100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (16 Total):
1. Georges St. Pierre - 96.3
2. Diego Sanchez - 93.9
3. Matt Lindland - 93.7
4. Randy Couture - 92.5
5. Chuck Liddell - 92.2
6. Joe Doerksen - 92.0
7. Trevor Prangley - 90.7
8. Mike Van Arsdale - 90.2
9. Frank Trigg - 89.7
10. Brian Gassaway - 89.2
UFC 54: Boiling Point
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Elevation: 2,001'
-Fight of the Night-
Georges St. Pierre vs. Frank Trigg
Fighters & Matches 89.8
Top 10 Fighters 92.0
TOTAL 90.9
(Flying Knee)
     The first round consisted of Terry Martin taking Irvin to the ground 2 or 3 times, and then either trying to lock on sloppy guillotine chokes, or else doing a little bit of ground & pound... Martin won the first round easily, but it wasn't nearly as exciting as it probably could have been... Then the second round started with James Irvin runnning in with a flying knee, knocking out Terry Martin instantly... Martin in my opinion is the better fighter overall, but Irvin's surprise strategy of unleashing that flying knee, got him the KO win in the second round... So I guess Irvin is the better fighter today... (But any other day, I think Martin would beat Irvin, if he could just avoid getting hit by another flying knee)...
      It's pretty sad when the only points you score, are from getting punched in the balls, and taking a knee to the balls... This is how Travis Lutter scored some points in the first round... Trevor Prangley dominated him, during all 3 rounds, by taking him to the ground with ease, throwing him, slamming him, etc... And once it got to the ground, Prangley just pounded away with punches & elbows, until Lutter left the fight a complete bloody mess... Trevor Prangley executed an impressive clinic on Lutter, and won at the end of 3 rounds by unanimous decision... Lutter has no real business being in the UFC... He'd probably be pretty good in King of the Cage, but that's about it...
      This fight was actually pretty awesome... Joe Doerksen had control of the first round for the most part, pretty much making Lindland his bitch, by climbing all over his back, trying to lock on a rear naked choke, wrapping his legs around Lindland in a weird way that left only one of Lindland's hands to defend himself... GREAT show by Doerksen during the first round... The second & third rounds basically consisted of Lindland taking Doerksen to the ground at will & controlling him the entire time... Lindland locked on a few really solid guillotine chokes that Doerksen somehow escaped, but for the most part, Lindland just held him to the ground & kept Doerksen locked up so he couldn't do anything offensive... At the end of 3 rounds, Matt Lindland won by unanimous decision...
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      GSP completely dominated Frank Trigg during this fight, proving that he should be next in line for a Welterweight Title Shot... Trigg started the fight with some decent standup, but as soon as he tried to take St. Pierre to the ground, and got reversed, it was all over... The fight ALMOST lasted the entire first 5 minute round, but the entire round consisted of GSP taking Trigg to the ground, pounding on him, out-wrestling him, throwing a bunch of submissions at him, and just absolutely dominating him, until GSP finally locked on the rear-naked choke, forcing Trigg to submit... GSP wins by submission in the first round... After this fight, there's no questioning that GSP is my favorite welterweight fighter...
      Diego Sanchez is DA MAN! I like this dude... This fight pretty much consisted of Gassaway talking shit backstage about how bad ass he is when standing up... Well, I think he might have thrown one punch the entire fight... The rest of the time, Diego was taking him to the ground, and running a clinic on him... Similar to the previous fight with GSP & Frank Trigg, Diego Sanchez pretty much destroyed Gassaway, with some solid ground & pound, a great combination of submission attempts near the end of the first round, and eventually he ended the fight via tapout, in the second round due to a bunch of ground & pound striking, which apparently Gassaway just couldn't take anymore... So Sanchez wins by tapout in the second round...
(Anaconda Choke)
      This was a great wrestling match... Randy Couture is a legendary Olympic wrestler, and Mike Van Arsdale has a great amateur background as well... So the fight consisted of a lot of takedowns, going both ways (mostly in favor of Randy though), and some decent striking by both fighters... It went on until a little bit into the third round, when Randy Couture finally locked on a "gator roll" style choke submission or something... Pretty impressive show by both fighters, but Randy Couture secures the submission victory in the third round...
(Head Kick)
      This fight consisted of a lot of dancing around the ring, and a bunch of jabs coming from both fighters... To make a long story short, the fight ended at the end of the first round, with a kick to the head by Tim Sylvia, knocking out Tra Telligman instantly... The interesting part was, it was right at the bell, so was Telligman saved by the bell? Ha ha ha... NO FUCKING WAY... Tim Sylvia wins by first round KO... Great KO, but boring fight...
      This fight went 4 rounds, and was really exciting for the most part, even though it had a lot of boring action... Hmmm... I guess it was exciting, because of the hype... You knew from the beginning of the fight, that Chuck Liddell could KO Jeremy Horn at any moment... Jeremy Horn on the other hand, if he could take Chuck to the ground, could submit Chuck at any moment... So it was exciting, because you never knew what was going to happen... BUT, for the most part, the action was slow paced, and Jeremy Horn pretty much got dominated... They both unleashed some decent jab action, but Chuck Liddell is the only one that was able to knock down his opponent... Jeremy Horn was knocked to the ground a LOT during the fight, and was almost knocked out on multiple occasions, but the fight didn't actually end until the fourth round, when Horn was knocked down, and then verbally told the referee that he couldn't continue, because he was blind... Chuck beat his ass so bad, that Horn couldn't see, and just couldn't continue... GREAT fight for Chuck, especially if you're into strategic striking fights, but Horn had a less than stellar performance (even though he took a beating, and kept on coming...) Good fight...