100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (16 Total):
1. Josh Neer - 94.6
2. Melvin Guillard - 93.7
3. Spencer Fisher - 90.3
4. Jason Von Flue - 89.5
5. Stephan Bonnar - 89.2
6. Josh Burkman - 88.5
7. Alex Karalexis - 88.0
8. Aaron Riley - 87.6
9. James Irvin - 86.4
10. Tim Sylvia - 81.9
UFC Fight Night 3: Sylvia vs. Silva
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Elevation: 2,001'
-Fight of the Night-
Josh Neer vs. Melvin Guillard
Fighters & Matches 84.1
Top 10 Fighters 89.0
TOTAL 86.6
Technical Submission
(Von Flue Choke)
     That was interesting. The first two rounds were pretty close, but I gave them both to Karalexis for having slightly better boxing skills, and probably landing more strikes. In the third round, Karalexis tried to lock on a guillotine choke, dropped to the ground, Von Flue pressed his shoulder into the throat of Karalexis, causing him to go unconscious. Awesome choke by Jason Von Flue, with his first demonstration of the "Von Flue Choke".
(Doctor Stoppage)
      This fight was ok, it was a basic striking match, where Fisher landed a few more punches & a solid knee, and somewhere along the line, he broke Riley's jaw, so the doctor ended up stopping the fight in between rounds after the first round. Pretty good show by Fisher, but it felt kind of like an odd anti-climactic ending.
      Jonathan Goulet came in throwing sloppy punches, with a bad stance, and Duane Ludwig threw one punch and knocked him out in under 10 seconds (by my watch)... The official count was 11 seconds, but I definitely think it was under 8... Anyways, quick match, nice solid punch by Ludwig, but it didn't really show much of anything from either fighter really... Still, fun little bonus fight, since it wasn't one of the four main fights that was SUPPOSED to be on TV in the first place, so good shit...
(Triangle Choke)
      OH SHIT! That fight was fucking insane. Melvin Guillard is an animal, and he nearly killed Neer (no pun intended), with strong takedowns, brutal ground & pound, hard strikes on the feet, Guillard looked fucking rabid & violent, and opened up a gigantic hole on Neer's head, and it was shocking that the doctor didn't stop it. BUT! The shocking twist, is that even after that cut being opened even further, Neer locked on a triangle choke, and got Guillard to tap instantly, giving the amazing submission victory to Josh Neer, which also marks his first win in the UFC.
      Meh, Chris Leben has an interesting personality, but his fights are starting to bore me more often than not... He somehow knocked out Jorge Rivera in this fight (even though Rivera was supposed to have the better striking game) but eh, whatever... Leben punched him in the head, Rivera fell to the ground, and Leben threw a few weak punches, causing the referee to stop the fight... Somewhat boring fight, even though it ended by KO in the first round...
(Guillotine Choke)
      Josh Burkman is the man... He went out there ready to stand with Fickett, and once he realized that neither of them had the advantage, he grabbed Fickett by the back of the neck in a Muay Thai style clinch, and flung him across the octagon into the cage, and when Fickett tried to stand back up, he ran head first into the guillotine choke by Burkman, and tapped out soon after... Josh Burkman pretty much destroyed Drew Fickett, moving him up a few notches in the direction of a title shot...
      This was a pretty solid fight... They started out on their feet (like all fights do) but Stephan Bonnar pretty much took James Irvin to the ground at will, and Irvin didn't really seem to have much defense for the takedowns at all... Bonnar tried a couple of times to lock on various submissions, but eventually locked on the kimura in the first round for the submission victory... James Irvin hung in there though, so I think if the referee wouldn't have stopped it, Irvin's arm definitely would have snapped... Good fight...
      This was a boring fight... Assuerio Silva looks like he COULD be one of the baddest fighters on the planet, because he's huge and ripped, but he's short... He suffers from the same problems that Sean Sherk does, and that's the height issues... When you're a lot shorter than your opponent, it's hard to get inside and really do any damage, and with a guy like Tim Sylvia who is 6'8", it's going to be hard for ANYONE to do any damage... Sooo, this fight went all 3 rounds, went to decision and Tim Sylvia won... Tim definitely dominated the first round with some solid striking action, but beyond that, they both seemed to be tired during the rest of the fight... Assuerio Silva seemed to have more energy by the time the fight was over, but like I said, he was just too short to do anything with it...