100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (24 Total):
1. Steven Ray - 92.6
2. Maryna Moroz - 92.3
3. Mirko Filipovic - 91.5
4. Aleksandra Albu - 91.4
5. Jimi Manuwa - 90.7
6. Taylor Lapilus - 90.3
7. Leon Edwards - 89.9
8. Gabriel Gonzaga - 89.9
9. Yaotzin Meza - 89.8
10. Pawel Pawlak - 89.7
UFC Fight Night 64: Gonzaga vs. Cro Cop 2
Location: Lesser Poland, Poland
Elevation: 722'
-Fight of the Night-
Maryna Moroz vs. Joanne Calderwood
Fighters & Matches 88.2
Top 10 Fighters 90.8
TOTAL 89.5
     Here we are with a couple of new guys, neither of which I could give less of a shit about. Rocky Lee's gameplan was clearly to take the fight to the ground, which he failed pretty miserably at, and Lapilus was able to pick him apart with strikes for the duration of the fight, eventually winning the fight via a pretty clear unanimous decision.
      Here we are with another undercard fight that I don't really care about, BUT! Apparently Bandel was the favorite going into this fight, since Ray took the fight on short notice, but Ray pretty much handed him his ass, completely dominating the grappling game in the first round, almost finishing the fight with an arm-triangle choke, and the second round had Ray dominating again, eventually getting the mount, and finishing the fight via some hard punches on the ground. Steven Ray looks pretty legit.
(Guillotine Choke)
      Wow! That was a pretty awesome fight, between a couple of girls I'm not familiar with. I definitely look forward to seeing Badurek fight again, but this was clearly not her night, as Albu punished her face in the first round, beating her up for most of the fight, and once Badurek finally secured a takedown in the second round, she fell immediately into a guillotine choke, and was forced to tap. Awesome win for Aleksandra Albu.
      This was the first fight on the card where I actually knew both fighters, but that didn't help much with the excitement, considering neither guy is ranked in the Top 30 at Heavyweight. With that being said, Hamilton beat the shit out of Omielanczuk in the first round. The second round was the exact opposite, with Omielanczuk almost finishing the fight with some ground & pound. By the third round, they were both tired, and I think Hamilton won that won, securing the unanimous decision victory for him, 29-28 on most scorecards.
      This was a pretty competitive fight, and could have maybe gone either way, but ultimately, I gave the fight to Meza, 29-28. Stasiak pretty clearly won the first round I think (even though Meza started the round pretty strong), but most of the rest of the fight I thought went to Meza. It's hard to get excited about fights like these, but overall, it was a pretty decent fight for what it was. Congrats to Meza for the unanimous decision victory.
      Meh... Moraes is fun to watch sometimes, but this probably wasn't his best fight. I think most people probably would have given this fight to Lebout due to his striking, but it was a fairly close fight I guess. I gave Moraes the first & third rounds, with Lebout clearly winning the second round. This wasn't the most exciting fight though, so not a lot of highlights to comment on. Congrats to Moraes for somehow pulling off the unanimous decision victory though.
      Who? That has been the story of the night so far unfortunately. Garreth McLellan at least looks cool, with the tats & the beard, so I was really hoping he would win this fight, but he more or less got his ass kicked by Fabinski. I think you would be hard pressed to convince anyone that McLellan even won a single round, and even with that being said, it's not like it was an exciting one-sided ass beating either. Overall, I'm glad the fight is over, but that's about the only real comment I have for this one. Congrats to Fabinski for winning in his UFC debut.
      Well, that wasn't a very exciting fight necessarily, but at least it was quick and clean. Baczynski threw a couple of punches, didn't really connect with anything, Edwards returned fire, and knocked Baczynski on his ass, and finished him off with a couple of well placed punches to the chin on the ground. Really nice win for Leon Edwards, but horrible way to continue a now 3-Fight losing streak, for Seth Baczynski. I'm just glad that someone actually finished a fight tonight, I was starting to think we wouldn't see anymore finishes on this card.
      Wow, this was the first really important fight on this card in my opinion. Calderwood is a top 10 fighter in the division in my opinion, and if she would have won this fight, it could have possibly put her in a spot for a title shot. Moroz came out of nowhere though, and beat the shit out of Calderwood, overwhelming her with punches, Moroz eventually pulled guard, locked on a tight armbar, and Calderwood was forced to submit, otherwise she would have ended up with a broken arm. Moroz looks pretty fuckin' legit, and I'm really excited to see her next fight, regardless of who it's against.
      You know you're in trouble when the fight just 2 fights under the main event, features Sheldon Westcott, as the commentators open the fight with "Buckle up, and do not blink, Sheldon Westcott is about to go to work..." HUH!?! I guess I shouldn't be surprised by the marketing though, considering that Pawlak's last fight, had him getting destroyed by a guy that was 0-3 in the UFC, as they built Pawlak up to be one of the best up & comers in the world. With all of that being said though, this was actually one of the best fights on the card, mostly because Pawlak beat up Westcott with strikes, as Westcott continued to try to take him down, and once they finally hit the ground, Pawlak was on top, continuing to beat up Westcott with ground & pound. So yeah, congrats to Pawlak for getting his first UFC win.
      This was a pretty interesting fight. It was pretty one-sided, with Manuwa picking apart Blachowicz for most of the fight, with some solid boxing skills, and a decent clinch game. Blachowicz had a few moments where he landed decent punches, or a nice head kick in the third round, but ultimately, this fight was all Manuwa, and it was a nice return for him, after spending over a year outside of the octagon. The unanimous decision victory goes to Jimi Manuwa.
(Elbows & Punches)
      YES! I don't want to blow this out of proportion, since both of these guys are obviously on the down-side of their careers, but... CRO COP IS BACK! (Sort of...) He got his ass beat for the first two rounds, as Gonzaga took him down repeatedly, and beat him up, and displayed his superior grappling skills. The third round though, had Gonzaga clinching Cro Cop against the cage, where Cro Cop was able to launch a BRUTAL elbow, as he chopped the big man down, eventually getting in Gonzaga's guard, where Cro Cop beat the living shit out of him with punches & brutal elbows, until the referee was forced to stop the fight. AWESOME return for Mirko Cro Cop.