100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (24 Total):
1. Rafael dos Anjos - 94.1
2. Joanna Jedrzejczyk - 93.1
3. Beneil Dariush - 93.1
4. Joseph Duffy - 93.1
5. Ross Pearson - 92.1
6. Germaine de Randamie - 91.9
7. Johny Hendricks - 91.7
8. Jared Rosholt - 91.6
9. Alistair Overeem - 91.5
10. Henry Cejudo - 91.1
UFC 185: Pettis vs. Dos Anjos
Location: Dallas, Texas
Elevation: 430'
-Fight of the Night-
Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs. Carla Esparza
Fighters & Matches 89.9
Top 10 Fighters 92.3
TOTAL 91.1
     Well, that wasn't a very fair fight. Pacheco more or less just kind of stood there for a round and a half, while the Muay Thai fighter, Germaine de Randamie, punched, elbowed & kicked the shit out of her. Eventually, about halfway through the second round, Randamie was just whacking away at Pacheco's head, bouncing her off the cage, and the referee just jumped in between them and called the stoppage via TKO. Awesome showing by Randamie, but I'm still a little unclear why "the youngest fighter in the UFC", Pacheco, is here right now. She might be good one day, but this makes 2 fights so far, and 2 losses in the UFC.
(Punch to the Body)
      YEAH! Joseph Duffy makes his UFC debut, and uses Lindsey as a punching bag for a couple of minutes, before eventually kicking him in the head with a brutal kick, and he followed that up with a couple of punches to the body, Lindsey collapsed, Duffy went in for the kill, and Herb Dean stopped the fight. Awesome UFC debut by Irish Joe Duffy, and this makes 3 losses in a row for Jake Lindsey in the UFC, so I would have to assume he's done, right?
      Um... Sergio Pettis basically picked apart Benoit in the first round with strikes, Benoit took the fight to the ground, Pettis got on top, and continued to beat the shit out of him. The second round started, Pettis continued to pick him apart, and then Benoit rocked him, knocked him to the ground, finished him with strikes, it was an amazing comeback, the referee stopped the fight, and then Benoit kicked Pettis in the ass, as he was being pulled off him. Soooo... Late cheap shot? Pretty much ruined what otherwise would have been the biggest win of Benoit's career. I mean, he still won, and it was impressive, but, why'd he have to kick Pettis in the butt after the fight was stopped?
(Elbows & Punches)
      This was a pretty decent heavyweight fight. Rosholt was controlling most of the first round, until he got clipped with a big punch, which made that round pretty even on the scorecards. Rosholt continued to control the second round, beating up Copeland on the feet for most of the round, and even dropping Copeland on his head at one point. The second round was all Rosholt, as he got the fight to the ground again, and finished Copeland with big heavy punches & elbows. Really nice win for Jared Rosholt.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Holy shit! I've been really impressed with Cruickshank lately, and even had him ranked at #10 in the division, going into this fight. With that being said, he looked decent early in the first round, but eventually, he was picked apart by the striking of Dariush, got destroyed with elbows on the ground in the first round, and was almost choked out with a D'Arce. The second round was 100% Dariush, and Cruickshank clumsily went for a takedown against the much better grappler, and after Dariush schooled him on the ground, he eventually locked on a rear-naked choke, and finished the fight via submission. Awesome victory for Beneil Dariush.
      This was a decent fight I guess. I really don't like Elias Theodorou, mostly because he has one of those pretty-boy Canadian faces, that you want to throw a brick at. BUT! It's hard to argue with his results, he kind of fucks people up, and he's on a 3-0 winning streak in the UFC, so I guess maybe we need to start taking him seriously, eh? The first round was kind of boring, and probably went to Narvaez, but the fight clearly went to Theodorou, as he finished Narvaez with strikes in the second round. Nice win for Elias Theodorou. It's also worth noting that Theodorou broke Narvaez's arm in the second round with a big kick to the head, that was blocked by the left arm of Narvaez, and I think that's where he really turned up the heat, and that lead to the finish.
      This was a pretty decent fight, even though neither guy is ranked anywhere, considering they've both had a bit of a hard time with their last couple of fights. With that being said, the first round they both traded combinations the entire time, but I gave the slight advantage to Ross Pearson. The second round had Pearson knocking Stout on his ass early in the round with a HUGE left hand, and then he dove on him, and landed a big right hand on the ground to seal the deal. Awesome win for Ross Pearson.
      Well, there's not much to say about this fight, other than it was a clear 30-27 decision victory for Henry Cejudo. His wrestling is too good for people to be able to grapple with him, and his striking is good enough to allow him to win on points. Cejudo looked solid, and Cariaso looked like he clearly doesn't belong in the Top 10 at this point. Nice win for Cejudo.
      This was a pretty big heavyweight fight, but it wasn't as exciting as I would have liked. Overeem showed decent footwork, as he ran away for a good portion of the fight. He also landed a ton of huge knees though, so he looked pretty sharp overall. Nelson bullied him a little bit, cornering him a few times, and slammed him with big punches to the body & head up against the cage at least once in each round. But yeah, Overeem wins all 3 rounds, I personally gave Nelson the second round, but I guess I'm not going to argue the result, since most people seem to think Overeem was the clear winner in all 3 rounds. Decent fight, but I would have liked to see a stoppage for sure.
      Well, that was a pretty one-sided fight, especially considering the fact that I thought Matt Brown might have a chance at shocking the world here. But, nope... Hendricks took him down in every round, completely dominated him with his wrestling skills, and beat him up with hard punches on the ground. Brown showed some decent grappling defense while on the ground, but he wasn't able to stay on his feet to save his life, so... Congrats to Hendricks for the dominant unanimous decision victory.
      FUCK YEAH! Joanna Jedrzejczyk just put on a striking clinic on Esparza, beating the living shit out of her for two rounds, with Esparza so focused on trying to secure a takedown (and failing miserably, over and over again), Jedrzejczyk just picked her apart, and fucking DESTROYED her, knocking her out near the end of the second round with brutal punches. I'm stoked that Jedrzejczyk is the new UFC Women's Strawweight Champion, and I really hope that at some point, we get to see her defend her title against Rose Namajunas. This was a pretty awesome fight (assuming you're not a huge fan of Esparza).
      Yeah! I've been pretty hyped on Dos Anjos for a while now, and I've never liked Anthony Pettis, so for me, this fight was fucking incredible. Dos Anjos absolutely beat the shit out of Pettis for 25 minutes, nonstop, he beat him on the feet with hard punches & kicks, and he dominated him with his wrestling & Jiu-Jitsu. There wasn't a single minute of this fight that Pettis won. So yeah, amazing victory for Dos Anjos, and we have a NEW UFC Lightweight Champion, in Rafael dos Anjos!