100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (16 Total):
1. Rich Franklin - 96.8
2. Jason Lambert - 92.2
3. Georges St. Pierre - 91.7
4. Tom Murphy - 91.4
5. B.J. Penn - 91.0
6. David Loiseau - 90.6
7. Sam Stout - 90.3
8. Mike Swick - 89.9
9. Spencer Fisher - 89.3
10. Mark Hominick - 89.0
UFC 58: USA vs. Canada
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Elevation: 2,001'
-Fight of the Night-
Rich Franklin vs. David Loiseau
Fighters & Matches 88.3
Top 10 Fighters 91.2
TOTAL 89.8
     This fight was pretty ridiculous. Icho Larenas is apparently the TKO Heavyweight Champion? Well, he didn't look like he understood how to fight AT ALL. The dude is pretty big, but he got his ass handed to him by Tom Murphy. Murphy took him down with NO resistance in all 3 rounds, beat the living shit out of him on the ground, cut his face open in several spots, Larenas was a fucking bloody mess. Tom Murphy looked awesome, but Larenas looked about as poor as a fighter can look in their UFC debut. Eventually the referee just randomly stopped the fight because Larenas was covered in blood, and wasn't even TRYING to fight. Ridiculous fight.
      This fight was a little weird. MacDonald talked a lot of shit about how his striking is spectacular, so Lambert better not stand with him... SO... Lambert tried to take him down immediately, eventually slammed him, got on top, and then finished him with a Kimura. Nice debut by Jason Lambert, even though he seemed to rush the takedown a bit. MacDonald on the other hand, didn't really impress me in this one.
      This was a solid scrap, between a couple of really active strikers. The first round was insane, with Fisher slamming Stout, and kicking some serious ass, but from that point forward, I gave the last 2 rounds to Stout for landing more strikes, and fucking up Fisher's face. Two of the judges agreed, so Stout wins via split-decision. Really solid UFC debut by Sam Stout.
(Triangle Armbar)
      This was a good fight, but not nearly as action packed as I expected it to be... This was the return of the lightweights, and these guys are both known for being as fast as lightning or whatever... They both had a definite hop to their steps, and they obviously had great conditioning, but there just wasn't anything explosive going on at all... The first round showed both fighters throwing quick punches without much impact, and it was a pretty even round... Then Yves decided to take the second round to the ground, so he unleashed two solid takedowns, only to get caught in a triangle choke by Hominick... Hominick wins by submission in the second round...
      Meh, this was a boring fight in my opinion... There were a couple of decent takedowns, and a lot of good takedown reversals, but it still wasn't enough to really keep my interest... To be honest, I think that I'm just too excited about the main events of the night, that I'm not really concerned with this fight at all... This one went all three rounds, and Nate Marquardt won the fight... I thought it was pretty close, but I didn't really care who won... (After the fight, Marquardt called out Rich Franklin and said he wants a title shot for his next fight)... From what I've seen of Marquardt, I don't think that he deserves a title shot yet... Just my opinion...
      This fight almost made me sick, because it went to decision... I wanted SO BADLY for Georges St. Pierre to win this fight, and actually finish BJ Penn, and then I was hoping that Penn would hand over his title to Pierre... BUT... Instead, the fight went the distance, all three rounds, and then Pierre won by SPLIT decision... So there really wasn't a clear winner in this fight, and that makes my stomach upset... BJ Penn showed some GREAT defense, but in my opinion, he never really tried to finish the fight until the last 20 seconds, where he almost locked on some weird submissions, but ended up with nothing... The biggest problem was that Penn broke Pierre's nose during the first round, and ALSO poked him in the eye, cutting his eye open... So the fact that GSP came back from the first round with a broken nose and a BAD swollen eye, really shows how much heart GSP has, and I really think he deserves the next title shot against Matt Hughes... As for BJ Penn, I think he's a cocky ass hole, and I'd rather not see him get any more big fights like this... Like I said, GREAT defense, and he obviously knows how to fight, but the only thing he did to damage Pierre was poke him in the fuckin' eye, and break his nose with a lucky uppercut... *shrugs*... GREAT fight, but I really wish that there would have been a definitive solution to the fight, instead of the SPLIT decision...
(Guillotine Choke)
      This was one of those fights that I like to refer to as the FUN FUN FIGHT O' THE NIGHT!!! YEAH!!! Ha ha ha... Mike Swick is awesome... He'll never be my favorite fighter, because he seems to be a little bit too frail for all of that... But that bastard is fast as fuck, and he can knock a guy out like no other... He tried to end this fight quickly with a few punching combos, but couldn't really get the right angles on anything... Then around the 2 minute mark or something, he threw a kick, Vigneault caught his foot and tried to take him down, but instead, Swick locked on the guillotine choke (while standing on one foot) then fell to the ground, locked in the full guard, and won the fight by submission... Mike Swick has it all man... (Just as long as he can finish the fight quickly)... I don't know how long that reputation will be able to last him though...
      This was without a doubt, the best fight of the night... That surprises me because I was absolutely positive that the GSP vs. BJ Penn fight would be the best fight of the evening, but Rich Franklin really hands down, put on the best show of the night, in one of the best fights that I've ever seen... This fight went all five rounds, which is insane, because EVERY ROUND looked fresh (especially for Rich)... Franklin broke his hand in the second round, and he continued to fight through the 25 minute fight, until he won by unanimous decision... It was absolutely amazing... David Loiseau really put forth a lot of effort, especially since both of his eyes looked like they were going to explode... Franklin beat his ass pretty badly, punching & kicking him, as well as slamming & suplexing him... Rich Franklin shows that he really does deserve to be the middleweight champion, and for the first time ever, I really believe that Rich is nearly unstoppable at this weight class... This was a great fuckin' fight...