100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (14 Total):
1. David Loiseau - 94.6
2. Spencer Fisher - 92.8
3. Josh Koscheck - 92.5
4. Chris Leben - 92.2
5. Drew Fickett - 91.7
6. Jay Hieron - 91.5
7. Jonathan Goulet - 91.2
8. Jon Fitch - 91.1
9. Evan Tanner - 91.0
10. Thiago Alves - 89.8
UFC Fight Night 2: Loiseau vs. Tanner
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Elevation: 2,001'
-Fight of the Night-
David Loiseau vs. Evan Tanner
Fighters & Matches 89.9
Top 10 Fighters 91.8
TOTAL 90.9
     This was a wild ass fight. Hieron was throwing Goulet around like a ragdoll, and for the most part, he was dominating the fight with his wrestling skills. The problem is, Goulet landed a couple of sharp knees to the forehead of Hieron in the second round, and left his skull looking like it had been split with an ax, and technically, they probably should have stopped the fight sooner, but they let it go on for some reason, leaving both guys completely covered in blood, and Hieron's entire head was red. It was a pretty gross fight, and a crazy win for Goulet, but it sucks for Hieron since personally, other than that bad cut, I think he was winning all 3 rounds.
      This was a very one-sided ass beating, where Jon Fitch was able to take Larson down in all 3 rounds, beat him up on the ground, put him in danger with his Jiu-Jitsu, and in the end, Fitch easily wins all 3 rounds, no doubt about it. This is pretty crazy, since I've seen Larson DOMINATE people before, but yeah, Fitch looks super strong at 185. Nice UFC debut for both guys.
(Triangle Choke)
      Holy shit! This fight marks the debut of a couple of soon to be UFC legends, with Spencer Fisher coming out like Robbie Lawler on crack, and Thiago Alves looked a bit too young & inexperienced, but still a tough dude. I think a lot of people gave the first round to Alves for spending more time on top, but I thought Fisher did more damage on his feet, AND he secured a nice slam takedown, so I gave the first round to Fisher. The second round was a solid brawl as well, where it looked like Alves might win that round, but then he got caught in a mounted triangle choke, which gave the submission victory to Spencer Fisher. Pretty awesome UFC debut.
Technical Submission
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      This was a great fuckin' fight... I always hated Koscheck on the first season of The Ultimate Fighter, but it's impossible to deny that this guy is one of the best conditioned athletes to ever step foot into the UFC Octagon... He pretty much killed Drew Fickett for 3 rounds straight, until the end of the match, when Fickett threw a lightning fast knee to Koscheck's head, and then he locked on the rear-naked choke in the last few seconds... Great fucking fight, and extremely surprising ending... Good shit, I hope these guys both get to stay in the UFC...
      This was a decent match... Pretty slow for the most part, and I was less than impressed with Brandon Vera's shit talking, towards Chuck Liddell... Let me tell you right now, Vera CAN NOT HANG with Liddell... This match ended in the second round, with Brandon Vera throwing a knee to Scherner's head... Good ending, but the rest of the match was a little bit too slow... (i.e. Slow & Clumsy Punches)...
      Edwin Dewees came out, and seemed to dominate the fight for the most part, with his brilliant use of submission skills... The problem is, Leben was clearly the better striker, and he knocked Dewees off balance on a couple of occasions... The fight surprisingly ended, when Leben locked on the armbar for the win...
      Holy crap, that was an awesome fight... I'm familiar with Evan Tanner, so I just assumed that he would probably come out on top this time, but DAMN... David Loiseau is one of my new favorite fighters, because his elbows are fucking ferocious... Loiseau is a bad bad man, and he practically killed Tanner during this match, with INSANE strikes... Loiseau won, after they had to stop the fight 3 times, due to blood loss... Crazy shit, that guy deserves the next shot at the middleweight championship...