100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (14 Total):
1. Matt Hughes - 92.2
2. Rich Franklin - 91.0
3. Frank Trigg - 90.6
4. Georges St. Pierre - 90.2
5. Evan Tanner - 89.5
6. Tito Ortiz - 88.6
7. Ivan Salaverry - 88.2
8. Renato Verissimo - 88.2
9. Jorge Rivera - 87.4
10. Robbie Lawler - 86.7
UFC 50: The War of '04
Location: Atlantic City, New Jersey
Elevation: 7'
-Fight of the Night-
Matt Hughes vs. Georges St. Pierre
Fighters & Matches 85.9
Top 10 Fighters 89.3
TOTAL 87.6
     Well, that was just about as lame as it gets... The first round consisted of both fighters just standing there, literally... Then the second round consisted of Travis Lutter throwing one punch, and knocking out Marvin Eastman... FUCKING LAME FIGHT... Both these guys suck... Marvin Eastman looks like the baddest man on the planet, but I've never seen him really put up a good fight against anyone, except for Rampage Jackson in a really early King of the Cage event... Bla, this fight was lame... Lutter wins by second round KO...
(Body Lock)
      Wow, this was a really impressive win for Ivan Salaverry... Both fighters looked sloppy as shit at first, because they were both throwing wide ugly punches, without connecting at all, and then Salaverry got crazy with a bunch of unique takedown attempts, almost landing a few... Then out of nowhere, Salaverry unleashed a barrage of punches, almost knocking out Fryklund, and followed that up with a kick to the face on the way down, then jumped on Fryklund's back, locking on the body triangle, nearly breaking Fryklund's back, forcing him to verbally submit by screaming "MY BACK! MY BACK! OOOOUCH!!!" So yeah, Ivan Salaverry is pretty flaming, but he's a bad ass fighter, no doubt about that... Salaverry wins by submission in the first round...
(Triangle Choke)
      This fight started with neither fighter really wanting to get too physical, and they were both throwing weak punches & kicks... Then after wrestling around for a bit, Robbie Lawler (who came up a weight class to fight Tanner) picked Tanner up over his head, and gave him a giant Pro-Wrestling style spinebuster, almost killing Tanner... The problem is, Tanner is great with submissions, and as soon as he hit the ground, he locked on a triangle choke, then included a straight armbar, and forced Lawler to submit to a combination of submissions all at once... Robbie Lawler got schooled at 185, and needs to drop back down to 170... Tanner wins by submission in the first round...
      This fight was a straight up scrap yo! As with most other fights these days, the fight started with some sloppy striking, and then both fighters tried to take each other down, and even though Trigg had a slight advantage with the wrestling, they still didn't go to the ground... Well, not at first anyways... Eventually, they went to the ground, and Trigg tried to ground & pound Verissimo, but got caught in a triangle choke... OH MY GOD! Submission!?! Nope, after a lengthy period spent caught in the triangle, Trigg eventually powered out, and continued to pound away at Verissimo... The first round was pretty close, and a good fight by both fighters... The second round consisted of both fighters going to the ground again, and this time, Trigg caught Verissimo in an uncomfortable looking spider guard position, and continued to pound away at Verissimo's head & face with elbows & punches, until eventually the referee just had to stop the fight... Verissimo is a good fighter, but Trigg got the upperhand this time... Trigg wins by second round TKO...
      This fight was pretty solid... Both guys are great grapplers, and great with submissions, so it was easy to predict that this would be a good fight on the ground... The fight started with GSP taking Hughes to the ground, but once they were down there, he couldn't really do much with Hughes... Then Hughes took St. Pierre to the ground a couple of times... Both guys tried a few submissions, but all attempts were escaped by both fighters... The only real solid strike the entire fight, was a bad ass spinning back kick by St. Pierre, which knocked the wind out of Hughes, but GSP didn't capitalize... Then Hughes took St. Pierre to the ground again, this time GSP tried to secure a Kimura, but Hughes reversed it at the last second of the fight, turning it into an armbar for the submission victory in the first round... Hughes was lucky that he went for it when he did, because up until that point, the fight was very even, and if he would have waited 2 more seconds, GSP would have been saved by the bell... Good fight... Hughes becomes the NEW Welterweight Champion (after losing it to BJ Penn, who then left the UFC, vacating the belt, etc...)
      This was a pretty alright fight... To be honest though, it seemed like it may have been a little bit over-rated by the announcers, and stuff like that... During the fight, everyone seemed to think that "Oh wow! This is a war! What a brawl!" But I was having a hard time staying interested in it... Blah, let's get to the point though... Both guys have pretty solid striking abilities, and with that being said, they sort of nullified each other's attacks... Rich Franklin pretty much set the pace for the fight, and controlled most of the action, but somehow, in the second round, Rich Franklin's left eye had a GIANT limp above & below his eye, it looked like his face was literally going to explode... BUT, he still kept fighting, and eventually ended the fight late in the third round, via armbar submission... Good fight... Jorge Rivera bores me though...
      Tito was supposed to have a rematch with Guy Mezger (which would have been really fun), but Guy Mezger suffered TWO strokes before this fight, so for obvious reasons, he was out with the injury or whatever... Sooo, with that being said, Patrick Cote was kind of a late replacement... Cote claimed that "If you think Liddell hits hard, you're going to be blown away with my power!!!" Or something along those lines... Aaaand, he caught Ortiz with one punch early in the first round, sort of knocking Ortiz off balance... Other than that one punch, the entire fight consisted of Ortiz taking Cote to the ground, and doing some "decent" ground & pound... Boring fight, especially for a Tito fight... But I guess he said his cardio just wasn't where he wanted it to be, so, blah... Whatever... Tito Ortiz wins by unanimous decision...