100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (16 Total):
1. Georges St. Pierre - 93.3
2. Karo Parisyan - 91.7
3. Renato Verissimo - 91.5
4. Frank Mir - 89.8
5. B.J. Penn - 89.4
6. Lee Murray - 89.4
7. Josh Thomson - 89.3
8. Vitor Belfort - 89.0
9. Carlos Newton - 88.6
10. Hermes Franca - 88.5
UFC 46: Supernatural
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Elevation: 2,001'
-Fight of the Night-
Georges St. Pierre vs. Karo Parisyan
Fighters & Matches 85.7
Top 10 Fighters 90.1
TOTAL 87.9
     This fight was pretty alright... Both guys were BJJ Black Belts, so I was expecting some great submission fighting, and they both displayed some great defensive moves, but couldn't get any real solid offense going on the submission front... Matt Serra dominated the wrestling game, as well as most of the striking on the ground... The only thing Jeff Curran had going for him, was his great defense, and his striking while standing, which only lasted about 30 seconds of the entire 3 round fight... In the end, Matt Serra won by unanimous decision...
      Josh Thomson started the fight by dominating with his strikes while standing... Then he showed that he could pretty much take Franca down to the ground at will... Then the second round was pretty much more of the same, but Franca started to kind of come back a little bit, but still, I thought Thomson won the first two rounds... Then during the third round, Franca came out swinging, and nearly knocked out Thomson, and the referee pretty much stopped the fight, BUT, then he decided not to stop it, giving Thomson enough time to recover... After that, it was kind of a stalemate, and the winner by unanimous decision was Josh Thomson... He technically deserved to win the fight via points, but I thought that MAYBE the fight should have been stopped with Franca was punching Thomson in the head during the start of the third round, because there were a few moments were Thomson wasn't doing much to really defend himself... BUT, meh... I'll be honest, I think I'm bias... Thomson won fair & square... I just tend to cheer for the guy that tries to finish the fight (Franca), a little more than the guy that just plays it safe...
      This was definitely the best fight of the night so far... Georges St. Pierre came out dominating with his wrestling abilities, but Karo Parisyan showed that he could hold his own by countering St. Pierre's wrestling, with his Judo & Submission skills... Still, Parisyan couldn't lock anything on, and St. Pierre was able to escape everything, and just power out of everything that Parisyan threw at him... Once the second round started, it was all over for Parisyan, as GSP was able to ground & pound him for the rest of the 3 round fight... Pretty fun fight to watch, but it would have been nice to see someone finish the fight... Still, GSP deservedly won the unanimous decision...
(Triangle Armbar)
      Lee Murray is known for his stand up (I guess, since I've never seen him fight)... So Jorge Rivera decided it would be a good idea to take Murray to the ground as quickly as possible, and he did, without much of a problem... Then, almost immediately, Murray tried to secure an armbar, but couldn't get it locked on, so he transitioned to a triangle choke, forcing Rivera to submit via triangle in the first round... Good show by Murray, not so much by Rivera...
      Frank Mir is an extreme bad ass, as long as the fight only lasts about 5 minutes... His conditioning sucks, and that's always been his one huge downfall... Wes Sims on the other hand, is just a tall, skinny, goofy, basketball player... Frank Mir beat the shit out of him during the first round, with some ground & pound, as well as a nice choke attempt... Then during the second round, it got really boring, they were both exhausted already, and Frank Mir pulled out the surprise combo after the referee stood them up, which knocked out Wes Sims... So, Frank Mir barely pulls out the win, with the TKO in the second round...
      Well, this wasn't the most exciting fight I've ever seen, but it was still an impressive victory for Renato Verissimo... At the start of the fight, I was expecting Carlos Newton to pretty much dominate, since I didn't know who Renato Verissimo was... BUT, apparently Verissimo is B.J.Penn's trainer, so he obviously has great BJJ skills, and he used those to pretty much dominate Carlos Newton for this entire 3 round fight... Verissimo was the clear cut winner by the end of the fight, since Newton didn't do much of anything offensive, but neither fight really came close to finishing it at any point (except for a punch or two that looked like Verissimo might knock out Newton)... Decent fight, but mostly just because Verissimo proved that he could dominate Newton with his grappling game... Verissimo wins by unanimous decision...
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      This was probably the worst Matt Hughes that I've ever seen (didn't even make it on to the Top 10 Fighters list for this show...) B.J. Penn moved up a weight class, to challenge Matt Hughes for the welterweight belt, and he completely dominated Matt Hughes from start to finish... B.J.Penn earned an impressive victory, but in my mind, Matt Hughes gave up this fight, before he even got in the octagon... Penn wins by rear naked choke submission at the end of the first round...
      This sucked... Vitor Belfort threw one punch, missed, but either his fingernail, or glove (or something) grazed Randy's eye, cutting through his lower eyelid, and leaving his eyeball exposed, so they had to stop the fight within the first few seconds of the fight... So, Vitor Belfort wins by doctor's stoppage, but in my opinion, this fight DEFINITELY should have been called a "No Contest" and they should have just held the fight at some other event... The way this fight ended sucked, and I would have been ok with it if Randy wouldn't have "lost the belt", but DUDE... It was a freak injury, and he lost in a few seconds... NO CONTEST... Neither fighter should have won this fight... The end result of crowning a new champion was lame, and everybody knows it...