100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (16 Total):
1. Karo Parisyan - 94.3
2. Nick Diaz - 92.7
3. Joe Riggs - 91.9
4. Chuck Liddell - 91.7
5. Yves Edwards - 90.5
6. Joe Doerksen - 88.8
7. Vernon White - 88.8
8. Justin Eilers - 88.7
9. Josh Thomson - 88.5
10. Chris Lytle - 88.1
UFC 49: Unfinished Business
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Elevation: 2,001'
-Fight of the Night-
Karo Parisyan vs. Nick Diaz
Fighters & Matches 88.2
Top 10 Fighters 90.4
TOTAL 89.3
(Flying Head Kick & Punches)
     This fight was really weird... Josh Thomson came out throwing leg kicks (which is what I expected Yves to do, so Yves Edwards seemed like he was a bit out of place during the first half of the fight...) Then Thomson picked up Edwards & slammed him, so at this point, I thought Thomson was going to dominate the rest of the fight... Then somehow, Edwards grabbed ahold of Thomson's back while standing, then pushed him, kicked him in the side of the head from behind, and pretty much killed the poor lad, finishing the fight off with a bit of ground & pound before the referee finally realized what was going on, and had to pull off Edwards... So, Yves Edwards wins by surprise KO in the first round...
      This fight was AWESOME!!! Karo Parisyan completely dominated Nick during the entire first round, taking him down with slams, throws, double legs, single legs, head first, etc... It was just an awesome display of Judo by Karo Parisyan... Then the second round consisted of some more striking on the feet, and it also contained some of the best submission grappling I've ever seen, with lots of submission attempts, lots of reversals from both fighters, it was great... Then the second round came down to more takedowns by Parisyan... So, in the end, the fight went all 3 rounds, and the judges gave the split-decision victory to Karo Parisyan, and I agree 100% with that decision...
(Guillotine Choke)
      Chris Lytle started the fight by almost knocking out Ron Jhun early in the first round, but after recovering, it became a slow paced ground battle for a few minutes... Chris Lytle definitely had complete control over the first round, and even tried a few submission attempts, but couldn't lock anything on... Then fairly early in the second round, Chris Lytle locked on a guillotine choke (after trying that same choke about 100 times in this fight), and Ron Jhun was forced to tap out... Chris Lytle wins by submission early in round 2...
      Both big guys came out swinging, Mike Kyle got Eilers in the clinch, and threw a couple of knees to the balls of Eilers, causing the referee to stop the fight for a moment, to take away points from Mike Kyle... Then, the fight started back up again, and Justin Eilers knocked Mike Kyle the fuck out with a hard left hook... Justin Eilers wins by KO in under 2 minutes in the first round...
      Well, this fight was David Terrell's UFC debut, and it was quite stunning, I guess... Matt Lindland, one of the top middleweights in the UFC, came out, danced around for a minute, got punched in the face and died... After Lindland fell backwards, already knocked out, Terrell jumped on him and punched him a few times, and then the referee stopped the fight... It was kind of weird, because it was almost like Lindland was knocked out before the fight even started... But whatever... Good show by Terrell, and Lindland needs to go back to the drawing board... Terrell wins by KO in the first 30 seconds of the fight...
      Both fighters came out swinging, and Chuck got the upperhand somewhat early, but Vernon White just would NOT stay down... So Chuck kept beating on him, and Vernon got in a couple of good shots, but eventually Chuck's punches were too much for "Tiger", and Chuck knocked him the fuck out... Good show by Chuck, but not nearly as dominant as I was expecting it to be... Still, good fight, and Chuck wins by KO in the first round...
      Joe Riggs had this fight won from the start... Joe Doerksen kicked him in the balls twice, causing the referee to stop the fight twice... I'm pretty sure that pissed off Riggs a little bit, because after getting kicked in the balls, he pretty much destroyed Doerksen... Joe Doerksen had a few moments where he hinted at some submission attempts, but he didn't even come close to really locking anything on... Riggs was just way too powerful, and he ended the fight near the end of the second round, by dropping crazy elbows on the eye of Doerksen, cutting that shit wide open, and leaving Doerksen in a position where he was forced to tap... So there goes the TKO victory for Joe Riggs in the second round...
(Doctor Stoppage)
      This fight was a pretty big grudge match, since Randy got screwed out of his title at UFC 46, so I was looking forward to seeing Randy hand Vitor his ass during this fight... From the start of the fight, Randy pinned Belfort up against the cage, and just kind of grinded against him... All 3 of the first 3 rounds consisted of the same thing... During the first round, Randy opened up Vitor with an accidental headbutt, leading to a pretty bad cut over Belfort's eye, which continued to get worse as the fight progressed... The point is, after the third round ended, the doctors decided to stop the fight due to the cut, and Randy Couture becomes the new Light Heavyweight Champion!!! (Again...)