensued afterwards... That's 3 fights in a row now on this PPV... I'm having a lot of fun... Weeeeeeeeee!!!
      This fight was boring... The best part of this fight, was the replay of their last fight, where Matt Lindland grabbed ahold of Vitale, tried to take him down, but fell in a weird way, which ended up landing Lindland on his own head, knocking himself out... So, Lindland came to avenge his loss, and he was victorious, forcing Vitale to tap out due to strikes, at the very end of the third round... This fight wasn't worth watching...
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      This was a GREAT wrestling match, but it wasn't much of a fight... I think Trigg threw the only punch in the entire fight, other than that, they were both just scrambling all over the ground, wrestling like true professionals... Matt Hughes really started winning points when he picked up Trigg, threw him over his shoulder, and then slammed him to the ground like a bag of beans... The fight eventually ended after Hughes got on Trigg's back (while Trigg was standing) and he choked him out with the rear-naked choke... Awesome finish, pretty good fight, nice ending to the PPV...