100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (20 Total):
1. Dan Severn - 92.6
2. Guy Mezger - 88.6
3. Steve Jennum - 88.6
4. Marcus Bossett - 88.4
5. Royce Gracie - 88.3
6. Anthony Macias - 88.3
7. Jason Fairn - 86.0
8. Keith Hackney - 86.0
9. Melton Bowen - 83.1
10. Joe Son - 82.8
UFC 4: Revenge of the Warriors
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Elevation: 722'
-Fight of the Night-
Dan Severn vs. Marcus Bossett
Fighters & Matches 86.7
Top 10 Fighters 87.3
TOTAL 87.0
(Corner Stoppage)
      Two new guys entered the ring, to win a spot at the UFC 5 tournament... Both of them had long hair & were both considered pretty boys, so they made a pact with each other, that neither of them would pull the other guy's hair (even though back then, you could pull hair in the UFC)... The match was filled with sporadic punches from both guys, but eventually there was only one guy that would come out on top, and that was Guy Mezger, who won the match by beating the shit out of Jason Fairn (his corner threw in the towel)... Guy Mezger won an opportunity to fight at UFC 5...
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Ron Van Clief (Age: 51) was the oldest fighter to ever enter the UFC Octagon... He's some sort of expert & creator of Chinese Karate or something, and he really seemed to be pretty confident, since he had already been training in martial arts for 40 years... His Karate didn't really benefit him in any way though, due to the fact that he only threw one weak kick, got caught by Gracie, was taken to the ground, and eventually tapped out to the choke-hold... Gracie moves on to the next round...
      This match started with a basic takedown by Joe Son, and then he locked on a wrestling style headlock & kept that locked during the majority of the match... I was under the impression that Hackney was going to tap, until he started pummeling Joe Son's balls... Fists to the balls are not very pleasant, and Hackney delivered several to Joe Son... Surprisingly enough, Joe Son ended up tapping out to the one handed choke... (I think I would have tapped out to the one handed ball bashing)...
      Steve Jennum once again came out with an impressive showing, proving that pure boxers like Melton Bowen, don't stand a chance against a ground grappler, once the match hits the floor... Bowen didn't really get much offense off at all, other than a few somewhat defensive punches... For the most part, this match consisted of Jennum pinning Bowen against the cage, and beating the shit out of him... Eventually, after realizing that he wasn't going to be able to knock out the boxer, he locked on one of the quickest arm bars that I've ever seen... Great match, and Jennum moves onto the next round of the tournament...
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Severn dominated this entire fight, even though it started out with Macias throwing multiple elbows down at the back of Severn's head... Severn fought like a machine though, and threw two insane looking suplexes, dropping Macias down onto the back of his neck a couple of times, and then he ended up winning the fight by applying the chokehold to Macias... Severn moves onto the next round...
      Keith Hackney did an incredible job defending against Gracie's Jiu-Jitsu, by staying on his feet almost all the way through the match... He would stick & move, striking at Gracie, but Gracie showed that he could also hold his own by striking while standing... Eventually, Gracie took Hackney to the ground, and won the match by locking on an arm bar for the submission... Gracie once again, moves onto the finals...
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Marcus Bossett started off the match by throwing a few solid kicks, but he eventually got caught in the middle of a kick, and was taken down to the mat... After wrestling around for a couple of seconds, Severn locked on the chokehold again, and won the match, advancing him to the finals... Dan Severn is SO FUCKING EXPLOSIVE!!! Fun fight to watch...
(Triangle Choke)
      Severn spent this entire match (almost 20 minutes) smothering Gracie against the mat, using his weight to his advantage... But after a long, relatively boring fight, Gracie finally locked on a choke hold, and won the match by submission, which makes him the winner of 3 out of the 4 UFC tournaments so far...