100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (18 Total):
1. Chuck Liddell - 96.9
2. Jeff Monson - 94.9
3. Randy Couture - 94.3
4. Joe Riggs - 93.8
5. Nick Diaz - 93.6
6. Paul Buentello - 92.9
7. Alessio Sakara - 92.2
8. Gilbert Aldana - 90.9
9. Renato Sobral - 90.0
10. Keith Jardine - 89.8
UFC 57: Liddell vs. Couture 3
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Elevation: 2,001'
-Fight of the Night-
Chuck Liddell vs. Randy Couture
Fighters & Matches 90.4
Top 10 Fighters 92.9
TOTAL 91.7
     This was a pretty close fight, with both guys putting up a decent fight, but I wasn't really into this one at all. Whitehead scored points by taking Jardine to the ground a few times, but never did any damage on the ground. Jardine won the majority of the stand up exchanges. So really, they sort of cancelled each other out. I gave the fight slightly to Keith Jardine, and all 3 judges agreed.
Technical Submission
(North-South Choke)
      Fuck yes!!! Ever since the first time I saw Jeff Monson, I knew he was something special... I've never even seen him fight before this, but the dude just LOOKS like the ultimate bad ass... Most of those really big & buff fighters, end up being huge disappointments... This time around, Jeff Monson could possibly be the best fighter of this entire event... Even though this is his introduction to the UFC, as far as I'm concerned, he deserves to be next in line to take on Andrei Arloski... Jeff Monson is an extremely powerful man, he's considered the best submission grappler in the entire heavyweight division (including outside of the UFC), and the man can throw some punches as well... If Jeff Monson shows this kind of skill in his next couple of fights, he may become my new favorite fighter...
      This was an awesome fight, which I knew it would be... They're both huge men, and they can both throwdown when it comes to striking... The first half of the first round was amazing, until they decided to take a well deserved breather... Then the second round consisted mostly of Aldana being dominated by Paul Buentello... I don't know man, Buentello is a hell of a fight, and if he can get a little bit more practice under his belt with submissions, and he'll be a bad bad man... I'm looking forward to seeing Buentello fight again in the future... Gilbert Aldana on the other hand, I can probably do without...
      This was a pretty great brawl, albeit a bit one-sided. Sakara SLAMMED Sinosic to the ground, in pretty much all 3 rounds, he cut the shit out of his face with big elbows & punches, Sakara looked absolutely brutal in this fight, DESTROYING the face of Sinosic for 15 minutes. I would say that Alessio Sakara is well on his way to a title shot, based on how dominant he was here, BUT, considering Sinosic came into this fight on a 4 fight losing streak in the UFC, it's sort of hard to take him seriously as an opponent at this point. He's tough as hell, and can take a ton of punishment, but he didn't come anywhere near hurting Sakara at all.
      This was an awesome fight... I hate both of these fighters (for personal reasons), their attitudes just suck... Both of them... BUT, that makes for good ratings, so I can't honestly say that either of them hurt the UFC at all... I'm kind of sad after this fight though, because I'm pretty sure that the loser of this fight is probably getting booted from the UFC, so it'll be sad seeing either fighter go... They both came out swinging, and both had a few amazing combos with the strikes... Nick Diaz dominated on the ground though, with about 50 submission attempts, ha... The problem is, he couldn't lock on anything... So the fight ended with Diaz looking like a bloody mess, and Riggs looking tired... Riggs ended up winning by decision, which kind of sucks, because I thought that Nick Diaz proved to be the better fighter (with the submissions)... Either way, it was a close fight, a GREAT fight, and I guess Nick Diaz continues his losing streak...
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Meh, this fight wasn't all that great... Mike Van Arsdale is an amazing wrestler, but I don't really see how he could finish anybody, unless they just slip up or something, and maybe stick their chin out at him to get caught by a fluke punch... Either that, or his one move where he pins you down with the side mount & throws elbows at your head... He tried that one on Babalu though, and Babalu got right out of it without a problem, ended up grabbing Van Arsdale's back, and choked him out with the rear-naked... Decent fight I guess, but since Babalu is supposed to be next in line to "take out" Liddell or whatever, he didn't really show much in this fight... I still think that Liddell will beat his ass like last time...
(Punches & Elbows)
      Wow, this match was a huge fuckin' disappointment... Frank Mir is an extreme bad ass, former Heaveyweight Champion of the World, losing the title to a tragic motorcycle accident, etc... The point is, this was supposed to be his big return, and he got his ass handed to him by a Jiu-Jitsu guy... This normally wouldn't be a bad thing, since Jiu-Jitsu is bad ass, but when you get cut open early in the round (to the point where you admit you can't see out of one eye), and then you end up laying on the floor while the Jiu-Jitsu guy throws elbows and punches at you on the ground until you die... etc... Just, this fight was tragic... Marcio Cruz is known for his submission skills, and he used those to slip out of a Kimura attempt by Frank Mir, but after that, he cut Mir open with a punch, and that was pretty much the end of the fight... Frank Mir looked like he just got out of a motorcycle accident after this fight was over... I know that's a shitty thing to say, but seriously, he got fucked up bad... He's going to have to make a hell of an impression during his next fight, otherwise his career might be over... Marcio Cruz won this fight due to referee stoppage...
(Head Kick & Knee)
      This was one of those awesome fights, where one guy is obviously going to be the loser... I honestly have no idea why Justin Eilers is even a professional fighter... He has lost his past 3 fights in the UFC, so I'm pretty sure that means he's not going to be fighting there anymore... I can't say that I'll miss him, since I've never been impressed by anything he's ever done... Granted, his other 2 UFC fights were against Andrei Arlovski & Paul Buentello, but as far as I'm concerned, he just can't hang with the competition in the UFC... Brandon Vera is a bad ass Jiu-Jitsu fighter, who happened to knock Justin Eilers out pretty quick with a shin kick to the head (knocking him out standing) and a knee to the head after that, before Eilers could even fall to the ground... Awesome fight, but Justin Eilers single-handedly brought down the rating for this fight... They're talking about how Renato "Babalu" Sobral is the #1 Contender for Chuck's belt, but as far as I'm concerned, Babalu should have to fight Vera first, and the winner of THAT should go on to take on Chuck...
      The first round of this fight, to be honest, was pretty terrible... It was one of those rounds where both fighters just kind of circle around the octagon, and throw a few jabs here & there... Nothing real special for the most part... Near the end of the first round, Randy had a pretty good takedown, but couldn't keep Liddell on the ground, and instead pinned him standing against the cage... The second round was a little bit more aggressive on both sides, but it ended just like we all knew it would, Randy slipped and Chuck Liddell knocked his head off... I feel awful for anyone who gets sent to the ground after a Liddell KO, and then has to withstand the barrage of punches that he unleashes on you while you're already knocked out, before the referee can stop it... Chuck is the fuckin' man... Nobody can touch him... (Except maybe Pride's Ricardo Arona)... But that'll never happen...