100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (20 Total):
1. Ray Borg - 92.3
2. Neil Magny - 92.0
3. Max Holloway - 92.0
4. Benson Henderson - 91.8
5. Efrain Escudero - 91.5
6. Kevin Lee - 91.5
7. Zach Makovsky - 91.5
8. Brandon Thatch - 91.2
9. Chas Skelly - 90.9
10. James Moontasri - 90.9
UFC Fight Night 60: Henderson vs. Thatch
Location: Broomfield, Colorado
Elevation: 5,344'
-Fight of the Night-
Benson Henderson vs. Brandon Thatch
Fighters & Matches 88.5
Top 10 Fighters 91.6
TOTAL 90.1
(Rear-Naked Choke)
     This fight was ok. It was between a couple of guys that don't even make the Top 100 List at 155, but that's ok, somebody has to fill out these undercards, eh? With that being said, Moontasri landed a handful of nice knees in the first round, while defending against the sloppy takedown attempts by Pfister. The second round was basically more of the same, with Moontasri getting on Pfister's back, where he was able to lock on a pretty easy rear-naked choke for his first victory in the UFC.
      This was one hell of a fight, even though it was fairly one-sided in favor of Zach Makovsky. I always like watching Tim Elliott fight, as he comes out rolling around like a maniac, doing flips, throwing wild strikes, etc... But ultimately, Makovsky's wrestling was too much for Elliott, as he was able to take him down repeatedly throughout the fight, even getting on Elliott's back a few times, as well as securing a crucifix position from the mount, where he beat up Elliott for a good portion of the first round. So yeah, nice fight, but 29-28 goes to Zach Makovsky via unanimous decision. I probably would have given him all 3 rounds, but I think the judges probably gave the second round to Elliott.
(Punches & Knee)
      This was a pretty decent fight. The first round was a hell of a grappling match, which I actually thought Alers looked better on the ground, so I gave him the first round, but I think a lot of people gave the first round to Skelly. The second round was more of a standup fight, and Alers looked decent on his feet, until he got punched in the face repeatedly by Skelly, where Alers eventually crumbled against the cage, and was finished off with an illegal knee to the face. Still, I thought Skelly deserved the win (which he got) since I still think the "knees to the head of a downed opponent" being illegal rule, is fucking stupid. So yeah, congrats to Skelly for a solid TKO victory at the very end of the second round.
      Efrain is still trying to fight his way back into the UFC, after losing his big comeback fight a few months ago to Leonardo Santos in a boring fight. Here we are again with a long-winded 15 minute fight, but this time around, Efrain was able to take the fight to the ground, and pretty much dominated Lima for all 3 rounds with ground & pound. So yeah, nice win for Efrain, but neither of these guys are anywhere near being ranked in my opinion.
      This fight was one of the more interesting fights on the card for me, since both of these guys are fighting their way into the Top 10 at 125. With that being said, Ray Borg pretty much dominated Kelades with his wrestling skills for the entire fight, taking him down, and making him look foolish on the ground, until eventually Borg locked on a Kimura from the side mount, forcing Kelades to submit pretty quickly once it was locked on. Another nice win for Ray Borg.
      This was a pretty one-sided fight, with Kevin Lee taking Prazeres to the ground in all 3 rounds, and beating him up on the feet. It seemed like it could be kind of a close fight at times, but ultimately, Prazeres got gassed, and Lee continued to come forward, nonstop, until the fight was over. Lee even locked on a rear-naked choke at the end of the fight, and if it would have continued to go for another minute or so, he might have been able to finish the fight via submission.
      Both of these guys look like they have enough body fat to probably be able to cut down to 170, which leaves them looking out of shape & exhausted at 185. Not to mention, Walsh missed weight, coming in 7 pounds over. As for the fight itself, it was basically a 15 minute sparring match, where I gave the first round to Walsh, the second round to Kelly, and the third round I couldn't have given less of a shit about. Congrats to Daniel Kelly for the unanimous decision. Based on the reaction of the crowd the (nothing but "boooooo" for the last couple of minutes of the fight), one might suggest that nobody wants to see either of these guys in the UFC again.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      The first round of this fight was kind of boring, but I still gave it to Magny. The second round, there was some decent grappling being displayed by both guys, but Magny ended up on top, beating the shit out of Kunimoto. The second round, Magny dominated the exhausted Kunimoto, getting on his back, and finishing him with a rear-naked choke. Neil Magny's now 6-Fight winning streak is pretty impressive, and I'd really like to see him fight someone in the Top 5, just to see how legit he actually is. At the moment though, he looks somewhat unstoppable.
      This was a pretty solid fight between a couple of tough fighters at 145. Going into it, I personally have Max Holloway ranked in the Top 5 of the division, and I don't even have Miller in the Top 10, so I thought Holloway was the pretty clear favorite in this one. With that being said, Holloway won the first round (but it was close, due to Miller's ground game getting aggressive near the end of the round). Holloway beat the crap out of Miller in the second round, including a couple of headbutts (unintentional), but they opened up a pretty bad cut above the left eye of Miller. The third round was more ass kicking being delivered by Holloway. So yeah, pretty clear unanimous decision victory for Max Holloway.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      SHIT. I was really hoping Thatch would win this fight, because his first two UFC fights were fucking awesome, so I was looking forward to seeing him Bill Goldberg his way through the welterweight division. BUT... Benson Henderson accepted this fight on short notice to save the event, he moved up to 170 for the first time, and he got his ass beat for the first two rounds, but the last two rounds, Henderson spent a good portion of each round on Thatch's back, and Henderson finished him off with a rear-naked choke. So yeah, really good fight overall, and congrats to Henderson for a pretty huge win.