100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (16 Total):
1. David Loiseau - 93.7
2. Karo Parisyan - 93.4
3. Nate Quarry - 92.9
4. Rich Franklin - 91.4
5. Andrei Arlovski - 91.0
6. Forrest Griffin - 90.2
7. Shonie Carter - 90.2
8. Matt Serra - 89.8
9. Paul Buentello - 89.3
10. Charles McCarthy - 89.0
UFC 53: Heavy Hitters
Location: Atlantic City, New Jersey
Elevation: 7'
-Fight of the Night-
David Loiseau vs. Charles McCarthy
Fighters & Matches 89.2
Top 10 Fighters 91.1
TOTAL 90.2
     This fight was kind of funny... Koji Oishi is just an iddy-biddy guy, coming into the welterweight fight at only 162 pounds (170 is what most guys fight at in this weight class)... Anyways, the funny part, was that Koji Oishi spent the entire fight looking like a statue, with his hands at about chest level, and he just let Diaz punch him until he eventually got knocked out early in the first round... Koji Oishi appears to serve no purpose in the UFC, other than to get squashed by up & coming talents... Nick Diaz put on a decent show, but it didn't really prove much against a guy like Koji...
(Spinning Back Kick)
      This fight started off with Charles McCarthy taking Loiseau to the ground with ease, and then he pressed him up against the cage... After a bit of wrestling around, McCarthy grabbed Loiseau's back, and tried to lock on the rear-naked choke, BUT, Loiseau has one of the best rear-naked choke defenses in the game, and he was able to escape multiple attempts, until he finally got the upperhand, and flipped over, putting McCarthy on his back... Then Loiseau started raining down crazy elbows, that would have killed any normal human being... From that point on, through the first round, Loiseau pretty much dominated the last half... The second round started with the same ol' scuffle, but eventually ended when Loiseau did a spin kick to the body of McCarthy, causing him to literally fold over, and then Loiseau flew across the Octagon, literally, landing a flying knee, followed by a bunch of punches that forced the referee to stop the fight due to Loiseau's dominant performance... So, David Loiseau wins by TKO/referee stoppage, in the second round...
      At the start of the fight, I thought that Shonie Carter was probably going to win, because he seemed to bring a slight edge with the striking, and I thought that he was going to get lucky and KO Nate Quarry... Well, I was wrong... Shonie started off strong, but then after missing a kick, Nate Quarry took advantage of the situation, and pretty much tore Carter into little tiny pieces, by throwing punches, kicks, knees, elbows, everything he could think of to throw out there, until eventually Carter was knocked out on his feet... He tried to keep coming at Quarry, but instead, he fell flat on his face, the referee stopped the fight, and Nate Quarry wins by KO in the first round... Good job by Nate Quarry...
(Guillotine Choke)
      This was a pretty sloppy boxing match, with both heavyweights throwing bombs, and eventually, Buentello got the upperhand and won the fight with a single arm neck crank, which was an interesting way to see the fight end, since both fighters got rocked at least once during the fight, and I was SURE that someone would get knocked out... But nope, Buentello wins by submission, which was bizarre, but pretty kick ass... I'm not a fan of Kevin Jordan, but I look forward to seeing Buentello fight again sometime in the near future...
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      This was a pretty alright fight... I'm a huge Forrest Griffin fan, and I had never heard of Bill Mahood before this fight, and doubt I'll hear of him again afterwards... Basically, the fight started with Mahood throwing a kick, Griffin caught it, then took the fight to the ground... After a bit of scrambling, Griffin got on Mahood's back, locked on a tight neck crank/rear naked choke/something, and forced Bill Mahood to tap out in the first round... Forrest Griffin wins by submission...
(Doctor Stoppage)
      This was a pretty good fight... It started out slow, with the first two rounds getting a few boos here & there from the fans, since neither fighter was really going all out at all, but since it was scheduled to be 5 rounds, you can't really blame them for starting slow... Then, during the third round, Rich Franklin busted up Tanner's face pretty badly, leaving swollen bumps & cuts all over Tanner's face, but the fight still continued into the fourth round... By the end of the fight (about halfway through the fourth round), Tanner's face was so swollen that the doctors had to stop the fight, since he looked like his entire face was going to explode... Rich Franklin wins by doctor stoppage, and even if they wouldn't have stopped the fight, he was ahead on points anyways, so great win for Franklin, and he becomes the NEW UFC Middleweight Champion!!!
      This was a long three round fight, but it was pretty enjoyable... Matt Serra pretty much knocked out Karo Parisyan early in the first round, with one punch, but after Karo fell flat on the mat, he somehow recovered instantly, and was able to defend himself for the rest of the round... The first round was pretty even after that, ending with Parisyan gaining a bit of the upper hand... Then Karo pretty much dominated the second round, but couldn't finish Serra... The third round was more of the same, but Serra had no offense at all, and just spent the entire round trying to defend himself from Karo's submission attempts & nasty elbows... Karo Parisyan wins by unanimous decision...
      This fight was actually kind of boring... Andrei Arlovski spent the fight peppering Eilers with punchs and kicks, but never really seemed to come close to knocking him out or anything... Then for seemingly no reason at all, blood started pouring from Justin's face... Justin Eilers really didn't stand a chance during this fight... The fight eventually came to an end, when Justin's knee gave out on him, and he fell to the ground, and Arlovski capitalized by attacking the downed Eilers, winning the fight by TKO/referee stoppage...