100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (16 Total):
1. Joe Riggs - 91.0
2. Andrei Arlovski - 90.2
3. Renato Sobral - 89.6
4. Jorge Rivera - 88.9
5. Branden Lee Hinkle - 88.7
6. Forrest Griffin - 88.2
7. Alessio Sakara - 87.6
8. Elvis Sinosic - 87.1
9. Chris Lytle - 86.6
10. Dennis Hallman - 86.3
UFC 55: Fury
Location: Uncasville, Connecticut
Elevation: 259'
-Fight of the Night-
Joe Riggs vs. Chris Lytle
Fighters & Matches 86.9
Top 10 Fighters 88.4
TOTAL 87.7
No Contest
(Sakara Kicked in Groin)
     Alessio Sakara completely dominated the first round, almost knocking out Faircloth with a barrage of punches while standing, eventually knocking Faircloth to the ground, where Sakara dropped down on top of him, and was locked in Faircloth's guard... After a bit of wrestling around, Sakara spent the final 2 minutes or so, throwing elbows and punches, pretty much beating the shit out of Faircloth... It was probably a 10-8 round for Sakara... The problem is, as soon as the second round started, Faircloth kicked Sakara in the Jimmy, and he fell to the ground, and they had to declare the fight a "No Contest" because Sakara could no longer fight due to the illegal blow... In my opinion, since Sakara absolutely dominated the first round, he should have been awarded with the victory, but, whatever... Still a pretty good fight for the most part, but I just wish it would have ended with an actual finish...
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      This fight was pretty boring for the most part... The first round started with neither fighter really doing much... Cruz tried to lock on one arm submission attempt of some sort, but couldn't get a good grip on Kunihara... Kunihara had a really nice takedown, but couldn't follow it up with anything... The second rounded started out looking pretty much the same until Keigo Kunihara got all aggressive and tried to lock on a guillotine choke, but then somehow got caught with the rear-naked choke, leading to the victory via submission, by Marcio "Pe De Pano" Cruz... Boring fight, but a few good technical spots...
      This fight started out great, during the entire first round... Dennis Hallman went in and secured the takedown within the first 5 seconds of the fight, and looked like he was going to dominate on the ground, even nearly locking on some sort of triangle style submission, but then Jorge Rivera escaped it... From that point forward, it was Jorge's fight, since he dominated the last half of the first round, as well as both the second & third rounds... In the end, Hallman got winded way too quickly, and Rivera had some good combos, but couldn't finish the fight with his strikes... So Jorge Rivera wins, by unanimous decision...
      This fight was pretty awesome... During the first round, I thought that Lytle MIGHT be able to pull of a victory, because he was doing a pretty good job holding his own against Riggs... Then, at the end of the round, Riggs decided to throw exactly 25,000 bombs from HIGH above, wild & loopy like, leading to a giant mouse on Lytle's right eye... The second round started with Riggs taking Lytle to the ground, and then completely dominating him, eventually opening up a giant cut, causing a 6 gallons of blood to flow immediately from Lytle's temple, to the chest of Riggs... Needless to say, the doctors stopped the fight, and Joe Riggs wins early in the second round, by bullet hole to the side of Lytle's head... Great fight!
(Triangle Choke)
      The first round was pretty close for the most part, but I still gave it to Babalu, because he almost finished the fight with a great heel hook, and he also had some pretty solid striking throughout the round... During the second round, Babalu locked on several triangle chokes in a row, until eventually, Chael Sonnen was forced to tap out... Babalu is a pretty solid fighter, but I need to see some more of his fights to really develop a serious opinion of him... Either way, this fight was pretty good, but I'm not really looking forward to seeing Chael Sonnen fight again... He bored me, Babalu didn't... Babalu wins by submission... The End...
      I went into this fight, expecting Forrest to absolutely dominate Sinosic... Well, I was wrong... For the most part, Sinosic was dominating the fight through most of the first round, landing more accurate & harder punches... Then Forrest got lucky and rocked Sinosic, knocking him to the ground, head first (back of Sinosic's head slammed against the bottom of the cage) and at that point, the referee jumped in to stop the fight, but not before Griffin pounced on him with one final punch... So Sinosic felt Forrest's PPPOUNCE!!! Kind of a lame fight, but I guess they were both swinging for the fences, so it was good while it lasted...
      Well, before the fight, Sean Gannon was talking shit about how anybody that tries to stand with him for more than 10 seconds will get knocked the fuck out... Well, Hinkle took his advice, and took Gannon to the ground as soon as the fight started... Then he tried a bunch of arm locks, but couldn't finish Gannon, so he started raining down elbows, until the referee eventually had to stop the fight, since Gannon's face was exploding with a fountain of blood... Gannon got FUCKED UP... Great fight for Branden Lee Hinkle...
      Arlovski threw one punch, Buentello died, face first... The crowd decided to boo, until they saw the replay, then they started to cheer... Buentello literally fell face first onto Arlovski after that one punch, and it really did look ridiculous, until they replayed it 25 times, then EVERYONE was like "Oh damn... ouch..." Good fight I guess? Very quick, not much to comment on, but Arlovski wins by KO in the first round...