100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (16 Total):
1. Rich Franklin - 95.0
2. Georges St. Pierre - 94.5
3. Nick Thompson - 91.4
4. Thiago Alves - 90.7
5. Matt Hughes - 90.6
6. Keith Wisniewski - 89.6
7. Ansar Chalangov - 89.4
8. Nate Quarry - 88.8
9. Sean Sherk - 88.3
10. Jeremy Horn - 88.2
UFC 56: Full Force
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Elevation: 2,001'
-Fight of the Night-
Rich Franklin vs. Nate Quarry
Fighters & Matches 84.7
Top 10 Fighters 90.7
TOTAL 87.7
     This fight was sloppy, but it was also a pretty good scrap. Wisniewski started most of the rounds looking pretty good, showing solid grappling skills, and a scrappy attitude towards his striking, but ultimately, it was Thompson's submission offense, wild striking, and overall grappling ability that won the fight for Nick Thompson. I gave him all 3 rounds, and all 3 judges agreed. Pretty decent UFC debut for Nick Thompson.
      This fight was pretty nuts... It was one of the undercard bouts, so it wasn't shown during the live pay per view, but they played it after the main events were over... Chalangov is the Russian Sambo specialist, and Thiago Alves is the one with the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Muay Thai background... The match started with Chalangov dominating Alves, taking him to the ground, and following it with a smooth series of submission attempts... Going from chokes, to ankle locks, to chokes, etc... Chalangov is a bad man on the ground... Thiago Alves eventually got on top, and started raining down "monkey punches" towards Chalangov's face, which eventually knocked him out cold... Thiago Alves is someone I'll look forward to seeing fight again in the future...
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Sam Hoger was one of my least favorite fighters from the first season of The Ultimate Fighter... He caused a lot of trouble in the house, because he stole lots of stuff from the UFC Training Facilities... Ha ha ha... Isn't that a great reputation to have? Anyways... I have to admit, he did a really good job defending against Newton's submissions (which shouldn't have been hard in the first place, since Newton just knows Karate)... And um, yeah, Hoger also did a good job locking on some heel hooks, as well as the final rear naked choke to win the fight by submission in the second round... By the way, Jeff Newton has no business being in the UFC...
      This match started off looking pretty great, with lots of striking from both fighters... Jeremy Horn broke out a few great submission attempts, as well as some insanely unorthodox knees, that he threw from behind his head (almost looked impossible)... Jeremy Horn is a great fighter, but I was surprised by the fact that he seemed to get winded way too quickly in this fight... Trevor Prangley on the other hand controlled the fight for the most part, by taking Horn down to the ground at will, but the problem is, he never did anything after taking him down... Jeremy Horn won by unanimous decision, which I agreed with whole heartedly...
(Punches & Elbows)
      Sean Sherk has been one of my favorite fighters ever since I saw him beat the living shit out of Ryuki Ueyama in Pride FC back in 2004... He's a great fighter, that can pretty much do it all... Great wrestler, submission artist, striker, etc... The problem is, George St. Pierre is one of the baddest fighters in the UFC, and he has also become one of my all time favorite fighters... After completely dominating Sean Sherk, by taking him down with some spear like tackle moves, George St. Pierre broke Sherk's nose with an elbow, and then continued to bloody his face until the fight was stopped... George St. Pierre DESERVES to get the next title shot against Matt Hughes... That would be an amazing fight... St. Pierre seems to be absolutely unstoppable at the moment...
      This match was pretty fucked up... Matt Hughes was originally scheduled to fight against Karo Parisyan, who ended up injuring himself during training, so he had to pull out of the fight... I was actually really looking forward to that fight... THEN, they replaced Karo with Joe Riggs, my least favorite fighter in the entire welterweight division... How in the hell did he get a title shot? Last time I saw him, he got kicked in the face by Ivan Salaverry, and then tapped out shortly after to the triangle choke... Anyways, the point is, Riggs couldn't cut weight in time for this match, so it ended up no longer being a title bout... Instead, it was just a fight, and a quick one at that... It started off with a few random lazy strikes by both fighters, then Hughes took Riggs to the ground, and locked on the Kimura for the quick submission victory...
(Superman Punch)
      Oh my god... This was the worst fight I've seen all year... This was terrible... Awful... Dreadful... Rotten... Appalling... Poor... Abysmal... Worst God damned thing I've ever seen in the UFC... It was a 3 round fight, where they just walked around aimlessly, staring at the sky, not doing a God damned thing... The first round lead me to believe that Gonzaga was a submission machine, but they both got winded after the first round, and NEVER came back... During the final 30 seconds of the last round, Gonzaga threw a superman punch, causing Kevin Jordan's face to explode, and he of course, was knocked out... Stupid fucking fight, and I hope that they both got fired...
      Holy Crap!!! This is what a championship bout should be all about... Rich Franklin (Middleweight Champion) completely dominated the fight... Every time Quarry would throw one punch, Franklin would return about 17 punches... It was fucking awesome... He broke his nose about a minute into the first round, and soon after, knocked Quarry the fuck out... I have always been impressed with Rich Franklin, but this is honestly the first time I've seen him, and honestly viewed him as a true champion... Rich Franklin is a bad bad man...