100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (22 Total):
1. Marion Reneau - 93.2
2. Mike de la Torre - 92.8
3. Frank Mir - 92.3
4. Santiago Ponzinibbio - 91.7
5. Sam Alvey - 91.4
6. Michael Johnson - 91.4
7. Jessica Andrade - 91.3
8. Douglas Silva de Andrade - 91.1
9. Frankie Saenz - 91.1
10. Matt Dwyer - 90.8
UFC Fight Night 61: Bigfoot vs. Mir
Location: Porto Alegre, Brazil
Elevation: 33'
-Fight of the Night-
Marion Reneau vs. Jessica Andrade
Fighters & Matches 89.1
Top 10 Fighters 91.7
TOTAL 90.4
     The problem with this fight is, I don't have either of these guys even ranked in the Top 100 at 155 in the UFC, so it's really hard to get excited about these fights that REALLY don't matter. With that being said, they both have cool tattoos, so that's cool. Jorge clearly dominated the first round, taking Shockley to the ground, getting full mount, and almost finishing the fight with an arm-triangle choke. The second round was close, but probably went to Shockley. The third round was close, but probably went to Jorge. So in the end, I agreed with all 3 judges, 29-28 in favor of Jorge.
      This was a pretty competitive fight from start to finish. I thought Gibson won the first round, Andrade DEFINITELY won the second round, pretty much handing Gibson his ass, and the third round was close, but I think I was leaning a little more in favor of Andrade in that one as well, so congrats to Douglas Silva de Andrade for a hard fought unanimous decision victory.
      This was a nice quick fight between a couple of unranked undercard guys. Both guys looked decent, but for the most part, Mike de la Torre's left hook controlled most of this fight, rocking Trator early on, and eventually he finished him with some hard punches that knocked him on his ass, and then Torre landed about 20 more punches before the referee finally had seen enough. Pretty great KO victory for Mike de la Torre.
(Superman Punch)
      Hahahaha... What was that? This fight was kind of a slow paced "throw a punch here, throw a punch there" kind of fight, for the first 3 minutes, and then Dwyer landed a big cartoonish Superman Punch, which barely looked like it even connected, but apparently it hit Macario right on "the spot", because Macario wobbled around like Rick Flair for a few seconds, and then fell face first to the canvas, where Dwyer looked like he wasn't sure what to do, so he just stood above him, and threw big bombs to the head of the downed Patolino, eventually forcing the referee to stop the fight. Really nice win for Dwyer, I guess?
(Triangle Choke)
      OH SHIT. I wanted Andrade to win this fight, mostly because I was more familiar with her going into it, and I consider her to be one of the Top 5 Women at 135. With that being said, both girls are scrappy as fuck, they both landed some hard punches, Andrade's nose was bloodied pretty early in the fight, she eventually knocked Reneau to the ground, Reneau locked on a triangle choke, and was able to finish the fight via submission in just under 2 minutes of the first round. Marion Reneau is a serious contender, and I'm really looking forward to seeing where she goes from here. Two wins already this year, and we're only 2 months in? That's some serious shit right there...
      This was a pretty good fight, between a couple of guys I haven't really been paying that much attention to. Strickland stayed in the fight for the entire 15 minutes, constantly coming forward, trying to strike, trying to shoot for takedowns, but ultimately, Ponzinibbio was too much for him, especially with the Brazilian crowd backing him, he basically beat Strickland's ass for 15 minutes, and even secured a few takedowns, showing that he's the better fighter in all situations. So yeah, nice solid win for Santiago Ponzinibbio, and this marks the first loss on Strickland's record.
      Wow... Saenz basically came out of nowhere, and beat one of the Top 5 Fighters at 135. Alcantara looked pretty good in the first round, showing some nice striking skills, but Saenz looked good too, so I scored that round a draw. The last two rounds, I gave to Saenz, for controlling Alcantara, and beating him up on the ground. I was nervous that the judges in Brazil might give Alcantara the fight, based on him being Brazilian, but nope... All 3 judges gave the fight to Saenz, so I was happy with the decision.
      Well shit... Rustam Khabilov is one of my favorite fighters, so I was really hoping he would be able to showcase his skills in this fight, but he ended up losing a very close split-decision. I think everyone agrees that Khabilov won the second round, Martins won the third round, and the first round was really close. I guess I would give that round to Martins, so I can't really complain about the decision, but it sure would have been nice to see Khabilov get back on the winning track. Either way, pretty huge win for Adriano Martins.
      BAM! YEAH! That's what I'm talking about! Ferreira was picking apart Alvey, pretty much having his way with him, and then Alvey landed a huge punch, knocking Ferreira to the ground, where Alvey finished him off with a couple more punches, knocking Ferreira unconscious in the first round. Awesome win for Smilin' Sam Alvey!
      Oh man! Edson Barboza is a scary dude, and Michael Johnson basically just manhandled him for 15 minutes, beating him up on the feet, taking him down, controlling the pace of the fight, walking down Barboza. This was an extremely one-sided 30-27 fight in favor of Michael Johnson, and a HUGE win, considering Barboza is ranked pretty highly at 155.
      This fight consisted of about a minute & a half, of absolutely nothing happening, followed by Mir landing a big left hook, knocking Bigfoot to the ground, where Mir was able to go "smash... smash... SMMMAAAAAAAAASH" with elbows, knocking Bigfoot unconscious. So yeah, really explosive finish, to an otherwise pointless fight. Mir hasn't won a fight in over 3 years, and Bigfoot seems to be on a bit of a downward spiral. BUT! Let's not let that take away from the fact that Mir just beat Bigfoot's ass in under two minutes!!!