100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (20 Total):
1. Dan Severn - 93.8
2. Dave Beneteau - 91.2
3. Jon Hess - 91.2
4. Oleg Taktarov - 89.6
5. Todd Medina - 87.0
6. Andy Anderson - 86.6
7. Ernie Verdicia - 86.3
8. Larry Cureton - 84.8
9. Asbel Cancio - 83.4
10. Joe Charles - 83.1
UFC 5: The Return of the Beast
Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
Elevation: 748'
-Fight of the Night-
Dan Severn vs. Oleg Taktarov
Fighters & Matches 85.9
Top 10 Fighters 87.7
TOTAL 86.8
     YES! I've been looking for this fight for years, and finally found a copy. Beneteau made quick work of Cancio, taking him down to the ground with a quick double leg, he immediately got the full mount, and then he beat the living shit out of Cancio with barefist punches, finishing the fight right around the 20 second mark. Nice display of aggression by Dave Beneteau!
      The Giant Jon Hess, came rushing in towards Andy Anderson at the start of this fight, unleashing punches & ugly kicks, and knees, and elbows and everything he could possibly think of to dish out... Andy Anderson eventually recovered (somehow), taking Hess to the ground... Once they were both down there, they both decided to spit out their mouth pieces, and then they stood back up... Once they were back up, Hess brought on the heat again, unleashing some more attacks, until he eventually pinned Anderson up against the cage, forcing him to curl up into a ball... The referee had to stop the fight, so I guess Big Jon Hess wins by referee stoppage...
      Todd Medina (Jeet Kun Do) took down Larry Cureton (Kickboxer) at the start of the fight, and then they hung out on the ground for the remained of the fight... Cureton displayed some DECENT ground defense, but it was pretty obvious he wouldn't be able to get the fight back to his feet... Todd Medina spent the entire fight throwing "decent" looking headbutts, at the head of Cureton, until eventually Cureton was forced to tap out... Pretty exciting fight due to the amount of energy spent, but there really wasn't much going on, other than a bunch of struggling...
      This was a pretty decent fight... Ernie Verdicia showed that he had the upperhand as far as striking is was concerned, by throwing a few headbutts, and showing some decent ground & pound... But once they were on the ground, Taktarov eventually reversed positioning with a beautiful sweep, and once he was on top, he locked on a headlock/choke of some sort... Taktarov is awesome with submissions, and he kept his composure the entire fight, even though he was on the bottom during most of the fight... Taktarov wins by submission...
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Holy Horse Shit! Dan Severn is the man... Joe Charles came running out, tried to throw a kick, Severn caught his leg, and then drilled him up against the cage... Then Severn started pounding away at him... Then they both stood up, the 260 pound Severn jumped on his back, and locked on the rear-naked choke for the submission victory... Dan Severn absolutely dominated this man... This fight would have gotten a higher score, but it was obvious that Charles didn't stand a chance, so he's the only thin that dropped the rating of this fight...
      Dave Beneteau took Todd Medina down to the ground at the start of the fight (and Medina didn't even seem like he wanted to stop the takedown)... Bad move on his part, since he had absolutely no ground game whatsoever... After scrambling around for a while, Beneteau got the full mount, and then unleashed a whole bunch of solid punches to the face of Medina, until his corner eventually had to throw in the towel... Beneteau wins by submission due to strikes... Good show by Beneteau!!!
      This fight was awesome... Dan Severn took Taktarov to the ground at the start of the fight, and then pretty much destroyed him... Punches, headbutts, HEAVY KNEES, everything that Severn had in his arsenal, was thrown out onto the table during this fight... After pinning Taktarov against the fence, Severn made him bleed so badly that Referee John McCarthy had to swim through a pool of blood, before he was able to break up the fight... Severn wins by referee stoppage... Dan "The Beast" Severn smelled blood, and then he ate the blood... And some other stuff... And he grabbed Taktarov's nuts at one point... Good fight...
      The Superfight! The Fight of the century! This is the main event fight that we've all been waiting for!!! Ken Shamrock starts the fight by taking Gracie to the ground... *long pause*... And then they have sex in the missionary position for 31 minutes... (i.e. absolutely nothing happens for over half an hour)... The referee stood them both up, sent them to their corners, issued a 5 minute overtime, and then the fight started again!!! Ken Shamrock took him to the ground, threw a few headbutts, and then they had sex for another 4 minutes... The fight ends with a draw... TERRIBLE FIGHT...
      This really wasn't much of a championship fight... Especially after the lackluster main event Superfight between Shamrock & Gracie... Dan Severn started this fight by trying to take down Beneteau, but had a lot of trouble with it... They hugged for about 3 minutes, and then Severn finally took him to the ground, and locked on the hammer lock for the submission victory... Dan Severn is still the main, even though this fight was boring...