100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (18 Total):
1. Jon Fitch - 93.5
2. Josh Koscheck - 93.1
3. Josh Neer - 92.0
4. Stephan Bonnar - 91.1
5. Josh Burkman - 91.1
6. Keith Jardine - 90.5
7. Chael Sonnen - 90.4
8. Rashad Evans - 90.4
9. Ansar Chalangov - 90.3
10. Luke Cummo - 90.0
UFC Fight Night 4: Bonnar vs. Jardine
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Elevation: 2,001'
-Fight of the Night-
Josh Neer vs. Joe Stevenson
Fighters & Matches 88.9
Top 10 Fighters 91.2
TOTAL 90.1
     This fight felt a little bit long winded, with Sonnen taking the fight to the ground repeatedly in every round, beating up Prangley on the ground, cutting his face with punches & elbows, and outworking him for 15 minutes. Prangley tried to secure a Kimura near the end of the fight, but he was unsuccessful, leaving him with a loss, and leaving Sonnen with the unanimous decision victory.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Josh Koscheck came out swinging, and then showed off his wrestling skills, outworking Chalangov on the ground, but Chalangov tried to lock on a guillotine, which Koscheck was able to escape fairly easily, and then after some more scrambling, and a decent wrestling match, Koscheck locked on the rear-naked choke forcing the tap for the submission victory. Great win for Josh Koscheck.
      Here we had a couple of great big heavyweights, throwing big (slow) punches, Imes won the first two rounds by landing more strikes and doing more damage to Christison's face. The third round looked like it'd be more of the same, until Imes took the fight to the ground, and then got caught in a really slow armbar, which forced Imes to submit verbally. Sort of a lame heavyweight fight to be honest.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Wow, I had both of these guys ranked in the Top 10 at 170 going into this fight, and even though Burkman looked absolutely unstoppable in all of his UFC fights so far, Fitch FUCKING DOMINATED him, beating him up on the feet, taking him to the ground at will, controlling him 100% with his Jiu-Jitsu skills, smashing his face with ground & pound, and eventually finishing the fight with a tight rear-naked choke, that caused blood to pour from the face of Burkman. Pretty amazing win by Jon Fitch.
      This was a pretty great scrap, with both guys coming forward the entire time, throwing punches, throwing elbows, going to the ground, pounding away at each other. They both had a lot of offense, but I think Cummo won most of the exchanges, leaving Von Flue a bloody mess, and pulling off the unanimous decision victory, winning all 3 rounds. Really solid fight.
      Meh, this fight was pretty boring... They both came out somewhat slow, and Luigi Fioravanti tried to takedown Leben on a few occassions... The problem is, Leben seems to be a lot stronger, so Fioravanti didn't have a chance in taking him down... Even when he DID try to take him down, Leben would just reverse it, and ended up getting LOTS of takedowns himself... The striking I thought was pretty much even, and nobody even attempted a submission, but Leben obviously dominated with the wrestling... So this was a relatively boring fight, and Leben wins by unanimous decision...
      Wow! Josh Neer surprised the hell out of me in this fight... I went into this fight knowing that Josh Neer was a great fighter, but I didn't realize quite what level he was on... Joe Stevenson started this fight with a barrage of submission attempts, ALL of which would have put away any normal fighter, and even after fucking up Neer's leg pretty badly, he still couldn't finish him... So the longer the fight went on, the more damage Stevenson took, by Neer's vicious elbows... The fight ended up going all three rounds, and Josh Neer won deservedly by unanimous decision...
      Rashad Evans is good on his feet, with some weird dancing head bobbing moves that he does to avoid getting hit, and then his strikes are fast and furious... Sam Hoger on the other hand is a monster on the ground, with his submission skills... Rashad however, took Hoger to the ground at will, AND he escaped all of the submission attempts without much of a problem at all... This was a good fight because there were a lot of technical details that kept things interesting... The fight went to ANOTHER decision (which Rashad seems to have a bad habit of all of his fights going to decision) but as usual, Rashad wins, by SPLIT decision... Good fight...
      This was a pretty good fight for the most part... Keith Jardine was KILLING Bonnar's left leg with some hardcore leg kicks, and Bonnar finished the fight with a leg that looked about as bruised as humanly possible... Jardine also displayed some solid striking skills with his fists as well... Neither fighter could really take the other guy to the ground at all, but at one point during the second round, Bonnar locked on a rear-naked choke, which Jardine easily escaped... I didn't get to see the final 2 minutes of the fight, which sucks, because from the sound of things, that ended up being the most exciting part of the fight, where Bonnar's eye was cut open pretty badly (I saw a picture afterwards)... Anyways, the point is, I would have probably given the fight to Jardine from what I saw during the fight, probably by split decision... The judges however, gave the fight to Bonnar by unanimous decision, which caused the crowd to boo... So, eh, whatever...